Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
The new maid says not from today, from tomorrow. Today I have to get all the payments from the previous house and then say bye to them. And you don’t worry. Laxmi will now be here. Tomorrow all the work in this house will be done on time. Namaste. I’m leaving. Sunhiaya says okay ji. Sona bahu from tomorrow you won’t have any excuse of having to clean the house. She leaves. Slowly everyone leaves except Sona and Kanhiaya. Kanhiaya says did you see? There’s a reason they always say that mummy ji is always right. What she said is absolutely right. Sona says no inspector ji. Mummy ji has made the responsibilities of a housewife even more now. Kanhiaya says really?

Darshana’s hubby says Darshana, the maid whom Kanhiaya brought was

so full of life and fun. She was also saying she wouldn’t come to work today, but would come tomorrow. Darshana says so what? Even you had brought home a maid. But you spoiled everything. My nose was cut and lying over here. Sona comes with tea and biscuits. Kanhaiya goes over to Darshana’s hubby and lifts his lefts up. He says what happened? Sona says what are you looking for? Kanhiaya says it fell, it fell. Sona says I just swept the floor. Tell me what you’re looking for. Kanhiaya says exactly. I don’t know where it fell. Maybe it went with all the trash that was swept away. Sona says tell me what fell. I will also look for it. Kanhiaya says Darshana you’re messing with a police officer. Your nose is right here. He pulls on her nose. Darshana says Kanhiaya I won’t spare you. Did you find time right now to joke around with me? They all are having a mini pillow fight. Darshana hits Kanhaiya and says I won’t spare you. Kanhiaya says aren’t you embarrassed raising your hands on a police officer in uniform? Darshana says you’re only a police officer at the police station. Kanhiaya says don’t mess so much with a police officer. The day a maid comes into this house, everyone’s tension will be gone. No one’s nose will be cut either.

Upstairs Neelam’s hubby says whether my nose is cut or something else it won’t make a difference to you. Should I wear this and go? Are you out of your mind? Neelam says I didn’t know you were going to wear an uniform and go. It was dirty so I put it in the wash. He says one day you should put my reputation in the wash too. Whether I get a court martial in the military or not I don’t know, but in this house I certainly will. You have fun in bothering me right? Neelam says why are you speaking like that. I always…He says you always come in the way. Before doing anything I have to move you out of the way.

Part 2:
Kanhaiya says if a housewife makes an agreement like a maid does, then it will be so difficult. Sona says Neelam bhabhi didn’t make such a big mistake that Uddham bhaiya is scolding her so much. Kanhiaya says Sona ji all of this happens in the house. Its between husband and wife. It happens. Between a husband and wife sometimes its hot and sometimes cold. It happens. Sona says but not like this in front of everyone. Kanhiaya says there are not fighting in public. Everyone’s family in the house. No one is from the outside. Neelam says to her hubby it won’t happen again. Forgive me this time. It doesn’t look good. Everyone is looking. You can punish me whatever way you want, but let’s go talk in the room. He says why in the room? Why not in front of everyone? Everyone here knows what you are for me and for everyone else. Only a housewife. Only a housewife. Uddham comes down the stairs. He leaves. Sona says he didn’t do the right thing. He shouldn’t have scolded her that much. Kanhiaya says Sona ji all of this happens here and its okay. Don’t take so much tension. Sona shakes her head in disagreement and leaves. He follows her upstairs. They both head towards Neelam. Neelam notices Sona and says Sona did you need anything? Sona wipes her tears and says did Uddham bhaiya’s attitude will change. Don’t lose hope. Neelam says you don’t think too much. This is a daily thing. Kanhiaya says bhabhi why are you so worried? Bhaiaya is in the military and that’s why he is like this. In my childhood even I got scolded at a lot. He used to pull my ears a lot. But since he’s your husband he is lovable towards you. Sona says but he shouldn’t have insulted her in front of everyone. Kanhiaya says its between husband and wife. They will sort it out between themselves. There is a good saying that love is found in being angry and then apologizing. Love will grow. They will settle it between themselves. Don’t worry. Bhabhi smile a little. She smiles a little. Kanhiaya says Sona ji feed her something. I’ll go check on Uddham bhaiya. Kanhaiya leaves. Sona says to Neelam everything will be okay. They hug.

Kanhiaya goes to Uddham bhiaya. Kanhiaya says Uddham bhaiaya you’re in the military. You can be mad when you’re on the border but at home talk with love. He says Kanhiaya you’re grown up but you’re not that grown up that you start explaining things to your elder brother. Kanhiaya says bhaiya I’m not explaining. I’m making you feel better. You scolded bhabhi and scared her. I know that you smile at my words in a small corner. You won’t laugh? He shakes his head no. K says really? U nods. K says remember when you were angry with me during our childhood? I took an insect and put it down your shirt. And when you found out you moved so crazilly. U laughs. Udhaam and Kanhiaya hug.

Darshana’s hubby says in the first round I’ve lost. The maid turned out to be someone’s mother. Now in the 2nd round no matter what, I have to win. Darshana says making lies will have no affect. If it happens without any problems then I’ll believe you. How many goals are you going to make? Start counting from now. You will be a made a football. He says how can you talk like that to a respected man? Darshana says what do you mean I can’t talk like that? When you’re wrong you’re wrong. They argue a bit back and forth.

Dimple says “Mr. Allahbad. I’ll meet you online. And you can meet me online. You will never find out where I’ll be found.” He replies back I only talked to you because you’re my fan. And you want to know something about the beauty contest. They talk back and forth for a bit. He is willing to help her. She is tying when the guy who is after her calls. Her sister comes and says did papa is coming. K’s friend says no hello or hi and no bye while leaving? Strange.

-All bahus making list of work for new maid, otherwise their sasuma would book maid for all the time.

Part 3:
-Kanaiya is happy as maid is coming.. He says to Sona, now you’ll have some time for me.
-But Sona tells him that her work is not going to decrease, but will increase after the maid comes.
-She says that the maid doesn’t work by herself.. she works when she gets orders.

Precap: Sona tells one of the other bahus that no one else can take housewife’s place. Other bahus says to Sona, you don’t know mummyji.. I know her very well. She will take away our house work. Sona assures her that maid won’t have any effect on their house works. And it’s about time that mummyji realizes that housewife is a housewife.. and maid is maid.

Update Credit to: Rani

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