Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Part 1

Chicku gives Sona the broom and goes to Neelam and asks if can he help her. Neelam says that this is a job of a housewife, thank you and Neelam is shown washing the clothes while Sona is putting labels to all the containers in the kitchen with Kanhaiya and putting back at the respective places while Neelam is shown sweeping and cleaning the house. Sona turns and sees Kanhaiya dreaming and asks what is he dreaming of and Kanhaiya says i wish if there was a bed here and Sona asks so what? Kanhaiya says at least the SR can take place here. Kanhaiya then reaches out his hand and takes the container with Sugar and Sona says he have really found it and Kanhaiya asks Sona to hold the container in her hands and takes picture with his mobile. Kanhaiya keeps taking pictures as Sona is cooking and applies flour on her face and takes a picture. Bindiya and Renu is hiding and watching it while Neelam walks into the kitchen and sees Sona and Kanhaiya snapping a picture together. Neelam makes a noise to make them alert of her presence and Kanhaiya says Neelam bhabhi is here, so i shall leave and Sona says you are not leaving anywhere till i finish cooking. Neelam sees all the containers with labels being arranged neatly and says wow Sona, you had changed everything? I never thought of it and its alright, it will not be hard to do work anymore. Nevermind, let me help you and Sona stops her. Neelam asks if she had done anything wrong and Sona says she had not done anything wrong but she wants to complete her rasam. So Neelam is on break today and Suhnaina calls out Neelam. Bindiya says i’m closing my palour for the first time and trusting you. Renu says i have also took leave from college and sitting at home. I will never let the tradition of this house to change and i have a doubt. You just look after Kanhaiya in the kitchen and i will look after the rest. Renu asks for lime from Renu saying with just one drop of lime, everything will change. Chicku listens to this and slowly follows Renu and Bindiya. As Bindiya is about to go into the kicthen, Chicku lights a lighter and Bindiya gets scared and goes away. Manohar comes and pulls Chicku’s ears asking what is he doing here and Chicku says if anything goes wrong, you won’t be getting commission from Kanhaiya. Manohar says he was joking and goes away. Sona says to Kanhaiya to go and inform everyone that dinner is ready. Kanhaiya takes a magazine and announces that Sona’s first lunch is ready whole Sona laughs. Everyone sits for food and as Neelam is serving, Sona makes Neelam sit while Suhnaina says she would eat after everyone eating. Sona says i will feel good if Neelam eats together and makes Neelam sit down saying i and my husband will serve everyone and we will eat after everyone eats. Darshana says she wished if the food was more spicy and Kanhaiya says if you want it more spicy, i will make it more spicy and puts masala in the food. Renu complains that the puri is small and Sona says she made the small one for the kids and the big ones for the grown ups. As Bindiya, Bade Bhaiya and Manohar complains, Kanhaiya supports Sona by replying back. Julie says she loves the food and Sona serves them halwaa. Suhnaina says now that the tradition is finished, you would not need to look at the kitchen again and concentrate on your job. Now a gift from me, Suhnaina takes out a ring from her fingers and says its for Sona saying the food was good. If the shagun had arrived, the food would be much nicer. Suhnaina’s devar ji says it would come and a delovery guy comes asking is this the house of Kanhaiya weds Sona? Suhnaina says yes it is, who do you want to meet and the guy says i have came from Sona’s maayka bringing the shagun and everyone gets excited.

Part 2

The people keeps bringing in the shagun and keeps in a room and Suhnaina locks the room and leaves everyone wondering and Suhnaina says what is everyone looking? You all will get it tomorrow and everyone starts leaving. Sona asks why is mummy ji locking the store room? Kanhaiya says you don’t know about my family member. Don’t trust anyone here as everyone is like east, west, north and south. If mummy ji had not used the lock, all the gifts would be missing by morning. Sona says since the gifts are already here, why not distribute it to everyone? Everyone was so excited and Kanhaiya says what ever mummy ji does is right and she thinks a lot. What she does is always right and i will listen anything in the world but nothing against mummy ji because mummy ji is always right and Sona thinks. Devar ji thinks that the Shagun items have arrived and she must be really happy now. He goes to her room and sees where is she and Suhnaina is shown in the store room opening one by one gifts and counting the money envelopes. Julie is talking on the phone with her boyfriend saying she can’t wait to wear the suit the next day. Renu and Bindiya is also excited in the room imagining about the gift and sarees they are going to get while Suhnaina is going through all the gifts one by one and keeps passing remarks about each of them. Neelam says to her husband that Sona’s family have done the gifts according to everyone and we need to be thankful to them. Suhnaina counts the money and thinks that she can’t wait to get the first salary of her bahu, Sona. Julie is reading her love letter, Dimple keeps watching and someone knocks the door and its Bade Bhaiya. He comes asking for Dimple and Julie’s books to see if they had hidden any letters in their books and leaves. He then asks for Julies phone and gives it back. He then stamps a checkboard saying ‘Checked’ and enters his room and sees Bindiya doing make up. He asks Bindiya to stop make up and worry of his daughters as he is checking on them daily. Kanhaiya is in his room and Sona is opening one by one of her boxes and taking out her clothes. Kanhaiya says he is staying awake for her while she is doing other work and Sona says Dadi had sent a lot of things, so ot would take time for me to arrange it and Sona slowly arranges the things while Kanhaiya falls asleep. Sona’s Dadi appears in her cupboard and says Sona, keep making Kanhaiya waiting like this until both of you have a good understanding. Only then nothing can break your relationship and Sona smiles.

Precap : Suhnaina calls everyone who wants the Shagun from Sona’s house to come and collect it and looks like Suhnaina had exchanged the expensive clothes with cheaper one with everyone complaining while Sona is unhappy.

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