Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

In the night, Chicku wants to go for Mrs Verma’s son’s birthday which Renu asks Chicku not to go as he will not go alone. Chicku calls Renu to follow him them and Renu says that she is stiching now. Sona enters saying that she will follow Chicku instead and Renu asks why is Sona following? Sona says that Renu has a lot of work and Chicku will get late. Renu says its alright, she will go. Sona recalls back of what the shop owner said and thinks of an idea. Sona says to Renu that her favorite show is having a high point today and Renu says that she totally forgot about that. Renu says that she wants to watch the episode and asks Sona to follow Chicku for the party and both Sona and Chicku are happy. Someone is shown watching the house and

leaves when Sona and Chicku arrives. As Sona enters the how, the person is shown watching the house. Chicku goes to meet Mrs Verma’s son and Mrs Verma greets Sona. Sona keeps looking around and Mrs Verma asks if is Sona looking for anyone? Sona says that she was just looking at the decorations. Sona asks what is the menu of the day and Mrs Verma asks Sona to come to the kitchen and she will show her. Mrs Verma made special aloo dum briyani and says that this briyani is very special. Mrs Verma asks Sona to taste and see if its good and Sona says that she is sure its tasty. As Sona is talking, she sees the shadow of someone at the window and Sona walks to the window and someone runs and hide. Mrs Verma asks what happened and Sona says i felt someone was here and as soon as i came here, someone went away. Mrs Verma says but there is no one here and Sona says perhaps its my imagination. Sona also asks Mrs Verma to keep the window closed since there are many theft happening as the thief could be targeting her house today and Mrs Sharma says that she is right and locks the window. Sona keeps looking worried and Mrs Verma asks when are we cutting the cake? Mrs Verma says that they are waiting for a magician whom they had called for the party. Sona sees all the kids playing and Sona notices a shadow at the doorstep. The person starts walking in and Sona keeps looking suspiciosly. Sona walks towards the person and sasks the person to wait and everyone looks at Sona. Mrs Verma asks what happened? Sona says that she felt that he was a thief who was entering the house quietly. The magician keeps looking at Sona and leaves. The magician keep making tricks which Sona watches.

Part 2

The magician makes a trick and throws a ball to Sona which Sona catches. The magician takes out another magic item and again looks at Sona which she feels uneasy. The magician says that for the next item, he is going to off the electricity for 5 minutes and Sona recalls how the elecrticity was shut during the Ram Navmi. The magician goes to switch off and Sona holds his hand from doing it. The magician keeps adjusting his mask and Sona says sorry to Mrs Verma as they know how many thefts have been happening in the colony and if they still wish to off the light, they can do so. Mrs Verma says there is so many people here and what would happen? Sona says there were many people too during Ram Navmi at their house but in the two minutes of the lights being off, the things got stolen. Sona says do you want that to repeat here? Mrs Verma says that is right and asks the magician to try another trick and the magician stares at Sona. The magician keeps doing some tricks with Chicku and everyone claps. Sona starts thinking if he is really a magician and not a theft? The magician asks to give in 5 minutes for the next trick and Sona starts looking for the magician. Sona enters inside one of the room and starts looking for the magician and decides to look in the kitchen. Sona thinks to herself that the Magician went off for a while and yet to return. Mrs Verma brings the cake to cut while Sona checks the briyani if its stil at the same place and decides to keep an eye on the magician as he could be the thief. Everyone cuts the cake for Tinku and Sona sees the magician at one corner. Sona looks away and turns again noticing that the magician is missing. The magician enters the kitchen while Sona comes behind and finds the magician in the kitchen and is shocked.

Precap :

Sona takes the knife nearby and walks behind the magician and puts the knife on the magician’s neck saying she won’t leave him this time.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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