Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with discussions between neelam and uddham as he was tired of washing so many clothes N neelam asks him why he wished to give so many clothes to laxmi. Uddham says that he wanted to give good training to laxmi for doing household works. Even renu was tired N discusses this to Govardhan..


laxmi comes N Asks neelam for broom and neelam asks her to firstly go to kitchen and wash the dirty dishes and prepare breakfast as its time for everyone to wake up. Laxmi says that she knows how to handle everything and goes for cleaning. Laxmi in hurry cleans up the rooms touching all makeup products, making use of sunaina’s towel for cleaning her sweat and focusing on bangles

of sunaina(bad intentions). At kitchen too she eats bread N butter with tea without coming into eyes of anyone..laxmi gets a phonecall for going somewhere and she pretends to sunaina and his son is sick and she is in hurry for leaving home and asks for Neelam’s help for preparing chappatis. Sunaina permits.


Everyone is excited for the lunch and all they got to eat was a bad flovoured food with no salt in mix veg, No tadka in dal , half cooked rice and burnt chappatis…everyone dislikes it and leaves eating. In the meantime sona goes and prepares kheer for everyone and serves. Neelam is surprized as to when sona prepared it and sunaina feels good but doesn’t says it. Everyone enjoys the kheer and appreciates it as it is made like the one in a hotel. Sunaina scolds neelam as she didn’t took care inside the kitchen when she permitted her to work with laxmi and food wastage is done and asks her to take care of this in future.


Kanhaiya is getting ready for police station when sona comes and kanhaiya offers her a saree and takes out her purse and says that he will drop her to office. Kanhaiya is infront of mirror when sona in mood to make kanhaiya listen to him holds him from back and kanhaiya is overjoyed with her touch. Sona asks kanhaiya why he works. Kanhaiya says for food. Sona says but what is the use of earning if one does not get a proper meal to eat N it is so unfair. Kanhaiya wants to say but sona hugs him and kanhaiya is overjoyed with her touch to No extent. Sona says that we earn to eat good but what if one does not eats well and she should be at home to look after until everything is well managed. Kanhaiya is ready to listen to her and says that she can join when she manages the home well and sona is happy n comes out from kanhaiya’s clutch(he was holding her back…blush blush…perfect sonaiya scene) and asks kanhaiya to leave for office.


Laxmi comes at 5 pm N asks neelam if she has taken out all groceries for preparing the dinner. Sunaina takes laxmi to kitchen to show her the poor bad lunch prepared by her but is surprized to see the fully cooked rice, well prepared chappatis, salt in mix veg and tadka wali dal. Laxmi is also surprized but she doesn’t says it. Infact she says that she handle her 2 kids N Good for nothing husband so she knows everything better. Sunaina wants to say but laxmi interrupts that convo time is over N she has to do work. Neelam tells sunaina that she along with sona managed the lunch food properly and sunaina looks at sona.


Renu and bindiya had a discussion regarding the maid lami to last longer in house and then sona going to office and indirectly trouble to them.


At police station kanhaiya gets a call from avinash who asks kanhaiya to invite him for dinner. Kanhaiya says that let first the maid know everyone’s taste N then he will call for dinner. Avi asks kanhaiy to come to his place for dinner with Sona N Kanhaiya says that he is not making excuses N asks avi to come tomorrow during lunch to give the list of his favourite dishes N then enjoy the dinner.


Laxmi cleans the dishes in hurry to go fast for home and in hurry ends up breaking plates N glasses. Chiku makes a list of every damage on the blackboard. Laxmi asks neelam about cleaning dirty clothes N neelam says that all clothes she has kept in bathroom.

Precap: laxmi puts all detergent in the tub, puts up clothes N starts washing them badly. Sona, Neelam N sunaina sees this. Then laxmi goes to leave for home from kitchen N asks sona to hang the clothes for drying. Sona surprizinly asks as to why laxmi didn’t dried them N laxmi says that she washed up N drying up is a small job which sona should do by herself and asks sona to turn down the gas regulator after 10 minutes for the dish being prepared and leaves in hurry. Sona goes to kitchen.

Update Credit to: sonali

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