Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Kanhaiya is shown walking up towards the temple. He sees a vision of a father holding his son’s hand and walking up the temple steps. When he looks in that direction he doesn’t see anything. He continues walking towards the God’s idle in the temple. He sees more images of the father and son. The father figure and the son turn around and Kanhaiya sees himself and Rideshwar. A flashback is shown of his childhood past. Rideshwar says it’s Munna’s wedding today. A child marriage is shown. The wedding rituals are shown. Kanhaiya falls to the ground just shocked. He says what is happening with me? Sona touches his shoulder and asks what happened? Get a grasp of yourself. Kanhaiya gets up and says Sona ji all of this can’t be true. I feel as if

until now I’ve lived a very small life. I was living with a wrong name and identity. The people I thought were my own, were not my own people. And today now who do I consider my own?

Part 2:
Kanhaiya says answer me Sona ji. What is happening? Today I remembered things from my childhood. And I also remembered that I did marry Chitrasi in my childhood. How is that possible? You are my wife. Why is all of this happening to us? He hugs Sona.

Rideshwar says Chitrasi beti, Don’t cry. It’s God blessings that our Munnay has come back to us. He won’t leave us and go anywhere. If God wanted that Munna be away from us then he would not have sent him to us in the first place. The eldest brother says dad, I’ll go right now and force Munna to come back home. I’ll see to it how he stays away from us. We’ve lived so many years away from him and now that he is so close to us, I won’t let him go away. No matter what I’ll make sure he returns back here. Chitrasi has spent so many years in this house like a widow. Now no matter what I’ll bring back all the happiness of this house. All 3 brothers leave.

Suhania is folding her hands in front of Kanhaiya. Sunhaina says I’m your culprit. You have every right to be angry at me. I had hidden the biggest truth of your life from you. Trust me, I thought that when the right time came I’d tell you the entire truth. But every time I wanted to tell you, I would get scared and not tell you anything. I feared that if you found out the truth, then the love you had for me would reduce. I didn’t want to lose your forever. Because of that fear I never told you the truth. If you can please forgive your mother. Kanhaiya says mummy ji you just told me your feelings. Who will understand what I’m going through? Today in this circumstances I can’t understand who is mine and who is not. I am not able to understand anything. What should I do? What should I not do? Whom should I consider my own and whom I should not? What is happening to me? He hugs her.

Part 3:
During this stage in my life, such a bitter truth has come forward. Sona says the truth does not stay hidden for that many days. It was bound to come forward at some time. Kanhaiya says Sona ji in front of this truth I am feeling very small. Chitrasi is the girl whom I married in childhood. And on the other hand I have you. What do I do and where do I go? How do I come out of this? Why aren’t you trying to understand that your husband has another wife? And you’re telling me to go there? Leaving you behind? Chitrasi is there also. I’ll do one thing. I’ll ask for forgiveness to Chitrasi. And we’ll leave Shrirampur and go somewhere far away. And I can’t accept her because you are my wife. I’ve made a decision. We’ll leave this place and go away forever. The eldest brother comes in and says how will you just leave like that Kanhaiya? Why do you keep talking about leaving us? Why don’t you want to stay with us? All these years we thought you were dead. And now when you have met us and the family you’re talking about leaving? Didn’t your heart stop you even once? Say something. Kanhaiya says don’t misunderstand me. After finding out this truth, only I know what I’m going through. After knowing this truth my heart has been hit hard. But at the same time I’m happy that I have found my long lost family. Your munna is not your munna anymore. He is Kanhaiya Chaturvedi who has a separate life. You can’t hide that fact. The brother says if that is the truth that you are Kanhaiya, then listen to one more truth. I won’t let you leave Shrirampur no matter what. If you can’t stay with love and respect then I know how to force as well. Kanhaiya says how can I forget that these people have raised me. They have done so much for me and given me a new life. They have made your Munna into Inspector Chaturvedi. How can I just forget them? How can I just become your Munna is a second? The brother says are you not even concerned about the person who lived like a widow despite her husband being alive? Don’t you have any responsibilities towards her? Kanhaiya says what responsibilities are you talking about? She [Sona] is my wife. And I will look after my responsibilities for her because that’s my duty. She is my wife and no one else. The brother says ok if that is your wish then I know how to force very well. Bima take him home. The other two brothers grab a hold of him. Sona says what are you doing? Stop it. She says to Kanhaiya what are you doing? After so many years you’re meeting your real brothers and you are…Will you find happiness in fighting with them? Kanhaiya says Sona ji, what else can I do? Tell me whom I should consider my family? Sona says we should go to Shaktidham. Kanhaiya says go to Shaktidham? What are you saying? Do you realize what will happen if we go there? If I go there then my life will change. Sona ji you’ll go far away from me. Sona says I know…I know that anything can happen when we go there. But we’ll only find a solution to this by going there. I’m with you. Nothing will happen. Kanhaiya says since you’re telling me, I’ll listen to you. I can’t even make a proper decision in these circumstances. Only since you’re saying it, I’ll go. Not because of someone else’s saying. Kanhaiya says mummy ji, let’s go. Sunhaina says Kanhaiya beta, Sona bahu I won’t be able to come with you guys. I don’t have enough strength to see you in front of my own eyes go far away from me. But my blessings will always be with you. Kanhaiya hugs her. She says be happy. Sona takes her blessings too. Sunnaina leaves.

Chitrasi and Rideshwar are waiting when everyone walks in. Rideshwar says you’re back? I knew it. Chitrasi beti, I had told you that our Munna will come home for sure. The father tries to hug Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya slowly and hesitantly hugs him back. Kanhaiya says dad, I have something very important to talk with you. I’m still not over this shock. This truth is going to decide about my future. And before reaching any decision about my future, I need some time. You got me married in my childhood. But whom to spend the rest of my life with I have to still…A lady says come pandit ji. Come. After so many years Munna has come home. Chitrasi says maa. The lady says Munna. You are our Munna? You have come back. Where did you go leaving all of us? Do you know how my daughter spent her life without you? Chitrasi I had told you naa that in God’s house there is never darkness. Your husband has come back to you. Rideshwar says Shakuntala how did you know that Munna came back home? Chitrasi says I couldn’t hold myself back and so I told mom about him. Shakuntalka says when I found out, I went straight to the priest to come because my daughter will have her arrival in the house. Kanhaiya says forgive me…I will not do any wedding ritual that has do with Chitrasi. Because I’m already married. My wife is only and only Sona ji. And I don’t want to be forced to fulfill any wedding ritual. Because I’m already married and only and only Sona ji is my wife. Shakuntala takes Chitrasi’s hand and tells her to come with her. She stands in front of Kanhaiya and tells him look at her face. Don’t you see any pain on her face? She spent her life living like a widow and this is how you’re treating her? Kanhaiya says we were married when we were kids. I didn’t know the meaning of getting married at that time. Look I know what you’re going through right now. but you also try and understand what I’m saying. We got married because of our parents in our childhood. What’s the point in ruining lives because of that? I really love Sona ji. And understand that when I love her so much, then how can I spend my life with you? It may sound bitter to hear, but I won’t ever be able to accept you as my wife.

Precap: Sona sees Chitrasi applying sindoor on her forehead. Sona is about to walk away when Chitrasi turns around and notices her. She says Sona……

Update Credit to: cutiepie_rani

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