Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The next day morning, Maa Thakur of Phir Subah Hogi, Kutumb of Hitler Didi, Savita Tai of Pavitra Rishta and Gayatri of Punar Vivah arrive at Suhnaina’s house and starts walking in while Suhnaina welcomes each of them by hugging them and the whole family watches them. Savita tai says Suhnaina, your face is still looking the same after all these years and Suhnaina says how can you all come to Ahmaebad and not come to my house? Suhnaina calls Sona to bring the aarti tray and introduces that she is Sona bahu and Sona thinks to herself so they are mummy ji’s friends. Suhnaina thinks to herself that now your game will end. Savita Tai looks at Sona and says she is the reporter daughter in law you mentioned about right? Suhnaina nods her head and Sona says no maaji, i am a housewife and smiles. Sona takes the aartia and takes blessings from all of them. Suhnaina calls them in and introduces her friends to all her family members . Maa Thakur, Savita Tai, Gayatri and Kutumb are having meeting in Suhnaina’s room where everyone says that Sona is not respecting her mother in law and Savita says that a saas is a saas and a bahu is a bahu. Maa Thakur says Sona should not break the tradition in your family and she should go back to work. Kutumb says yes, she should go back to work and Gayatri says we all had promised each another that when anyone of us have problems, the rest have to help in. Savita Tai says the decision is now made. How many times have i controlled my bahu, Archana. Everyone put their hands together for their mission. Sona is cutting vegetables in the kitchen where Savita comes to the kitchen and asks what is Sona doing with all this cooking? Leave all this and go back to work. Sona says all this is my housework, i have to do it. Savita asks what are you arguing? When i say it, just listen. See how i controlled Archana? She listens to what i say. You better go to work and respect what your Suhnaina says. What do you want? You want to sit at home against Suhnaina? Maintain your standard. Sona asks how will one’s standard drop? Savita tai says looks like Kanhaiyya had not told you about me. If it was Manav at Kanhaiyya’s place, he would have sent Archana to work by now. Sona asks what do you want to eat and Savita Tai says don’t try to change the topic. You just have to listen when i speak. Maa Thakur comes to Chacha ji saying how come are you not worried about Suhnaina ji and reading books here? Chacha ji says you want to ask me anything? Maa Thakur asks why should Sona be a housewife? Make her understand what Suhnaina wants. Kutumb asks Suhnaina not to worry as Maa Thakur and Savita Tai would make Sona and Chacha ji understand. Gayatri ji says its taking so long now. Savita Tai asks Sona to go back to work now. Sona tries to talk and Savita asks her not to speak. Sona says this house needs me and Savita asks are you going back to work or not and Sona asks can you eat first? We shall speak later. Maa Thakur says to Chacha ji you must make her understand and Sona comes and gives medicines for Chacha ji and he praises Sona saying you know everything. Sona gives Maa Thakur her ring that she dropped and Chacha ji says did you see her? This is what you call housewife. Sona says after a person’s wedding, the in laws is her identity. What is wrong in becoming a housewife for them? Maa Thakur remains silent. Savita tai and Maa Thakur comes back to the room and Suhnaina asks if did they spoke to Sona? Savita tai says your daughter in law Sona is worse than my Archana. Suhnaina asks what happened and Maa Thakur says she would not listen to us. Gayatri says if a saas fail, would the bahu lead the family? Savita says our game should not fail. All of them are discussing on what to do next and shake hands. Kanhaiyya asks a priest to predict what will happen to see if what he predicts happens and the priests says that there are chances for Kanhaiyya to be promoted.

Part 2

All the saas walks out from the room and Savita says that we had came here for prayers but after seeing what is our friend Suhnaina going through because of Sona, we have decided to fast and we would not be eating anything till Sona goes back to work and everyone is shocked. Savita and Kutumb asks Sona to go back to work if she doesn’t wants to get the blame of keeping the guests hungry. Bindiya’s husband tries talking to Suhnaina and thinks that something has to be done. Bindiya says only Sona can do anything about this and Renu says this is called emotional blackmail and mummy ji is purposely doing this so that Sona listens to her. Neelam asks Sona what would we do now? Everyone says that Sona now have to make decision and we shall call to Kanhaiyya. Bindiya’s husband calls Kanhaiyya and informs of what happenend saying its because of Sona. Chacha ji says to Sona that this means one thing, Suhnaina is making use of the situation. Sona says even i don’t know what to do and i don’t want them to fast because of me where Chicku listens to this. All the saas are asking Neelam if she was the one managing the house before this and Neelam nods. Kutumb says she was the first housewife and Savita Tai says she will be the only housewife. Chicku brings a juice to Suhnaina and says that something is missing in the juice and asks Suhnaina to drink and taste it while Sona is watching it. Suhnaina sensed something is wrong and holds Chicku’s ears saying go and tell your Chachi that this would not work with me. Take your juice and ask your chachi to drink. All the saas are looking sad and Kanhaiyya comes into the room and Suhnaina introduces Kanhaiyya to her friends and everyone blesses Kanhaiyya. Kanhaiyya says that i have decided that Sona is going back to work and all of you will end your fast and Suhnaina asks Kanhaiyya not to get confused again. Kanhaiyya goes to the kitchen and speaks seriously to Sona that everyone are angry in the family and try to understand. I will not listen to you now. Sona tries to hold Kanhaiyya’s hands and Kanhaiyya takes out his hand saying you will listen to me now. I will not come back home till you listen to my words and Sona says you would not talk to me like that and Kanhaiyya says that he mean what he said and Sona is shocked while the saas are happy. Kanhaiyya informs his family members that he have decided that Sona will return back to work and leaves. Neelam thinks that she have not seen Kanhaiyya this angry before and Sona is sad in the kitchen. Neelam asks what happened between her and Kanhaiyya and Sona says even i don’t know dee. Neelam says that everyone always listen to mummy ji in the house and Kanhaiyya is changed today. Looks like someone poisoned his mind and Sona says i shall try talking to him again. Suhnaina asks Sona to only cook if she decide to listen to her. Neelam is crying saying what kind of test is Sona facing now? I want to ask something today for Sona while Savita Tai watches. Savita Tai comes to Neelam and says nothing will happen by crying to god. You want to cry? Go in front of Sona and cry and save your family.

Part 3

Neelam says i don’t want Kanhaiyya and Sona to have problems. Savita says only Kanhaiyya can save Sona but for that, Sona has to listen to him. Savita Tai says go and tell Sona to give importance to her relatinship more than being a housewife. Sona tries calling to Kanhaiyya while Kanhaiyya doesn’t picks up the call. Sona gets restless and keeps calling Kanhaiyya while Kanhaiyya answers saying only speak unless you have changed your mind. Sona thinks of all their Sonaiyya moments and gets sad. Sona says what would i do now? I did not expect problem to come in between of us. Should i listen to my mind or my heart? Sona thinks of Dadi and goes to meet Dadi. Dadi says Sona should do what she feels is right. Savita Tai says to Suhnaina that i am sure Sona will listen to us and Gayatri says Sona will surely go back to work as she has no choice. Sona comes in and everyone asks Sona what have she decided? Sona says she is sorry if she had hurt them and all of you are like my saas and i have decided to listen to all of you. I will return back to work tomorrow. Now please eat and i will do what you all like and all the saas are happy. Neelam is helping Sona and Neelam asks Sona to call Kanhaiyya now. Kanhaiyya answers the call and Sona says thank god you answered. Kanhaiyya asks have you decided and Sona says yes i have and Kanhaiyya says he is returning back home. Sona serves everyone their food and Kanhaiyya comes home and sees everyone eating and is happy. All the saas eats the food and says it taste good. Neelam comes to Chacha ji saying if he speaks to Suhnaina, everything will be fine. I can’t see Sona giving up and Chacha ji says Sona is trying to do her best for the family but god knows what is best. Savita Tai says to Suhnaina we have came to your house and made you happy. Kutumb and Thakur Maa says Sona had made us happy, we need to make her happy in return. Gayatri says ask what you want Sona, we will do it for you. Sona smiles and Chacha ji says yes Sona, ask what you want since they are all like your mother. Sona says i won’t ask anything from you. I just want to say something. Is trying to keep the tradition wrong? When a girl leaves her sasural and tries making her maayka a beautiful place wrong? Everyone says no. So i want all of you to know that the decision of me to be a housewife wrong? Should i be a working wife or be a housewife and all start thinking. All the saas says housewife and Suhnaina is shocked. Savita says its happy ending now, lets go and watch English Vinglish on Zee TV. Suhnaina says i have lost this challenge, at least lets watch English Vinglish. Suhnaina thinks to herself that she will not give up so easily.

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