Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The next day, Sona goes back to the same place and looks at the stairs where the grill fell off. Chitrasi comes from the back and asks how is Sona now? Sona says that she is fine and alive because of Chitrasi. Chitrasi says its nothing big as Sona would have done the same if she was in Chitrasi’s place. Chitrasi asks what was Sona looking around here and Sona says that the stairs doesn’t seems to have broke on its on as it seems smooth. Moreover the grill isn’t weak to just fall off like that. Chitrasi asks do you mean someone did this? Sona says she doesn’t wants to say this but she feels someone has done this on purpose as it didn’t fell on its own. Someone must have done this on purpose and Chitrasi says she can’t believe it but Sona

sounds true too. But why would someone do this? Sona says maybe someone don’t like me staying here. My room is here and i walk up and down here. I have thought well before saying this and this was done for me and Chitrasi starts thinking. Kanhaiya says that he will never leave whoever did this and he is going to investigate each and every member and Kanhaiya leaves in anger while Sona stops him saying that they are his family member and they would be hurt if he suspects them. She knows that one of them had done this and they need to deal with this carefully and Kanhaiya agrees. Kanhaiya suddenly recalls seeing Deva walking down the stairs last night and Kanhaiya says it is possible that Deva could have done this. To find out, he is going to look in Deva’s room and Sona seems to be thinking. Kanhaiya says i know what are you thinking about but law comes before family. I know they are my family but if they are the culprit, they will be punished even if he is my own brother. Kanhaiya enters Deva’s room and Deva seems to be drinking and Deva asks why is Kanhaiya here? Kanhaiya says he came to meet Deva and Deva asks what is the reason? Kanhaiya pretends to be talking and looks around at the same time while Deva is talking about his radio. Deva leaves the room while Kanhaiya quickly looks around the room and Deva turns and on the way to his room. Deva enters his room and sees his room in a mess and looks at Kanhaiya. Deva walks to Kanhaiya.

Part 2

Deva asks what is Kanhaiya looking around in his room and why is Kanhaiya looking stunned? Chitrasi walks in and sees the room in a mess and asks what happened? Deva says that Kanhaiya came inside and were looking for something. See how he messed up my room and Chitrasi says that Kanhaiya came in to take the bet and signals Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya says that yes, he came to take the bet and walks out of the room. Kanhaiya turns and sees the cutter on the top of the cupboard and leaves. Deva asks Chitrasi to see how messy is his room and Chitrasi says that she will clean it up. Chitrasi’s mother Shakuntala Devi takes her bag and leaves while Sidershwar who is talking to Sona asks why is Shakuntala leaving since she said she is going to stay with Chitrasi for a few days. Shakuntala says that she planned to stay here longer but she dislikes some people here and looks at Sona. Siddeshwar asks but what happened and stay back. Shakuntala says that she have decided to leave and she is not going to change it. Shakuntala stares at Sona and leaves. Sona thinks to herself that Shakuntala is leaving because of me? Could she be the one who cut the railing? Kanhaiya thanks Chitrasi for saving him and Chitrasi says its alright and asks Kanhaiya if he went into Deva’s room because he suspected Deva? Chitrasi says she knows about it as Sona have mentioned it to her. Chitrasi says that she knows Deva is short tempered but he is a nice person and would not do this. He thinks of me as his sister but he could not do this. Chitrasi places her hands on Kanhaiya’s hands while talking and Sona sees this. Chitrasi sees Sona and removes her hands while Sona walks to Kanhaiya and looks at Chitrasi saying don’t be worried. You are friends and Chitrasi asks Sona to join her to do some rituals and Sona recalls Shakuntala’s wordsto Sona and Sona decides to check Shakuntala’s room. Kanhaiya on the other side is saying to himself that he saw something while coming out of Deva’s room and recalls seeing the cutter. Kanhaiya slowly goes to Deva’s room and sees no one in the room and Kanhaiya sees the cutter. Sona enters Shakuntala’s room and looks around. Kanhaiya takes the cutter and is in anger saying that he was right that Deva had done this towards Sona. Kanhaiya walks with the cutter and calls everyone out to the main hall. Kanhaiya asks how dare Deva try to kill Sona? How could you be so low minded and Siddeshwar asks what is Kanhaiya saying? Kanhaiya says that Deva had tried to kill Sona and he found the cutter in Deva’s room. Deva says just because it was found in his room, he is the culprit? Someone else could have done this and place the cutter in his room since anyone can enter his room anytime. Sona shouts wait a minute and Sona is holdong a similar cutter in her hands. Kanhaiya walks to Sona and asks from where she brought this and Sona says from Shakuntala Devi’s room. Sona thinks to herself that this was done by Shakuntala Devi and everyone is shocked. Deva says you both have been here for only a few days and you are blamming everyone. This could be a plan by both of you since you don’t wish to stay here. Babuji, allow them to leave and we don’t need such a brother who don’t trust us. We waited for him all these years but we are not seeing our brother but a husband. Siddeshwar shouts everyone to cool down and asks who did this? Say the truth and Chitrasi says that she will say the truth. The one who cut the railing was Chitrasi’s mother and Shakuntala Devi is standing next to Chitrasi looking guilty.

Precap :
Siddeshwar says that he wants to say something important to everyone. Everyone start packing their things as he have decided to not live in Shakti Dham and everyone is shocked

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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