Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya brings back Sona on his bike and as they are about to enter the house, Kanhaiya turns back at Sona and asks what is she trying to prove? Why did she came to the police station? Is it to embarass him more? Sona says that she know she had made a mistake and she wants to get punished for it. Kanhaiya says this is not a movie for their problems to have a happy ending. What mistake is Sona referring to? Sona says that its for lying to Kanhaiya and to prove that her love is true. Kanhaiya says not her love or her forginess can heal his heart as he is hurt by Sona’s lie. Sona broke Kanhaiya’s trust for Radha and is she trying to prove that she is a mahaan now? Kanhaiya says that he will never forgive Sona and enters inside the house.

A neighbor is praising Suhnaina and Suhnaina sees Kanhaiya and Sona walking in together. Suhnaina stares and the neighbour looks at Sona and praises her for her idea of having to cook and send it to houses and offices. The neighbor says that once she heard of it, she had came to join in. The neighbor praises Sona to Suhnaina for having such good daughter in law who always thinks for others and Kanhaiya looks and stares at Sona. The neighbor continues that these days, how many people think about others besides themselves? Suhnaina fakes her smile while the neighbour says that Sona knew that if Neelam is part of this, she has to do all the housework alone and yet she still encouraged Neelam to do this business. God will give Sona everything for giving trust to everyone. Renu is unhappy about the neighbor praising Sona and Kanhaiya is listening to everything. Sona says do not make her someone big by saying all this. Someone (Kanhaiya) used to say to her to always listen to the heart and do what the heart says and Sona looks at Kanhaiya while Kanhaiya recalls him asking Sona to listen to her heart and Kanhaiya leaves. Renu sits next to Manohar and sees Manohar polishing his shoes and asks Manohar to polish her sandals too. Manohar stares at Renu and Renu asks if Manohar knows on what is happening in the house? Renu updates Manohar on Neelam starting her own business and if Neelam starts her business, their problems will increase and all this is only because of Sona. Manohar says he is not interested to listen to Renu’s complains and Renu says who else will listen to her if not her husband? Manohar just shakes his head and Renu leaves. Sona and Neelam is in the kitchen and Neelam asks how will she do the business and that too with Radha? Surely no one would join them and Sona thinks to herself that Neelam is right. Sona washes her hands and receives a call which Sona answers. Radha speaks saying that she called to inform that she will not be part of the business. Radha continues saying let the rest continue as they would not accept her and she don’t want to give more problems for Sona. Sona says what are you saying and Radha says that Sona have already done a lot for her and if in future, Sona needs any help from Radha, Sona can always ask from her. Sona asks Radha to always be happy with her kids and Radha says that she will always pray to god to keep Sona happy and they end the call. Neelam asks if the call was from Radha and Sona says that Radha herself have said she will not be part of the business and Sona leaves. Renu and Bindiya is discussing about Neelam also becoming a working women soon and says that all this is because of Sona. And knowing about Sona, they are not suprised if Sona makes them cook on their own.

Part 2

Renu praises Govardan and Bindiya asks why is Renu saying this? Bindiya says that they only stay in the same room while Govardan don’t even care for her. Renu says that she is having the same problem with Manohar. Bindiya says that seeing Kanhaiya and Sona having problem, she is feeling very happy and Renu says she feels the same. Kanhaiya is having his drinks in the room and Sona brings some fried pakores. Kanhaiya looks at Sona and keep typing in his phone. Sona says she brought some pakores for Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya ignores her keeping quiet. Sona asks Kanhaiya to try and say how it is and tries to take away his phone and Kanhaiya raises his voice asking what do Sona wants now? She keep trying to find reasons to talk to him and he is not a small kid to be easily get carried away. Sona is shocked and asks what is Kanhaiya saying? Kanhaiya says he is not a small kid and if he was really so important, she would not have hide the truth from him. Chicku walks in bringing some Samosas and Kanhaiya calls him and Chicku gets happy to see the Pakores. Chicku asks Kanhaiya to eat the pakores and Kanhaiya says he doesn’t likes and Chicku feeds Kanhaiya while Kanhaiya says he doesn’t likes as it doesn’t have any taste. Chicku looks at both Sona and Kanhaiya and asks Kanhaiya if both of them had a fight? Kanhaiya tries changing the topic and Chicky asks Kanhaiya to say if he fight with Sona? Kanhaiya asks why is Chicku asking like this and Chicku says he saw a drama where the heroine made the hero’s favorite food and the hero didn’t eat since they had a fight. Sona says yes Chicku, its the same serial where the hero and heroine got back together right? Chicku says yes and Kanhaiya says but Chicku, all this only happens in serials and not real life. Lets go somewhere else so that no one disturbs us and looks at Sona and leaves a sad Sona. Udham walks in calling everyone to come and Kanhhaiya asks what happened? Udham says that he got back his job and everyone is happy.Udham says that the enquiry is over and his suspension is cancelled and Kanhaiya carries Udham and Suhnaina says that she is happy that all the problems is solved. Udham feeds Suhnaina and Kanhaiya sweets. Udham says he is happy that no one will look bad at him anymore and Udham feeds Chicky and gives sweet to Sona. Udham feeds Neelam sweet and Udham bites little and Udham asks Neelam to take more. Kanhaiya and Sona looks at Neelam and Udham feeding sweets and looks at each another and Sona feels sad.

Precap :

Sona is looking at all her and Kanhaiya’s pictures together and Kanhaiya walks in. Sona asks Kanhaiya to look at the pictures and Kanhaiya throws all the photos on the ground and burns them. Sona gets her hands hurt while trying to put off the fire.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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