Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th February 2013 Written Update

Neelam is in her room sleeping when Sona comes there with tea, she checks Neelam for fever, to which Neelam wakes up, Sona gives her the tea and tells her that she should rest but Neelam says she is okay and even her fever is gone. Neelam enquires from Sona about Chiku’s studies and Sona assures her that he is learning. Kanhaiyya calls for sona, and Neelam tells her to go to him.

Kanhaiyya is in his vest and towel , and he is asking Sona about his uniform, sona says she forgot and she goes and takes it out but kanhaiyya ends up taking out his own uniform and he leaves.
Sona is following Kanhaiyya down the stairs and she is talking to him, Kanhaiyya tells her to only take on what she manage and he leaves, sona looks worried.

comes with his car and he blows his horn, Julie comes to the balcony and answers him, she runs down the stairs and tells Sona bye, Sona follows her and as Julie is outside, Sona comes there and sees Avinash, she invites him to come inside but he says he has to drop Julie to college both him and Julie tells sona bye.

Renu puts a bundle of clothes in Sona’s arms and Darshana also comes there, she tell Sona to do her laundry too. Durgesh is in his room putting clothes onthe bed when sona comes there, he talks about his commission and sona leaves but returns with money she hands it to durgesh and picks up the clothes and leaves.

Sona runs in to Darshana who tells her to make sure she does the laundry, Neelam comes there and tells Sona to leave the cothes as she will wash them and Sona can teach Chiku, Sona leaves to wake Chiku up.
Chiku is sleeping and does not want to wake up but Sona talks and eventually he wakes up and says he will study.

Avinash stops the car at this cafe and him and Julie have coffee, Avinash teases Julie, she takes her bag and jokingly hits him.

Part 2

Sona is trying to teach Chiku but he is eating instead, she tries to get his attention in his studies, and after some convincing, Chiku agrees. Sona gives him some problems to solve but Chiku says he doesn’t understand, Sona then explains things to him and eventually Chiku understands.
Chiku leaves to work his problems.

Sona is in her room folding Kanhaiyya’s clothes, talking by herself when Neelam comes in with Tea for her. Neelam serves Sona the tea and the two of them talk.

Chiku is studying (at his favorite spot), when Durgesh and Darshana comes by the stairs and watch him, the two of them talk that Chiku is studying earnestly and that if he passes his exam then everyone will soon start listening to Sona. Durgesh says they need to distract Chiku so he doesn’t pass the exams, and Darshan says she knows exactly how to do that.

Darshana and Durgesh comes to Chiku and Darshana waves two chocolate bars in front of Chiku, and Chiku’s eyes just stare at the chocolate, scene ends.

Precap : Kanhaiyya and Avinash are talking and Avi says he will make julie, Miss India (i think), whilst Julie walks and smiles, Sona is shown looking at this.

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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