Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona says to Dadi that she is sure that the next theft will happen in Mrs Verma’s house and Sona is confident that she would meet the thief there. Dadi blesses Sona and Sona says that it was all because of Dadi’s teaching and she is able to handle any situations. Dadi asks how is everything here and Sona says that she is very lucky to get such a family especially such loving husband. Dadi says but this your sasural and not your house? And how is Suhnaina? Sona says that she accidentally said sasural but Suhnaina is good and Sona is always ready to face any problems. Dadi says that she was in a rush and she bought all the clothes and she will buy better clothes next time. Suhnaina, Bindiya and Renu are looking at the clothes Dadi bought

and Renu says that Dadi bought such cheap sarees. Bindiya supports that this is the first time she is buying clothes after the wedding and look at what kind of clothes she bought? She could have at least bought good clothes for you right Mummy ji? Suhnaina says keep quiet both of you. What did both of you brought after your wedding? Don’t make me open my mouth and both Renu and Bindiya look at each another. Dadi and Sona walks down where Dadi says that she is leaving and Suhnaina asks Dadi to eat something before leaving. Sona says she won’t take long to cook and Suhnaina asks Neelam to bring the food and Sona looks at Dadi. Dadi and the rest are eating the food where Dadi says that the food is tasty and Suhnaina says it was cooked by Neelam. Suhnaina keeps praising Neelam’s cooking that she is the best. Suhnaina also adds that she didn’t teach Neelam anything as she learned everything from her parents and she is really lucky to get a daughter in law like Neelam. Dadi looks at Sona and says that Neelam is a very good person. She had a mother to teach her everything but Sona don’t have a mother since small. No matter how much i teach, i can never take the place of her mother right? Sona and Neelam is in tears and Dadi says that only a saas can take the place of a mother. I am sure that with your teachings, Sona will learn everything soon. Dadi says that she wish she could meet Kanhaiya before leaving and Sona says that she called Kanhaiya a few times but he did not answer her call. Suhnaina says that she will fulfill Dadi’s wish as if she calls, Kanhaiya will always answer the phone. Suhnaina asks Neelam to bring the phone and dials Kanhaiya’s number saying he will surely answer. The phone keeps ringing and Kanhaiya doesn’t answers and Suhnaina says that his phone must have been on silent, otherwise he would never ignore my call. Kanhaiya calls back to Sona’s handphone and everyone looks where Kanhaiya says don’t worry about me and keep calling. Kanhaiya is at Radha’s restaurant and Suhnaina asks Sona if the call was from Kanhaiya? Sona says yes it is and he said he was busy. Suhnaina seems unhappy and Sona is tempted to vomit and everyone looks at her in shock.

Part 2

Sona runs away and Dadi follows her. Renu says that Sona is vomiting, this means its a good news right? Bindiya says if Sona is pregnant, Kanhaiya would love her more right Mummy ji? Suhnaina is left wondering and walks away. Sona is in her room bathroom where Dadi asks her what happened? Sona says this happens since small and Dadi says how can this happen since small? Don’t joke and Sona says what do you mean by joking? Dadi smiles and Sona understands it. Sona says you think that i? And Dadi nods her head. Sona says its nothing like what she is thinking. Sona says have you forgotten that i’m allergic to nut since small? And i’m careful till now where we both have decided together not to have the SR till we understand each another better. Suhnaina who is standing near the door is shocked to hear this. Dadi says i need to leave now and do take care and Sona sends Dadi down. Renu says to Bindiya that all their plans will start being ruined as Sona is pregnant and Bindiya thinks what can they do now? Bindiya is checking her photos on Facebook and she gets a message from a person with no picture which she ignores. Julie then gets a call from Avinash and Avinash asks Julie how many guys will she decline over the internet and Julie asks who is it and how he knows what she is doing? Avinash says that when a person is in love, they know what another person is doing and Julie asks him not to disturb her saying that her Chacha ji is a police officer and Julie cuts the call. Suhnaina is in her room recalling Sona’s words to Dadi and her mind voice says to Suhnaina on what is she thinking? What she is thinking is right. This is the right chance to create a separation between Kanhaiya and Sona as they have not had any relationship till now. So its easy to keep them apart. Suhnaina says she can’t do that as this is wrong. Her mind voice says that what Sona is doing is right? She is taking Kanhaiya away from her. Suhnaina says if i do that, Kanhaiya would get hurt. Her mind voice say that Kanhaiya will get hurt but the name Sona will leave his life forever. If she makes Kanhaiya happy, you will have to forget Kanhaiya forever. You need to keep them apart. Suhnaina says yes, i will do that where she will not come in between of me and my son anymore.

Precap :

Sona is at Mrs Verma’s house where she sees a shadow. As Sona walks towards the window, the shadow moves away and Sona is looking out of the window and Mrs verma asks what is she doing near the window and Sona asks Mrs Verma to keep the window closed as there are many thefts these days.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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