Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 30th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam is doing the sweater and Sona comes to Neelam and says wow, you are making a sweater for your husband? Neelam says no, he doesn’t needs one and Sona asks then for who is this? Neelam says its for Darshana as she had given her the task to do it. Sona says doesn’t your heart says that you should do for Udham bhaiya? Neelam says my heart did and i have also did 5 sweaters for him but he doesn’t even likes one of the sweater i made for him. He doesn’t likes anything i make. Sona, is there anything less with me? Sona says there is nothing less in you but there is something wrong in between both of you. Have you tried to find out? Neelam says i had tried before but i can never know what is his mind and he left for his duty without saying anything. Do you know that he only returned after 2 years for Kanhaiya’s wedding. Sona is surprised while Neelam says i can’t understand him and Sona says there is a need to find out what is wrong. Maybe there is something in Udham bhaiya’s mind that he is staying away from you for a purpose? Neelam says i wonder for what? Sona tells now tell me, how was things before your marriage? Did he know you before the wedding? Neelam says no, in fact our wedding had problems as we could not give much money. Chacha ji knew my father and he made this relationship. The next day mummy ji came and fixed our wedding. I now remember something, he didn’t liked the wedding. He only wanted to get married after two years. But can anyone go against mummy ji? So our wedding took place and perhaps the punishment is for that. Sona says you need to fix things right. Take out any problems you have in your heart and don’t keep it a secret from your husband. You need to make a space for you in Udham bhaiya’s heart. Neelam says now that you are here, you will help me to do it. Chicku is thinking while Dimple comes to Chicku and Chicku says i wonder how did the gas cylinder we brought became empty. Dimple says the problem was over since Sona and Kanhaiyya found solution to it. Chicku says he is still wondering how can it finish since they checked before bringing it. They both see Darshana eating and wondering if they can get some hint from Darshana. Chicku asks Darshana what time did she sleep and Darshana asks are you trying to be a CID? Dimple says i only want to know how did the gas we brought finished and Darshana says she is not involved in anything and they decide to find out by other way. Durgesh is reading a book and Chicku comes to Durgesh and asks who is the hanuman in the family to solve the problems? Durgesh says its me and as Chicku keeps asking questions, Durgesh keeps saying its me after taking the commission and Chicku’s last question asks who finished the gas we brought and Durgesh says it was me after taking the commission. Chicku and Dimple smiles and Durgesh admits he did it after taking money from Suhnaina and they leave. Renu’s husband is talking on the phone angry and Bindiya’s husband says don’t talk with anger with me. A lawyer then walks in and both of them ask who is he and he says that Durgesh Sir asked him to come here. Both of them laugh for the lawyer calling Durgesh sir. Both of them tease the lawyer and calls Durgesh. Suhnaina comes to meet Chameli, her friend and her friend asks why she came over? Suhnaina says i need a servant for my house. Chameli asks why do you need one when you have two housewife? Suhnaina says they will no longer be housewife and i am going to send them to work. So i urgently need a servant. Chamelu says that servant are not good and there are news of some servants murdering for money and running away with the money. Its really hard to get a good new servant and Suhnaina says you are scaring me.

Part 2

Chameli says just make your housewife to work and Suhnaina says i came with hope to you and you are giving up. Chameli says i can do anything but not look for a servant as looking for a good one these days are hard like looking for a groom. Durgesh comes and talks to the lawyer and the lawyer says that the video which Durgesh had send is a hit and Durgesh asks how much profit will he get and the lawyer keeps explaining while Durgesh gets excited. Bindiya’s husband says i always thought that lawyers protects the law but you had opened my eyes today. The lawyer says to Durgesh, our deal is final and takes out a bundle of money and gives to Durgesh. In the police station, the constables says that they tried looking for servants but they couldn’t find for one. Kanhaiya says i really need to look for one, so please try to manage for me. Avinash comes to the police station and Kanhaiya greets him. Avinash says he went to the station to send his chachi to Delhi, so he came over to visit him. Avinash says i saw in the news that you caught the gas cylinder and Kanhaiyya says the reason for that to happen is your bhabhi, Sona ji. Sona is shown cleaning the house and then having problem in moving the cupboard. Neelam comes and helps Sona while Suhnaina calls Neelam bahu! Both Sona and Neelam turns and looks while Neelam goes to Suhnaina and Suhnaina says once i ask you not to do something, don’t do it. Neelam says there was no one else and i helped her to move the cupboard. Suhnaina says a person who wants to be a housewife should pratice to do all this and Sona smiles. Who will keep helping her all the time? Neelam says it was hard and Suhniana says to make our problems easier, a servant is coming soon. My Kanhaiyya will find for one. Kanhaiya says to Avinash that i need to look for a servant and send back your bhabhi to work. Avinash says i’m leaving for now and find for a good servant who can think well. Neelam says what will i do after she comes? Suhnaina says once a servant comes, the resting time will increase and Sona bahu will need to go back to office. And the relationship between both of you will be no more and Suhnaina leaves while Neelam looks at Sona. Sona walks to Neelam and says don’t worry, now please smile and Neelam smiles.

Precap : Suhnaina says people always told things and a servant will come and Sona will leave to work. Durgesh brings a servant and Suhnaina interviews her and says high salary which Suhnaina is shocked.

Update Credit to: Visha

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