Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona walks down with her bag while Siddeshwar says to Kanhaiya that you could change your decision if you want to. I will manage the rest in the house. Kanhaiya says no Babuji, i have made a decision and this is final. Kanhaiya sees Sona carrying her bag walking down and Kanhaiya goes to help Sona and Sona shows her hands asking Kanhaiya to stop. Sona says its alright, i will need to learn to be independent after this.

Sona looks at Siddeshwar and walks towards him and takes blessings while Siddeshwar stands still. Sona walks to Deva, Bheema and Kamal and all three of them looks away. Sona carries her bag and the song Pyar Humko Bhi Hai from Chalte Chalte plays while Sona looks at Kanhaiya while recalling their old moments together.


turns away and stops in front of Chitrasi while Chitrasi signals Sona to leave and Sona stares at Chitrasi and Shakuntala. Sona walks to the mandir and remember her prayers with Kanhaiya in the house after their marriage. Sona prays in her heart that when she came into this house, she never thought she would have to leave like this. If this is what you have decided, i agree and please save this family and house from any problems. Sona wipes her tears and as she walks, Sona recalls how she entered the house after the marriage. Sona looks at Kanhaiya one last time and carries her bag walking towards the main door. Sona places her bag down and opens the main door to leave and Suhnaina is standing at the door step smiling to Sona.

Sona says Mummy ji! Sona takes Suhnaina’s blessings and Sona is about to say something but stops and carries her bag to leave. Suhnaina asks Sona, where are you going at such late night? Kanhaiya says Mummy ji and runs towards Suhnaina and hugs her while everyone else watches. Kanhaiya says where had you went Mummy ji? You didn’t inform anyone including me and we searched for you everywhere. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Suhnaina says you are interviewing me now and let me breath first. I will tell you everything but tell me where is Sona leaving at such late night? Everyone keeps quiet. Kanhaiya says that Sona is leaving the house and Suhnaina says leaving the house?? Why? Shakuntala says i will tell to you, she tried to kill my daughter. Suhnaina is shocked and looks at Kanhaiya and Sona. Kanhaiya says forget that, meet Babuji and my brothers. Kanhaiya is about to introduce Chitrasi and stops while Suhnaina watches. Shakuntala says that she is Siddeshwar’s in law and this is Chitrasi, the bahu of this family. She is married to Kanhaiya during childhood and Suhnaina says childhood marriage? Siddeshwar says what would i say, somethings is not in our hands and its god’s game. Munna was married to Chitrasi when they were small. When we meet Kanhaiya again, he was already married to Sona. Chitrasi then backed off and gave the status of Kanhaiya’s wife to Sona. But Sona didn’t appreciate it and she started feeling insecure. She started hating Chitrasi and today, it has went over the limit. Sona says no mummy ji, they are all mistaken and i have not done anything like that. At least you believe me. Suhnaina says keep quiet Sona. Should i listen to you or believe what i am seeing? I know very well what you are capable of doing. Didn’t you try to take away Kanhaiya from me? Sona is shocked and Chitrasi smiles.

Part 2

Sona looks helpless and carries her bag to leave and Suhnaina says stop Sona bahu. Suhnaina says to Siddeshwar that no one else knows Sona as well as i do. She can do anything very easily. I am sorry as i should not be intefering in your family issue but allow me to say something. If Sona leave the house at this time, what would people think? This house is not far from the police station and everyone would blame everyone. These days no matter how bad a bahu is, people only blame the in laws. Let me say it, Sona could leave the house and make a police report against all of you. I am asking you to think before doing this and i won’t say anything else. Do what you think is best for you. And you Kanhaiya, i thought you are smart and being a police officer, didn’t you think of all this? What would people say if a lady leaves the house in such late night? Suhnaina looks to Siddeshwar and says because of the love i have for Kanhaiya, i came here as this is the first time i am staying away from him. If Kanhaiya comes home even a little from the police station, i will keep waiting at the doorstep thinking why he is late. I am sorry if i said anything wrong as this is your family issue, do what you think is right. Kanhaiya says Sona ji isn’t leaving anywhere and she will stay here as what Mummy ji said. Everyone is shocked and Sona smiles. Deva says she can’t stay here, she has to leave right now. Siddeshwar asks Deva to keep quiet and not say anything. Siddeshwar says Suhnaina ji, after listening to what you said, i feel that you are right. Thank you for arriving at the right tome and stop me from making any wrong decision. Sona bahu, you are not leaving anywhere and you can stay here. Sona thinks to herself that she don’t understand if she should be happy or feel sad. One said i am happy that i will not stay away from him and on the sad part, he don’t trust me anymore. At least i get to see him. Kanhaiya is in the room sleeping on Suhnaina’s lap asking where she went without informing him. Suhnaina says i never even dream that you will go so far from me. That’s why when this house was sold, i was not able to say anything to you. Kanhaiya says this means when you sold this house, you knew you were selling it to Babuji? Suhnaina says no, i didn’t know it. I only knew it after selling this house. Sona informed me and that is why i came to meet you. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Kanhaiya says how come i didn’t know this and Suhnaina says forget it, i am here to spend time with my son Kanhaiya. Shakuntala is angry in her room saying from where did this old lady came from? Only if she had came later, Sona would have left Kanhaiya’s life. Chitrasi says maa, you are giving up so fast. Learn from me. The game which i am playing needs to be played slowly and i will use Suhnaina Devi to get my rights. Shakuntala says you think you are smart? How is she useful for you by coming to this house? Chitrasi says maa, didn’t you see how angry was Kanhaiya and when Suhnaina came and stopped Sona from leaving, he listened to her. Shakuntala says so what with that? Chitrasi says if i win Suhnaina Devi’s heart, i will also win Kanhaiya’s heart. Shakuntala says have you forgotten that Sona will also be living in this house? Chitrasi says its very easy to defeat Sona as she have already lost.

Precap :

Shakuntala says to Suhnaina that fate have been unfair to Chitrasi and you should accept Chitrasi as her bahu while Sona is watching. Suhnaina says i know Sona but i never thought that she would fall to this extend and she would not be forgiven for this.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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