Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Sona and Suhnaina are smiling at each other when Kanhaiya comes into the room calling out for mummy ji. Suhnaina is pretending as if she is unwell. Sona is pretending she is doing her own stuff. Kanhaiya says what happened mummy ji? Are you feeling okay? Suhnaina says beta I don’t know, since morning I’ve been having a headache. You don’t worry. If I have some tea, I’ll be fine. Sona says mummy ji I’ll make some tea for you. Suhanina says Sona bahu who asked you to make tea? Did I tell you to go make tea that you’re going to make tea? And what is this? You’ve been cleaning since night. I don’t want that you do anything for me. Kanhaiya says mummy ji let her make the tea. She makes it really well. Once you drink the tea you’ll be

fine. Suhanina says no no. Why will she make it? I’ll ask Chitrasi to make it. She also must be making good tea. Chitrasi. Suhanina calls out her name. Chitrasi walks in and Suhnaina says look how quickly she came. Chitrasi says yes maa ji. Do you need anything? Suhanina says my head is hurting. Can you make me some tea? Chitrasi says of course. I’ll just make it and bring it. Suhanina says arey beta. I almost forgot. How is your hand? How is the itching? Kanhainya says itching? What itching? Suhnina says Shakunala ji and Chitrasi applied some expired powder on their hands. It happens. Are you okay? Chitrasi says yes maa ji. I’m perfectly fine now. I’ll go and get tea for you. Suhanina says arey beta can you please give me that water bottle? Chitrasi says of course. She picks up the water bottle and hands it to Suhanina. Suhnaina purposely drops the bottle on the floor spilling the water.

Part 2:
Suhanina says Chitrasi beta you will have to be more careful around me. The thing is that now I’m getting old and my hands start shaking a lot. So I can’t hold things properly. Chitrasi says please forgive me. I will keep that in mind in the future. Suhanina says you don’t need to apologize. Look what happened because of my old age? Water is everywhere. Chitrasii beta can you please clean all of this up? Chitrasi says of course. You can tell me to do anything without any hesitation. I’ll do it. Suhanina says God Bless You. Stay happy. Chitrasi starts cleaning the spilled water on the floor.

Shakuntala says to Riddeshwar I need to talk to you about something important. Riddeshwar says yes please say. Shakuntala says Sona…She keeps itching herself everywhere and says please forgive me. I was saying if we could talk to Suhanina devi. She keeps itching herself. He leaves the room annoyed that Shakuntala can’t speak properly. Shakuntala says what if we ask Suhanina devi about Kanhaiya and Chitrasi’s marriage…She opens her eyes and notices he is not there.

Suhanina is drinking the tea. She says now I feel a little bit at ease. I don’t know why I feel like I have a fever. Is there a thermometer? Sona says I’ll get it right away…Suhanina says no need for you to bring it. Chitrasi can you go get it? Chitrasi says yes maa ji. Kanhaiya checks her pulse and says it doesn’t seem like you have a fever. Suhnaina says no no beta. It’s a fever from the inside. We’ll see. The thermometer is coming. Chitrasi walks back inside the room and hands Suhanina the thermometer. Suhnaina is about to put it in her mouth when she says I don’t know why my throat is so dry. Chitrasi beta can you get me some water? Chitrasi says yes maa ji. I’ll get it right away. Suhanina says arey beta. I forgot to tell her that I need warm water because of my fever. Can you go and tell her please. Kanhaiya leaves the room. Sona goes to make sure that they are away from the room. Suhnaina dips the thermometer into the tea.

Part 3:
Sona sees Kanhaiya returning back and signals to Suhanina that he is coming back. Suhnaina takes the thermometer out of the tea and in her mouth. Kahnaina walks back into the room. Kanhaiya says the water is coming. Let me check. He takes the thermometer out of her mouth. He reads it and notices it is above 100. Kanhaiya says 104? You have such a high fever mummy ji. Suhanina says 104? Chitrasi returns with the water. Kanhaiya says I’ll call the doctor. Suhanina says don’t call the doctor. Why do you want to bother the doctor? I remember one time when this happened someone put a cold towel on my forehead and I got better. If tonight someone does that then by the morning I’ll be fine. Kanhaiya says that’s no problem. We’ll do that. Chitrasi says even I’ll stay here. Suhanina says since morning you’ve been with me and taking care of me. At least rest in the night. You go and rest. Chitrasi says okay maa ji. As you wish. If you need anything in the night then you can wake me up. Suhanina says of course. Go. Chitrasi says okay. Suhanina says she’s here. She’ll stay up all night. Kanhaiya says leave Sona ji to do what she wants. I’m there nah. I can handle it on my own. Sunhaina says Kanhaiya you have come home from work. You need some rest. And she hasn’t done anything since morning. So let her stay awake. You can do that much for me. Kanhaiya says I’ll be back in a while. Let me know if you need anything. Sunaina says no beta. You just go and come back. Kanhaiya walks out of the room and Sona and Sunhaina smile at each other. Sona says wow mummy ji. You act so well.

Shakuntala says when will this itching stop bothering me? I’ve become so worried with all of this itching. All of this happened because of you. Chitrasi says don’t you think that I can win over Suhnaina devi very easily? I will arrest her in my magic. I will win her heart over in such a way that she’ll really like me. I am sure that she herself will make this decision and will convince Kanhaiya to accept my marriage with him and give me a position as his wife. Shakuntala says I don’t know when that day will come when this dream comes true. Chitrasi says it’ll come.

Kahnaina and Sona are taking care of mummy ji. They are applying cold towels on her forehead. They are taking turns.

It’s the next morning and Sona is resting her head on Kanhaiya and sleeping. Both are sleeping. Suhanina is the first to wake up and see them sleeping on the couch. Suhanina walks out of the room and closes it from behind. She locks the door. Kanhaiya wakes up and notices mummy ji not in the room. He then notices Sona sleeping clinging onto him. Sona wakes up. Her bangle is stuck to his shirt. She is about to unhook the bangle from his shirt when he signals her not to and that he will do it. He unhooks it. Sona also notices that Suhanina is not there. Kanhaina gets up and tries to open the door, but it doesn’t open. He says who locked the door from the outside? He knocks on the door and says open the door. Sona walks up towards him while he keeps banging on the door asking someone to open it. Kanhaiya says who would close the door? Sona thinks to herself who locked the door from the outside…? Oh okay. Mummy ji must have done this. Sona smiles to herself. Kanhaiya looks back at her and notices her saree is not proper. He tries to signal to her, but she doesn’t understand. He walks towards her and fixes it himself. Chitrasi opens the door. Chitrasi says you and Sona together in maa ji’s room? Where is maa ji? Suhniana comes and says arey Chitrasi beta. You were asking about me? Chitrasi asks were these two in your room? Suhanina says I thought you came to ask me about my health. Chitrasi says yes maa ji. I did come to ask about your health. How is your fever now? Suhnaina says its fine now beta. Sona stayed up all night and applied cold towels on my forehead. I had called her so that my Kahaiya could get some rest too. Kanhyaiya asks but mummy ji who locked the door from the outside? Suhnaina says what? The door was locked? Kanhaiya says yes. Suhnaina says I just left like 15 minutes ago. It was open then. I didn’t close it. Who locked this door?

Precap: Sona says to Chitrasi no matter how much or how hard you try, your dreams will not come true. Tomorrow is ‘teej’ and tomorrow I will fast for my husband and our relationship. Chitrasi says I will also fast this time. And I will only break my fast by Kanhaiya’s hands.


Update Credit to: Cutie_rani

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