Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam and Sona are walking back home after buying some things and Neelam asks Sona not to worry as she knows about Kanhaiya well and Kanhaiya’s anger will go down soon. Neelam sees a pandit whom she knows and greets him and both Neelam and Sona takes his blessings. The pandit ji asks how are they and Neelam says they are fine and calls the pandit to enter inside and meet Suhnaina and the pandit says not today as he is in a rush since tomorrow is Purnima and there is going to be some kirtan at the mandir. He has to go there and get prepared for it and asks Neelam to inform Suhnaina that he will drop by another day. Neelam asks what is the purpose of this prayers and the pandit ji says that on Purnima, if anyone prays will get Mata’s blessings.

Anything they pray for will be fulfilled. Sona says if he don’t mind, can she know more about this? Will the problems really be solved if a person washes the idol of Mata by taking water in the matka and climb the stairs seven times? Neelam says isn’t it difficut to carry so much of water and climb up the stairs under the heat? This is really hard as the water would drop on the way. The pandit ji says this is hard but if a person prays from their heart and do this, they will not fail. The pandit ji leaves and Sona thinks to herself that she is going to do this to save her relationship no matter how hard is it. Neelam asks what is Sona thinking about and Sona says nothing. Sona goes and buys a clay pot and selects the pot with holes. Sona arrives at the mandir and greets the pandit ji and gets his blessings. Sona says that she had came to take the water to wash the idol of Mata and the pandit ji asks Sona, are you sure you want to do this? Sona says yes and the pandit ji says that this is not easy and once you start, you must finish it no matter what. Sona says she is ready for this and the pandit ji says alright and blesses Sona that Mata will be with her. Sona prays and goes to fill the water pot. Suhnaina receives a call from the pandir ji and says that Suhnaina must have done a lot of good things in her last birth that she had got such good daughter in law. Suhnaina asks what is it about and the pandit ji informs about Sona doing the prayers and what she wish for will be fulfilled. The pandit ji says this is really hard and how come you didn’t stopped her? Suhnaina says that Sona had not seek permission from her and how would she stop Sona? The pandit ji says he knew it but now just pray that Sona completes this prayers and Kanhaiya walks in hearing Suhnaina mentioning Sona’s name. Kanhaiya asks what is it about and Suhnaina says it was from Sona’s dadi. Kanhaiya says that he is going to Banaras today as he is going to catch a criminal and Suhnaina asks him to take care. Suhnaina thinks to herself that its good Kanhaiya will be away as he should not know about this prayers which Sona is doing or he would melt for her. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Neelam is drying the clothes and the clay pot seller boy gives Neelam the change for the money Sona given and Neelam asks what is this for? The boy informed about Sona buying the pot and Neelam thinks to herself that Sona had gone to do the prayers? This is really hard and i need to stop Sona from doing this and leaves. Sona is filling the pot of water and starts carrying the pot of water. Sona starts carrying the pot while the water is dripping and Sona arrives at the top and sees the pot empty. Sona walks back down and fills the pot again, Sona reaches the top and looks into the pot.

Part 2

Sona sees her pot empty and walks down again and Neelam arrives and holds Sona’s hands asking what is she doing? Leave all this and follow me back home! Sona walks away and starts filling the pot and Neelam says why are you doing all this without informing me?Sona says that if she had informed Neelam, Neelam would not allow Sona to do this. Neelam says that is right and does she knows what she is about to do is hard and lets go back. Sona continues carrying up the pot and Neelam asks if is Sona a superwoman? How will you carry the pot with the holes? Sona says she is willing to do this to save her relationship and she also needs to pay for the mistake she did. Neelam asks if you think by doing this, you are doing something good? Sona says you listened to what the pandit ji said and i have trust in this. I am doing this from my heart and i will surely be able to overcome this. Sona arrives upstairs and says that this time there is still some water in the pot and i’m sure i will be able to finish this. Neelam thinks to herself to go and inform everyone at home to stop Sona while Sona pours the first pot of water for Mata. Neelam enters the house and shouts for everyone and informs of what is Sona doing. Bindiya and Renu is shocked and Suhnaina says what is the big deal in this? Sona is educated and if she wants to do this, what can we do? Have she ever listened to any of us? Bindiya says when will this acting of Sona ends? What is she trying to prove and Neelam says please try to stop Sona. Udham says that if there is anyone who can stop Sona is only Kanhaiya. I will call him and Udham dials Kanhaiya’s number and Suhnaina thinks to herself that Kanhaiya must be in Banaras by now. Udham says that Kanhaiya is now picking his call and Suhnaina informs that Kanhaiya is now at Banaras for an important work. Neelam says that they need to find Kanhaiya and Suhnaina says he will be back once his work is complete. Neelam says that they need to stop Sona now itself and Udham says lets not waste time and lets leave. Udham and Neelam leaves to Banaras to meet Kanhaiya on their bike while Suhnaina thinks to herself that Neeham should not meet Kanhaiya. Sona is still carrying the pot under the heat and Sona is starting to get dizzy and her vision blurs. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Sona continues carrying the pot and the Pandit ji looks at Sona. Sona is tired while Neelam asks Udham to drive faster before Kanhaiya reaches Banaras and gets busy in his work and Kanhaiya is shown driving his jeep. Sona’s leg is hurt and starts bleeding as she stepped on something sharp and sees the pot of water empty. Sona starts walking down while feeling pain and tired. Sona fills the water pot again and wipes her face. Neelam keeps trying to call Kanhaiya’s phone and unable to reach Kanhaiya’s phone.

Precap : Sona is feeling thirsty and is about to drink the water but stops herself and cries.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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