Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Chitrashi’s mom comes near to Sona and in an angry mood says that Sona is behind everything and not letting her daughter live happily and tries forcing Sona out when kanhaiya stops her. Sona cries and Chitrashi’s mother asks Siddheshwar that does he got so much happy getting his Son back that he forgot about Chitrashi? What about the promises he made to Chitrashi for her good life. Kanhaiya says to Sona that he knew this was going to happen so why Sona asked him to come here. Kanhaiya says they will go away from here and starts to leave when Deva says that he won’t allow kanhaiya to leave and he will forget that kanhaiya is his brother but he will stop him. Kanhaiya tries to leave and deva starts forcing him and in return gets slapped by Siddheshwar. He says

Sona bahu and Chitrashi’s mother says whatever happening in not right. Kamal and bheema too asks. Siddheshwar says that he is right and Sona is kanhaiya’s wife and then he asks for a Sorry to Chitrashi who was Crying badly. Siddheshwar tells her that she and Kanhaiya married in Childhood as he and her wife wanted them to marry but now things are not the same and Sona is Kanhaiya’s wife. Chitrashi cries and says that she agrees that the things are not same now and kanhaiya will never accept him and asks Siddheshwar not to ask her to leave. Chitrashi’s mother asks Chitrashi as if she has gone mad. Chitrashi says to her that she agrees that her mother wants good for her but what is happening is the one needed. Kanhaiya gets irritated with everything and says to Sona that they will leave right now and Sona stops him and asks if his heart doesn’t says to him to live with his brothers and father. Sona requests and Kanhaiya says fine he will Stop but only for Sona. Chitrashi’s mother again complains and Chitrashi takes her inside. Siddheshwar Comes to Sonaiya and says Sona bahu that he is happy with what decision he took.


Chitrashi in her Room applies Sindoor on her forehead and Sona sees this from the door and starts to leave when Chitrashi stops Sona and says seeing the Sindoor box that whatever happening was their destiny. Sona says that she feels Sorry for Chitrashi too and Chitrashi’s mother comes and asks Chitrashi how she Can talk to Sona knowing well that she Ruined her life. Chitrashi tries stopping her but her mother Says that he will as a mother will take care of her life and grabs Chitrashi to the hall. In the hall Siddheshwar was telling kanhaiya that he used to be very naughty in childhood and neighbours used to complain about him. They heard Chitrashi’s mother saying that she will make Chitrashi married to Sundar lal and Siddeshwar says that man is old and Chitrashi’s life will be ruined. Chitrashi says she won’t marry anyone and will live in this house only. Her mother says she knows well what to do and tries taking Chitrashi away when Kanhaiya Stops her saying Chitrashi is not a kid and can take decisions of her life by her own. Kanhaiya takes Chitrashi away seperately and Chitrashi’s mother comes to Sona and says that She won’t be happy ever after ruining her daughter’s life. Sona cries and the brothers see this. Kanhaiya asks Chitrashi for Everything and asks her what can he do to bring happiness in her life? Marry me Chitrashi says. Kanhaiya is shocked. Chitrashi says what kanhaiya can expect from her for her happiness. Chitrashi smiles and says she will live her life alone and since Childhood she is used to live like her. Kanhaiya feels sorry. Chitrashi says she remembers everything about their childhood and how her mother turned her a bride. She asks for a Sorry to Kanhaiya from her mother’s side and asks Kanhaiya that they can’t he husband and wife but Can he be friend to her and takes her hand up. Kanhaiya agrees and Shakes hands with her. Sona watching everything from behind feels happy and smiles.Episode ends


Deva says whatever Decision babuji took but he won’t let Chitrashi’s life ruined like this. Kamal and bhima agrees and says that they will have to do Something. In dark someone is shown taking out iron cutter from a box.

Update Credit to: sonali

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