Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th July 2013 Written Update


In the night Siddeshwar was sitting in dark in his room when a drunked deva comes and says that may be he doesn’t cares for Chitrashi’s happiness but he does and he won’t let Chitrashi life be ruined like my life. Siddheshwar says whatever seen through eyes is not always right. Kanhaiya in his room says to Sona that babuji was a saviour otherwise deva bhaiya could have turned thing to hell. Moving to Siddheshwar he says Munna has the same blood flowing in his nerves like it is flowing in deva’s nerves and he won’t have stopped by being forced. Sona says to kanhaiya that he liked how babuji called her Sona bahu and he did good. Siddheshwar tells deva that sometimes not force but emotions work and Chitrashi is

munna’s wife and he thinks more of Chitrashi before his other Sons. Kanhaiya and Sona feels proud on how babuji supported their decision. Siddheshwar says very soon he will throw Sona away from haveli and Mumna will be only Chitrashi’s husband. It the morning Siddheshwar tells Shakuntala that Munna is grown up now and is Sona’s husband now and we she Should accept the truth. Meanwhile Chitrashi Comes and asks for a grand Celebration for Munna’s return. Siddheshwar denies it and Chitrashi says that if they do not make a Celebration then people will make fun of Singh family. Shakuntala asks if Chitrashi has gone mad. Siddheshwar agrees for the sake of Chitrashi’s happiness. Shakuntala thinks to herself that Sona won’t be happy Ever.

Deva talks to bheema and kamal and says he does not know what babuji is thinking at the moment but he won’t let Chitrashi’s life be ruined and both kamal and bhima agrees to deva. In the night someone takes out iron cutter from a box and cuts the railing at one portion of the first floor. In the party Sonaiya enters and Siddeshwar introduces kanhaiya to everyone and his relatives ask Siddeshwar that since Munna has returned so when they are going to do the gauna of Chitrashi. Kanhaiya turns angry. Chitrashi says that now she is not the wife of Kanhaiya, his wife is only Sona and all the relatives gets surprized and starts questioning Siddheswar. Kanhaiya comes forward and asks everyone not to speak nonsence and Sona is his wife. Chitrashi feels bad and goes away from the place. Sona follows her and tries consoling her. Sona stands near the railing. Chitrashi says everything is fine as once fate can’t be changed. Sona tries to Speak when she keeps her hands on railing and Sona falls but Chitrashi holds her by her hand. Everyone at the party gets shocked and kanhaiya looks up in worry. Chitrashi and Sona struggles and finally Chitrashi makes land up.Kanhaiya comes to Sona and hugs her.


Chitrashi feels disheartened seeing Kanhaiya hugging Sona and kanhaiya asks Sona if she is Ok and what if something happened to her. Sona cries and asks kanhaiya to take her in their room. Bhima feels why sona was saved and Chitrashi’s life is still miserable. Bhima things it would have been good if Sona had Died and Kamal too thinks Sona should have died Removing herself from the life of Munna bhaiya. Siddheshwar sits on a chair and thinks something. Shakuntala feels bad that Sona is saved and She will not let Sona be happy. Kanhaiya Consoles the Crying Sona and removes her tears. Sona says what happened was unpredictable and wonders how suddenly the railing falled. Kanhaiya tries relaxing herself and kisses Sona’s forehead and hugs her. Chitrashi sees Sonaiya hugging from outside the room and feels bad. Episode ends

Precap: Sona talks to Chitrashi and says whatever happened was so amazing and why the railing falled like this. Chitrashi asks what Sona means and Sona says she is sure someone is after her life and trying to harm her. Chitrashi is surprized

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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