Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya says to Suhnaina that he loves and respects Suhnaina more than his own mother and he can’t live without Suhnaina. Suhnaina cries saying no Kanhaiya, this is now no longer my house and Chitrasi enters saying this house is you. You are also one of the family member. You may not have given birth to Kanhaiya but you took him care of him and everyone knows you as Kanhaiya’s mother. I too want you to live in this house and i’m sure everyone would also agree to this. Shakuntala says i second that and everything is happening as per fate. Otherwise you would have got a daughter in law like my daughter. Sona brings food for Suhnaina and everyone looks at Sona. Suhnaina looks at Kanhaiya and says i know Sona but i never expected her to come down

to this level and she will not be forgiven for what she had done. Kanhaiya looks at Sona and when Sona looks back, Kanhaiya looks elsewhere. Sona enters her room with tears re-calling Suhnaina’s words saying that she knows Sona well as Sona had tried to snatch Kanhaiya away from her. Suhnaina comes to Sona’s room saying what have you done Sona bahu? I am surprised and Sona turns and looks at Suhnaina wiping her tears. Sona walks to Suhnaina saying i know that you would not believe no matter what i say now but trust me, i did nothing wrong. Suhnaina walks in and opens Sona’s packed bag and takes out Sona’s sarees from the bag and Sona is shocked. Suhnaina says Sona Bahu, am i going to keep back all your sarees in the cupboard or are you going to help me? Sona is surprised and Sona says mummy ji? Suhnaina says what you thought Sona bahu? I never saw or heard anything? I know who is right and who is bad. I had done many bad things to you before and i can clearly see who is wrong. I can obviously see that Chitrasi and her mother is acting to be good. Sona says mummy ji.. you? Suhnaina says how long you know me and you think i am not smart? Suhnaina wipes Sona’s tears saying i know that you have a very good heart and you would never do anything bad. I trust you more than myself and Sona hugs Suhnaina crying and Suhnaina says stop crying and wipes her tears. Suhnaina says you will not cry anymore and we shall make Chitrasi and her mother cry. Now tell me what is all the problem about? Sona explains on everything that have happened and everything that Chitrasi had done against Sona. Suhnaina says so this is the mother and daughter’s dirty plan. You just see how this maa and beti (Suhnaina & Sona) defeat that maa and beti (Chitrasi & Shakuntala) and Suhnaina asks if will Sona be with her maa and hands out her hand and Sona places her hands on Suhnaina’s hands and nods her head with both of them joining forces. Suhnaina is watching the family album and Suhnaina sees Kanhaiya coming down and signals Sona. Suhnaina pretends to be crying and Kanhaiya asks what happened mummy ji? Why do you look sad and Suhnaina says i was seeing the old photos and missing how things used to be. Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya to sit along to see the album together and Chitrasi watches this from far. Kanhaiya asks Suhnaina where is everyone? Suhnaina says that Govardan and Manohar have shifted to Banaras and Udham got his transfer to Rajastan and Neelam followed along. Suhnaina shows Udham and Neelam’s wedding photo. Chitrasi says you have such a beautiful family maa ji and Suhnaina looks at Sona. Suhnaina flips to the next page and says look Kanhaiya, your wedding photo and Kanhaiya looks at Sona and remains silent.

Part 2

Chitrasi calls Kamal, Bheema and everyone else to come and have their meal to divert the topic. A guy walks in saying Sona didi, this is the powder you asked for and Sona says mummy ji, should i keep this powder in your room and Suhnaina says then you want to place it on my head? Go and keep it in my room and Kanhaiya watches while Sona leaves. Chitrasi in her room is saying that Suhnaina is showing the photos trying to bring back the old memories and that too only good things. You were right and i need to end Sona’s chapter and i need to do something fast to get into the good books of Suhnaina as if i impress her, Kanhaiya will like me. Shakuntala says have you think on what are you going to do and Chitrasi smiles. Chitrasi comes to Suhnaina’s room and sees Suhnaina in the washroom and thinks that its good Suhnaina is in the wash room as Kanhaiya saw Sona bringing the powder to keep in the room and this will make my job easier. Chitrasi takes the powder and mixes different powder into the powder container and says the fun starts now. Suhnaina will come and use this poweder and start doing disco dance and the blame will be on Sona. Suhnaina takes the powder and Shakuntala in the room is applying powder and Shakuntala asks Chitrasi for help to apply the powder on her back. Chitrasi applies the powder for Shakuntala and Shakuntala asks how come Suhnaina have not made any noise yet? Shakuntala suddenly starts to feel irritation and Chitrasi says that her hands are also irritating. Shakuntala and Chitrasi runs to wash away the powder. Chitrasi says i don’t know how this happened maa as i myself mixed the irritation powder in Suhnaina’s powder container.

Sona looks at Suhnaina and *flashback* Suhnaina is about to use the powder and Sona stops Suhnaina in time saying that she just saw Chitrasi walking out with a powder packet. I’m sure she must have done something and Sona looks at the powder container and puts some powder on her hands and feels irritation. Sona says that they had added irritation powder in this container and don’t use it. *Present* Suhnaina smiles to Sona and walks to Shakuntala asking what happend to both of you? Shakuntala says looks like our powder has spoiled and Suhnaina asks them to always check the expiry date before using. I will give you my powder, you can use it and Chitrasi says no!! Its alright and Suhnaina says alright then. Looks like both of you are in pain, come to my room and i can give some medicines and Sona smiles watching it. Sona walks to Chitrasi and pretends to feel sympathy and asks are they fine? You think you both can always do things and keep winning? I saw you leaving mummy ji’s room and i thought that if you went inside, something is wrong. When you both left the room, i exchanged the powder. Sona smiles and leaves while Chitrasi is in anger. Sona in the room saying to Suhnaina that if Chitrasi’s plan had worked, Sona would have been blammed again. Suhnaina says but you have defeated her right? Sona says that till now, her real face is not out and Kanhaiya is still angry with me. He is not even speaking to me. Suhnaina says don’t worry and everything will be fine as i am here. Kanhaiya will surely talk back to you and we shall fix everything together.Your Kanhaiya will be back with you and Sona smiles.

Precap : Kanhaiya and Sona are locked in the room together and Kanhaiya calls out for anyone to open the door. Kanhaiya sees Sona’s pallu and puts it for Sona whil Chitrasi opens the door and sees both Kanhaiya and Sona together.


Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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