Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Next day morning, Suhnaina performs prayers with everyone in the family present except Sona and Kanhaiya as Suhnaina sings bhajan. Darshana talks to Bindiya on look at how is mummy ji interested in Sona’s salary and laughs which Suhnaina tells Darshana not to laugh and continue praying. Suddenly the house phone rings and everyone stops singing and looks at the ringing phone. Suhnaina asks why did everyone stop singing? The prayers will not be complete and Suhnaina goes to answer the phone and Sona joins the pooja and starts showing aarti. Suhnaina answers the call and its Sona’s dadi asking if she can speak to Sona and Suhnaina laughs saying why not? I need to thank you for this relationship and Dadi says she wants to speak to Sona and Suhnaina says but she is now doing Pooja and Dadi ends the call. Dadi calls again while Sona is doing some housework and Dadi asks if she can speak to Sona and Suhnaina says your Sona is now sweeping the house and i shall end the call and cuts the call. Sona is now shown cooking and Dadi calls again and asks if she can speak to Sona now and Suhnaina says Sona is not resting since she is a housewife and they have to keep doing work. She is cooking now and she can’t speak, i shall end the call and Suhnaina ends the call. After a few hours, Dadi calls again while Sona is shown taking the clothes to put for washing and Dadi says that Suhnaina’s voice is like Lata Mangeshkar and can she call Sona with her sweet voice? Suhnaina says Sona is now putting the clothes for washing and ends the call again and Suhnaina says that Sona’s dadi should know what it is like to be the dadi for a housewife that she can’t even speak to her grandaughter. Sona is washing the dishes and Suhnaina is speaking on the phone asking if can she hear anything? Sona is now washing the dishes and starts singing a song and Dadi ends the call. Sona is going upstairs and Suhnaina says to Sona, why are you doing so much of work that you don’t get time to even speak to your dadi? Sona asks Dadi called? Suhnaina says not once but many times, i told you many times but you were so busy in the housewife work that you didn’t listen. Look here Sona, you somehow managed to bring back a gas cylinder and cook for bahu bhoj and i understand that you can do the housework very good. In fact you can do any work very well. So listen to me, when you are so good, why do you want to leave your job and stay at home? Sona says i am just trying to be like you mummy ji. Suhnaina says like me? Sona says you are always worried about the house, even i want to be worried about the house. Ladies these days can manage both the outside and the home but i want to manage the house and correct things first and then go handle things outside. Suhnaina asks that means you are not going back to work? Sona says i will Mummy ji but let me handle things in this house and correct them first.

Part 2

Suhnaina is angry and the housephone rings and Suhnaina says there you go, your dadi is calling again. I will need to pick up the call since you are busy. Suhnaina picks the call and Dadi says the voice is coming from outside as its live telecast and both Suhnaina and Sona see Dadi standing in front of them. Sona hugs Dadi and asks how is she and welcomes her inside. Dadi says i came here live telecast not for you but for Suhnaina since you have a lot of work to do. You go and do your work. Sona says i will spend two minutes with you and Dadi says time doesn’t wait for anyone, go and do your work and Sona says i will make coffee for you. Sona’s dadi asks Suhnaina did it made relationship with your family for this? I gave you Sona (Gold) and you are treating her like this? Dadi also says all this house work can be done if you pay someone and Suhnaina says thank you and why didn’t you tell me and gets happy. Dadi says i am now here and you didn’t allow me to speak to her and Dadi leaves. Bindiya is talking to Darshana saying i am trying to understand Sona but she is really great. Darshana asks what is it about? Bindiya says you saw how she managed to cook for everyone after the gas cylinder problem and Darshana defers. Neelam comes with drinks and Bindiya remains firm saying that Sona had pass and Mummy ji had failed while Neelam smiles. Sona is really great. Darshana says are you becoming her supporter? Sona brings coffee and Sona asks Dadi had left? Sonali says Dadi had completed the work she came for and now is my time. Kanhaiyaaa, come to my room. Darshana is saying to Bindiya that Sona is just reporter and Bindiya says no, what i am saying is true and being a housewife is not easy. Neelam comes to Bindiya saying if you feel that Sona is doing a good job, you should tell to her thank you and when she knows that you were praising her, she would feel happy. Bindiya panics and says who was praising her? Darshana adds that this is supposed to be a housewife’s work where Sona made use of her reporter experience. This is just the start, wait and see what else happens. Neelam says its not like that, Sona wants to be a housewife and look after everything in the house. What Sona is doing is done by every housewife and i am really proud of her today. Even i am feeling very proud to be a housewife. Suhnaina tells to Kanhaiya that do he worry about her? Imagine how it looks when you and Sona leave to work together? It would look like a movie poster with Salman and Katrina. Kanhaiya teases Suhnaina about movie posted and Suhnaina slaps Kanhaiya. Suhnaina says you know how proud will i be if i go out where people would say my son is a police and my daughter in law is a reporter. Kanhaiya says you don’t know what i am going through and Suhnaina says i want you to do something for me. You must make Sona join back her work and secondly, make Sona understand what is the state of a housework. You need to look for a servant and Kanhaiya says i will find a good servant and Kanhaiya leaves. Suhnaina says i will see if can Sona now compete with a servant with salary.

Precap : Suhnaina says to Sona that Neelam will do all the housework today. From lunch to dinner, everything must be done by you, not Sona.

Update Credit to: Visha

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