Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Chiku is playing with his ball when Sona stops him, she takes him to the table and tells him to eat but chiku says he is not hungry and continues playing. Sona goes to the kitchen where she takes a big jar from the cupboard. Renu and her hubby comes and sees Chiku playing. Renu calls on sona, she answers but she continues to take out the little jars, whilst doing so Sona slips and the big jar falls on the ground and breaks. Renu and her hubby hears this and they come to the kitchen, both of them tells Sona that now she is in trouble as Mummyji will be really angry, chiku also comes and sees this.
Sunaina then comes to the kitchen asking what the noise is, when she sees the broken jar, she ask how did it fall from the cupboard and break

and who did it. Sona answers that it was her. Sunaina is in tears and she tells Sona if she know what she did, and that the jar was used all these years and it was a remembrance of Kanhaiyya’s father. Sunaina continues scolding Sona whilst Sona cries.

Chiku tries supporting Sona but renu sclods him to keep quiet, Renu tells sona that she cannot gain their sympathy by crying, Sunaina tells Sona to clean the mess and they leave.
Sona is in her bathroom, washing her face, when Neelam comes in, Sona tries to hide that she was crying. Neelam comforts Sona and manges to cheer her up by making her smile. Neelam touches Sona’s face and says she should keep smiling, when Sona realises Neelam has fever. Sona gives her medicine and makes her drink it. Neelam then leaves.

Chiku is studying and reading his book, when sona notices and smiles upon seeing this. She brings food for Chiku, but Chiku doesn’t take, after a sweet convo between them, chiku eats and then he resumes with his studying. Sona looks at this smiling.

Julie is walking when Anuj comes and talks to her, julie tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him but Anuj stops her and he offers her a rose, julie insults Anuj .

Part 2

Julie continues to insult Anuj, and then she walks off. Whilst walking, a hand touches julie’s shoulder, julie turns around and sees its Avinash (kanhaiyya friend).
Kanhaiyya is coming down the stairs calling on Julie, when Renu stops him, she tells him that Julie has already left for college. kanhaiyya is angry, he says he specifically told julie not to leave without him but still she did. Kanhaiyya leaves.

Avinash and Julie are talking, where julie is telling him he should Visit. Anuj comes there and sees Julie and avinash talking. Avinash leaves and julie walks off all happy.

An angry anuj takes his rose and crushes it on the ground.
Julie is walking when kanhaiyya stops in front of her with his bike, he scolds her as to why she left home without him, he warns her that she should wait on him next time, he tells her to get on his bike as he will drop her to college, Julie sits and they leave.

Sona is teaching chiku, but Chiku complains how he is not understanding the directions. Sona takes him and she spins him around and begins teaching him the direction, Chiku smiles and says now he understand.

Whilst talking, Renu comes there, She tells Sona how chiku will learn like this, Sona tells Renu that chiku is learning and Chiku agrees, renu scolds Chiku and walks off.

Udham is looking through his files, when he sees Neelam, he scolds her and tells her he cannot find his file, he tells her to pack up the other files, Neelam goes to the table and is sad, she turns and looks at Udham when he again scolds her. Neelam is sad and crying.

Chiku and Dimple are running, Dimple has the bat and chiku has the ball, and they are fighting, Dimple runs off and Chiku goes to Sona
Sona and Chiku has a convo and Chik leaves, scene ends on sona.

Precap : Darshana and her hubby Durgesh are watching Tv, Sona comes and ask them to keep the volume lower as Chiku has to study and Darshana talks and tells sona to leave. Sunaina and Dada ji are having a convo upstairs

Update Credit to: Rozey17

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