Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 6th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Suhnaina is putting down how much is the costing of things in the house and also worries about the increase cost to pay for the maid. Suhnaina says we have two housewife, Neelam and Sona and yet i need to bring a maid just because of what is happening. Neelam asks what is the need of a maid when i am here? Chacha ji says Neelam is right and we do not need a maid for the house. I don’t understand why are you doing this. Suhnaina says Sona is influencing Neelam and due to that, we now need to spend more for a maid. Chacha ji tries saying something and Suhnaina says your work is only to make Sona understand and go back to work. Chacha ji says why don’t you see how the maid does works first and then decide about Sona going back to work. Suhnaina

says you are thinking about me or for Sona? A maid does better work than a housewife, come.. Let me show you and Suhnaina calls out to everyone and the whole family arrives at the living hall. Suhnaina says i’ve already told all of you but i’m saying it again. We are now going to have a servant and we are paying her Rs.5000. She is now going to do all the work and to pay her, each family will need to pay Rs1000 and everyone is shocked. Durgesh starts counting his fingers and says but mummy ji, the salary for the maid is only Rs5000 but you will be getting Rs6000 if each family takes out Rs1000 and there will be extra Rs1000. Suhnaina says that the Rs1000 will be used as commission as its not easy to run a family. Have everyone understood? Make sure each family pays Rs1000 and leaves. Sona enters her room and sees Kanhaiyya on the bed and asks what will you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow? Kanhaiyya says you are asking about tomorrow’s breakfast now? Leave about tomorrow and think about now. Sona says listen here, don’t you think that a housewife must wake up early and Kanhaiyya says just think of me and holds Sona’s hands saying i feel so bad without you and Sona is shy and looks at Kanhaiyya where both of them are lost in thoughts. Sona and Kanhaiyya are shocked when they suddenly hear a sound and hears Suhnaina’s voice shouting what happened and Julie says nothing, papa fell down. Sona says bade bhaiya fell down and leaves the room while Kanhaiyya says to himself let him fall, he will wake up again. This happens in this house and gets sad saying did you see her, even at this time leaving this room and Bade bhaiya had to fall right at this time. This is my fate and goes to sleep. The next day morning, Neelam is doing the morning prayers alone singing song while Udham comes to Neelam and calls her. Neelam takes the aarti plate and goes to him and he asks you have started saregama in the morning itself. Did you bother to serve your husband cofee? Neelam says you have came to the mandir, have you brushed your teeth? Udham says yes, of course. Neelam says then take this prasad first, i will go and make a good cofee for you and Udham says alright. Neelam gives the prasad to Suhnaina and Suhnaina says its good that you keep praying to god but you must also do the work i have given you. Neelam says i will do it and Suhnaina says go and do it now. Udham orders Neelam to listen to what Suhnaina said and Neelam leaves. Darshana comes to Renu’s room and Renu is preparing the list of work for the maid of the house to do while Darshana says she have also prepared her list.

Part 2

Renu thinks that the maid also carried a pendrive which means she can also help Renu to do some work while both of them start planning on the work to give the maid to do. The milkman arrives and Renu asks Darshana to check out while Suhnaina is waiting for the maid’s arrival and Suhnaina thinks to herself that she never waited for anyone and she have to wait for the maid now. Renu brings the list of work for the maid and walks into Suhnaina and Renu says that today is the first day for the maid and she is still not here yet. The maid arrive and Suhnaina says you have came, go inside and start work. The maid say that i have just arrived and Suhnaina says check the time and you have came late. Now go and do the work and Laxmi says if you want, i can start work today by doing drinks first while i will do the other works tomorrow. Suhnaina says tommorow? But you said yesterday that you are starting work today? Laxmi says i said it but today there is an association meeting and i am the secretary for it. We have a lot of decision to make today and i need to leave for the meeting and Laxmi leaves. Chacha ji wah, wah bhabi ji, your maid is so busy that she even forgot to make drinks for us. Suhnaina says don’t get tension as i know you can’t wait to have a drink from her but wait for another day. Udham brings his clothes for washing and Govardan asks where is he bringing the clothes and Udham says i want the maid who have made us signed the agreement to do this work. Both Govardan and Udham plans saying lets see how we both give her work to do. Suhnaina comes to her room and Neelam is wiping the cupboard and Neelam asks if have the maid came and Suhnaina says why are you asking about this?You do your own work and i am here to take care of the maid. Neelam says i was worried for you as you would not have taken anything without the maid coming and Suhnaina says mummyji ki bachi, if you are really so worried for your mummy ji, go and do something for me. Neelam leaves and turns back asking should i make gajal ka halwa and Suhnaina stares at Neelam and Neelam leaves silently. Govardan, Udham, Darshana and Renu are preparing work for the maid holding the clothes and documents and Kanhaiyya asking why are all of you holding this and waiting for? Renu asks what are you asking about? Darshana says have you forgotten? The maid is coming today and we have prepared work for the maid. Kanhaiyya says so you all have prepared to welcome the maid and Kanhaiyya starts singing song ‘Aayegi Kaam Wali’ and Suhnaina says not coming but she came and she left. Everyone is shocked and Darshana says how can she leave? Govardan and Udham asks why didn’t Suhnaina informed them earlier? Suhnaina says all of you stop it. All my cats are shouting back to me? All of this is because of the maid right? All of you will be punished for it. All the work that you had prepared with love for the maid will be done by you without any help and Darshana, Renu, Udham and Govardan are shocked.

Precap : Chicku sees Laxmi doing work in the kitchen and breaking a plate. Chicku then prepares a a damage list to list down the things Laxmi had damaged while Laxmi next breaks a glass.

Update Credit to: Visha

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