Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

In the night, Julie gets a message from Avinash where they exchange love messages and Avinash decides to call Julie. Julie answers the call and Avinash asks why did Julie wished him good night while its early? Avinash says that in two days, its a special day and Julie asks how does Avinash knows its her birthday? Avinash says she is the girl he loves and asks what gift do Julie want? Julie says she wants Avinash to come in front of her and Avinash says that he will come to meet Julie and they end the call. Kanhaiya enters his room and sees Sona going through some photographs and Kanhaiya recalls their moments together right from the wedding till now. Kanhaiya also recalls Suhnaina’s words of Sona hiding the truth from Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya gets

angry and walks in. Seeing Kanhaiya, Sona smiles saying she was looking at their wedding photos and they hold very special memories. Sona shows Kanhaiya the photos on how was everyone happy on their wedding day and dancing together. Sona shows another photo of Kanhaiya and Sona together where Kanhaiya throws back the photos and keep it back from where she took it. Sona asks why? Just look at it. We both look loving together and Kanhaiya takes the photo and crumples the photo to Sona’s shock. Kanhaiya throws the photo away and says all these is giving him sadness now and Sona asks why is Kanhaiya saying all this? Kanhaiya gets angry and pulls the bedsheet where all the photographs is flying in the air. Kanhaiya asks what is Sona trying to prove? These photographs is not going to change anything and you will not be able to make a space in my heart. Nothing is normal between us and its better if you accept it. Sona says don’t say this and tries to hold Kanhaiya’s hands while Kanhaiya picks all the photos and Sona asks Kanhaiya to let go of them as its all her memories and Kanhaiya says that they don’t need such memories. Kanhaiya throws all the photos on the ground and lights a match and burns the photos saying he will destroy all the memories. Sona is crying in shocked while Kanhaiya leaves in anger. Sona tries to put off the fire with her bare hands. Sona cries looking at the burnt photos while Kanhaiya is upset. Kanhaiya wipes his tears and leaves to Suhnaina’s room and sits next to her. Suhnaina who is meditating opens her eyes and says that she can understand Kanhaiya’s feelings when someone breaks their trust. Kanhaiya looks at Suhnaina and sleeps on her lap while Suhnaina thinks to herself that her son is finally back to her and this is her victory. Very soon will come the day where Sona leaves Kanhaiya’s life.

Part 2

Sona wipes her tears and says god, you are all great. You tell me if what i did was not out of selfishness. Then why all this happening to me? I lied just for something good and why am i getting punished like this? You need to help me and you need to show me a way. I want to get back my husband’s love and trust as i can’t live without him. Please show me a way god and Sona cries. Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya to wake up as he had not eaten anything and Kanhaiya says that he don’t feel like eating. Suhnaina asks what is Kanhaiya saying? He is not going to eat because of a woman who don’t care about him? Let her stay without eating, you listen to me and lets go and eat. Kanhaiya gets up and Suhnaina says i will feed my son and Suhnaina asks Neelam to prepare the meal. Suhnaina serves the food for Kanhaiya and Neelam sees Sona walking down the stairs. Suhnaina says after so long, i’m feeding my son today. Sona looks at this with a teary eyes and Suhnaina notices Son watching this and continues feeding Kanhaiya. Darshana comes saying that Suhnaina is feeding Kanhaiya with love today? How nice if she feeds Govardan and Manohar the same way too. Suhnaina says how many times have i asked you to keep your mouth shut? Manohar and Govardan have their wives to feed them but my Kanhaiya has no one else besides me. Sona is in tears and Sona leaves upstairs and Suhnaina stares. Julie is waiting for Avinash’s call and Avinash calls saying he accidentally called Julie instead of calling another friend. Julie calls Avinash again and asks how dare he cut the call and Avinash says he accidentally called her and Julie asks to talk to her. Avinash says he is happy that Julie is possesive about him and Julie says she is not and cuts the call. Sona is ironing Kanhaiya;s police uniform and Kanhaiya enters and stares at Sona. While pulling his uniform away, the iron accidentally hurts Sona’s hands and Kanhaiya gets worried asking why is Sona doing all this? Kanhaiya takes out a medicine and applies for Sona’s hans while Sona looks at Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya is about to leave and Sona says that she knows that he will do anything for her. Sona says that both of them have became one and he can’t deny that. Kanhaiya look back at Sona and leaves the room. Sona thinks to herself saying thank you god that despite angry with me, he still worries about me.

Precap : Sona is carrying a pot of water up a mandir stairs under the hotsun. The pot is leaking and Sona continues walking and her feet is bleeding.

Update Credit to: visha_Dhami

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