Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 31st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya walks in carrying Sona and everyone is shocked. Sona slowly gets down and Neelam runs to Sona asking if she is alright now as she was worried once she knew Sona fainted. Neelam asks how is she feeling now and Kanhaiya sasys nothing to worry as Sona’s blood pressure was low and the doctor had given medicine for that. Kanhaiya says that Neelam will need to help to look after Sona and Neelam says that she will do as he say and she will take care of Neelam. Suhnaina stares and says Sona bahu, what is the need to do this drama and because of your stupidity, did you know how much trouble you had caused all of us? Sona says this is not a drama but it was her belief and that is why she completed this difficult task. Look at the outcome of my belief,

he have forgiven me now and Suhnaina is shocked. I have made all of you worried and i’m sorry for that and Kanhaiya says there is no need for that. Mummy ji, its a small life and lets all be happy. What we get by having hatred and being angry? Suhnaina walks away and Sona looks at Kanhaiya with tears. Kanhaiya says don’t worry as you know about her anger. You are not feeling well, so don’t worry about anything else. Lets go and have rest and Kanhaiya takes Sona away while Neelam prays. Renu is saying in the room to Bindiya that Sona is like a gold where her value never goes down. Whenever they think she would fail, she ends up winning. Sona certainly has luck and Bindiya says she feels the same thinking that Sona would leave the house but she won again. Kanhaiya is checking on the internet on remedies for blood pressure and Sona laughs. Kanhaiya asks what are you laughing about and Sona says she remembers about her childhood where she studied one day before exam. Kanhaiya gets offended saying i am serious about this and you are teasing me? Sona is worried and says i was just joking and Kanhaiya takes out his phone and snaps Sona’s photo. Sona asks what is he doing and Kanhaiya says he likes to see her worried look as she is feared that Kanhaiya would be angry with her. Why should you be worried? I am your husband and i will not be angry with you and Kanhaiya feeds Sona. Neelam enters bringing food and turns making noise. Kanhaiya moves and Sona asks why did Neelam brought the food here as she herself wanted to go down. Neelam orders Sona to sit quietly and says to Kanhaiya did you saw what your wife said? I’m going to be strict to your wife and hope you don’t mind. Kanhaiya says he surely won’t and Sona says that she will listen to both of them. Kanhaiya offers to feed Sona the food and Suhnaina stands at the door and sees Kanhaiya feeding Sona. Bindiya says she feels pity for Suhnaina that since the day Sona came to the family, Suhnaina keeps failing. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Suhnaina calls Kanhaiya to go and eat as Sona can eat herself. Kanhaiya stands up saying he is very hungry and leaves saying Suhnaina will feed Sona. Sona and Suhnaina is shocked and Kanhaiya walks to Suhnaina and asks her to feed Sona like how she feeds him and smiles to Sona. Suhnaina agrees and sits next to Sona and starts feeding her as Kanhaiya watches this and smiles. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and starts tearing saying that her mother used to feed her like this too.

Part 2

Kanhaiya asks both of them to wait and snaps a picture of Suhnaina feeding Sona and Suhnaina smiles. Kanhaiya says the photo os beautiful and he will enlarge it and frame it. Suhnaina in her room is saying to herself that when her own son itself is not perfect, how can she expect the others to be? She also had to feed Sona and Sona have pulled Kanhaiya away from her again. This day can not be worse than this for me while Sona says to Kanhaiya that today is the best day for her as Kanhaiya had forgiven her and Suhnaina feed Sona today. Sona says that she was reminded of the days her mother used to feed her and Kanhaiya says he can never understand the relationship of a saas and bahu. Sona says but its still a beautiful relationship with ups and downs. Kanhaiya says alright, now is the time for you to have your medicines and both of them go to sleep. Julie is walking to college and Avinash comes on the way on bike where her things falls down and Julie stares. Avinash removes his helmet and Julie says you? Avinash says we are meeting after a long time and Julie says she was busy with her studies. Avinash picks up a watch which Julie bought and thinks to himself that Julie must have bought for him and asks Julie this is for who? Julie says its for a friend and leaves while Avinash smiles looking at her. Neelam is writting recipe on paper and Kanhaiya is cutting the vegetables. Suhnaina enters the kitchen asking what is going on and Kanhaiya says that under Neelam’s guidance, he is cooking Palak Paneer. Suhnaina sees the paper of the recipe and Neelam says that she tried explaining to Kanhaiya but he was stuborn and Kanhaiya says yes, he wanted to cook on his own and asks Neelam to leaves. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Kanhaiya is washing the vegetables and Suhnaina thinks to herself that Kanhaiya’s love for Sona is growing and he is doing Palak for Sona and how if Sona likes it? I will never let that happen and Suhnaina changes the measurement of ingredients on the paper without Kanhaiya’s knowledge. Kanhaiya starts cooking and starts putting extra masala as Suhnaina watches and smiles. Kanhaiya also puts in extra salt and Suhnaina smiles.

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Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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