Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th February 2013 Written Update

Kanhaiya sends Julie to college and all her friends see and laugh at her. Kanhaiya leaves after asking her to wait at the same place once her college is over. Sona is teaching Chicku while Darshana and Durgesh are watching ‘Pavitra Rishta’ while Chicku is getting distracted and watching the TV. Chicku asks can he watch the tv for a while and Sona says the studies is more important and we are running out of time. Sona goes to Darshana and says that Chicku is not studying because of the TV sound and Darshana says now we are wrong by watching TV? We will still watch and Sona calls Chicku to go to the room for studying while Chicku says but here is my favorite place to study. Chacha ji thinks when would Darshana and Durgesh grow up while Sona continues

teaching Chicku. Suhnaina comes while Chacha ji wishes Suhnaina congratulations and Suhnaina asks what is the wish for? Chacha ji says that Chicku is studying now and he is changing. Suhnaina says that yes, he even asked me a few questions. Chacha ji says that if we want him to be better, we need to ask the people who are watching TV loudly to reduce the volume. Suhanina says that you are right and sees Darshana and Durgesh watching the TV. Suhnaina grabs the TV remote control from Durgesh’s hands and off the TV. Suhnaina says that till Chicku completes his exams, no one is watching the TV. Suhnaina also asks Dimple to leave and study. Suhnaina says to Sona that Chicku should study well as he is the only grandson of the family and its Sona’s responsibility to make him pass in his exams and Chacha ji wishes Sona. Renu returns back home and sees a neighbour who is sending her son to tuition. Renu tries asking the boy a question but the neighbour teases Renu to take care of her son first as he is expelled from the school despite the mother is a teacher and the father is an engineer. Renu and the neighbour starts fighting and the neighbour pushes Renu down. Suhnaina asks Chicku how is his studies now and Chicku says that he is studying so much now and sepaks in english to Suhanina where Suhnaina is impressed.

Suhnaina tests Chicku asking him to say how to say that she is pretty in english. Chicku teaches Suhnaina to say that she is ugly and suhnaina is happy. Renu walks in anger where Manohar asks her what happened and Renu says that all this happened because of Chicku. Sona comes to Renu asking why is she getting tensed for and Sona says once Chicku tops his class, all those who talked bad will keep quiet. Manohar says it sounds good to hear but we are yet to see any improvements. Sona says that improvements take time and let people say what they want and Renu gets angry saying everyone only knows how to give lecture and Sona leaves. Chicku enters Dimple’s room and asks if Dimple or anyone has been expelled from the school? Dimple says no one else beside you. Kanhaiya returns with Julie and the neightbour says you are sending and fetching her from college these days. I am advising you to find her someone and get her married as the world these days is not good. The neighbour also talks about Chicku being expelled from the school. In the night, Manohar and Renu are nervous about having to go through interview for Chicku to join back school. The next day morning, Renu is teaching Chicku and Chicku falls asleep. Renu tries testing Chicku and Chicku says that he can’t remember. Renu is getting scared to think what will happen to Chicku’s future.

Precap :
Durgesh and Darshana is watching that Chicku is studying and says that looks like Sona will suceed in making Chicku pass the exams and her words will be taken seriously after that. Both Darshana and Durgesh distracts Chicku by making him listen to musics.

Update Credit to: Visha

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