Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 4th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

In the night, Sona is about to go up to her room, Kanhaiyya stands at the stairs and Sona looks at him. Kanhaiyya speaks from his heart where he says Sona ji, what i said today was just said and i didn’t really mean it. Sona thinks to herself that you scolded me and left without thinking how i would be feeling. Look at you now, smilling and Kanhaiyya smiles. Sona comes up and Kanhaiyya gives his hand for Sona to hold and Sona pushes his hands and says you must be happy today? Kanhaiyya says i am always happy and Sona says you said you would not come back and you left me. Kanhaiyya says i didn’t mean what i said as i really missed you a lot. Sona says so you listen to others and scold like this? Kanhaiyya says i am sorry that you

had to wait for me today. Sona says this sounds good. Scold in the morning and say sorry in the evening and Kanhaiyya holds Sona. The next morning, Neelam is shown praying saying thank you for listening to her prayers and being with Sona and always be with Sona like this as Sona always thinks good for everyone. Neelam says i also remember Chacha ji saying the ones who thinks good for everyone is equal to god’s child. Bindiya is applying make up on her face and her husband says she is getting older and stop using the make up. He also says you know what happened in the night? Bindiya gets excited and her husband says you looked scary and i had to sing hanuman chalisa. Kanhaiyya comes to Neelam and says you were not happy on how i behaved with Sona yesterday right? Neelam says you scolded her and just left like that. Kanhaiyya says what i said was only to bring a change and if you are still not happy with hoe i behaved, you can pull my ears. Neelam says its alright and what happened was for good. I always pray to good for your jodi with Sona to be like Krishna and Radha. Kanhaiyya says and i also pray to get a bhahi like you in every birth. Neelam says alright, enough and she leaves. Bindiya’s husband says you look happy today Kanhaiyya. Have Sona listened to what you said? Kanhaiyya says why don’t you also try setting your life with Bindiya bhabhi? Kanhaiyya says every fight will bring one closer and Bindiya’s husband goes to his room and locks the room door. He starts singing a romantic song and goes to Bindiya where Bindiya asks what happened? He looks very romantic today and he says there was a pretty girl who joined my office today and Bindiya gets slightly jealous. He also says that the girl is keeping his photo in her phone and Bindiya sleeps on his shoulder and he thinks to himself that Kanhaiyya was right. Kanhaiyya ets a phone call and is about to leave where Neelam asks him to have a coffee and Kanhaiyya says i am going to give Sona ji a surprise and leaves.

Part 2

Kanhaiyya comes back home with a lady where Kanhaiyya says that this is his house and the lady will need to take care of this house. The lady gets a phone call where her name is Laxmi. Kanhaiyya says lets go inside and mummy ji will explain about the work and the lady walks in with Kanhaiyya while Sona is doing some work. Sona asks who is this and Kanhaiyya says she is the maid and Sona asks what is the need for a maid since i’m doing the work? Kanhaiyya says let her do the work and Laxmi says i don’t like this that there is another person doing the housework and i am leaving. Kanhaiyya asks her to wait and says that Sona is the head of his department, his wife. Laxmi i am sorry and i need to say that both of you are a good looking couple. Kanhaiyya gets shy and Laxmi says i also need to take a photo of you and Kanhaiyya says surely do and brings Sona aside saying that Laxmi can now do all the work and we can go for honeymoon. Sona is about to say something and Kanhaiyya calls Suhnaina saying he have brought a maid. Suhnaina looks at Laxmi saying i need a servant for the whole day and Laxmi says i can do all the work in only two hours. Suhnaina says that there is so many work in the house and i don’t want that after you leave, some people in the house use that as an excuse to be a housewife. Laxmi says that in this case, i will work for 3 hours and i will come three times a day. Suhnaina asks so how much is the pay? Laxmi asks how many people are there in this house and both Bindiya and Renu says something and Suhnaina asks her to keep quiet and leave. Laxmi says who will do the timetable for her and Sona says are you sure you want to keep a servant? Suhnaina says yes i have to since you want to be a housewife. Laxmi asks if is there a computer and a printer in this house? Sona says yes and Laxmi takes out a pendrive saying that she needs to print the working agreement and everyone is shocked. Neelam is saying to Bindiya and Renu that why is mummy ji bringing this servant and Bindiya says don’t worry, we must not let the servant stay here and Neelam says don’t try to do anything else or you will get punished. Laxmi brings the agreement asking Suhnaina to sign the agreement where her salary is Rs. 5000. Suhnaina says she agrees to all the conditions and just do as what she says in the house. Laxmi says not to raise the voice to her. Sona asks Suhnaina to sit and read the agreement properly before signing it and Suhnaina just takes the agreement and signs it before reading it. Suhnaina announces that everyone listen, from today Laxmi will do all the housework and smiles to Sona.

Precap : Sona says having a servant will not be easy.

Update Credit to: Visha Dhami

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