Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Siddeshwar looks at the kicthen and it looks smoky. Siddeshwar says looks like the stove is still not off yet and everyone looks at the kitchen while Siddeshwar says that its not good to keep the stove in the house. Shakuntala says that is true as in the village, there was a lady who was locked in the room and she died because of the smoke. Siddeshwar asks Kanhaiya to carry and put the stove outside and Kanhaiya is about to leave while Sona says its alright, i will do it and everyone leaves. Chitrasi and Shakuntala smiles looking at each another. In the night, Kanhaiya enters his room and recalls Sona’s words about Chitrasi and says to himself why did you do all this Sona ji? Sona enters the room and looks at Kanhaiya. Sona walks to Kanhaiya

and says listen.. and Kanhaiya says stop Sona ji. If you are going to say that you are right and Chitrasi is wrong, i don’t wish to listen to that. I’m sorry but i don’t have time for that and Kanhaiya walks away while Sona holds Kanhaiya’s hands. Kanhaiya turns and looks at Sona and Sona asks if is our relationship and love so weak that you don’t trust it? Kanhaiya says our love is not weak as i still love you but not with the current ongoings. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Chitrasi goes outside the house and takes the stove inside. Sona says keeping the agni as the witness during our wedding, you gave promise to me that you will stand by my side during bad time and trust each another. And now, you don’t even trust me a little. What would i do to gain your trust? Kanhaiya says don’t speak about trust as i’ve never felt ashamed before but now i am. Just leave all this as i don’t wish to argue about this. I am telling you for the last time, leave all this and Kanhaiya turns away and Sona is shocked and in tears. Chitrasi brings the stove to her room as Shakuntala awaits. Chitrasi says maa, everyone is sleeping and Shakuntala leaves locking Chitrasi in the room with the stove. Kanhaiya is sleeping while Sona is awake recalling all the things Kanhaiya said. Suddenly Chitrasi is shouting for help and everyone wakes up and rueshes to Chitrasi’s room and sees smoke coming out from Chitrasi’s room. Siddeshwar says who locked the door? Kanhaiya tries breaking the door and everyone together breaks in and finds Chitrasi on the ground being unconcious. Kanhaiya carries Chitrasi out of the room and brings her to the main hall. Sona brings water for Chitrasi and Shakuntala says thank god my daughter is saved or she would have died. Kanhaiya asks how did this happened? Chitrasi says that she was fast asleep and when she woke up, she saw smoke in her room. Bheema brings the stove and says i found this stove from Chitrasi’s room and Kanhaiya asks Sona how is it here? You said you kept it outside? Sona says i did kept it outside and Kanhaiya asks how it came back inside? Everyone looks at Sona and Chitrasi says why would anyone keep it in my room? Shakuntala says so that you would die and i can say that only Sona would do this and everyone stares at Sona. Sona says i knew mother and daughter would do a new plan and they are lying. Babuji, i kept it outside and Chitrasi says enough, i can’t stand this anymore.

Part 2

Sona says stop acting Chitrasi and Chitrasi says you are now blamming me and my mother? Sona screams stop this nonsense. Deva says i’ve already said to chase this women out but you said only Munna has the rights to make the decision but today when she tried to kill Chitrasi, even then you are keeping quiet? I am saying, chase her right now. Bheema says how long more will we keep quiet? Make the decision right now as Kanhaiya don’t dare go against his wife and only gets angry and later gets consoled. Kamal says she is so smart to keep the stove in the room and lock it from outside thinking none of us would save her. Sona says is it? If i did this, the room key would be in my room right? Go and find for the key right now! Siddeshwar says what you think Sona? All of us are stupid? You must have kept the key somewhere else. Sona says Babuji, you can think and say what you want but i am not going to accept this false accuse against me. How could Chitrasi put such a big blame against me? Sona walks to Kanhaiya saying and You! You think i could stood so low till i could do this? To kill someone? Shakuntala says enough, we don’t wish to stay here and fight anymore as my daughter’s life is important to me. I and Chitrasi are leaving right now. Deva says why should Chitrasi leave? Sona should leave and Sona shouts i would never leave. Why should i leave when i never do anything wrong? If i leave the house, its as though i made the mistake and i am not leaving. Kanhaiya says Sona ji, please leave the house at this very moment. Sona is shocked and turns and looks at Kanhaiya in disbelief.

Kanhaiya holds Sona’s hands and brings her upstairs while Chitrasi is happy. Kanhaiya says pack all your things and leave to your Dadi’s house right now. For your sake and the goodness of this house, please leave. You don’t realize what you have done! You have gone to the extend of killing someone. Its better if you leave and Sona wipes her tears saying enough! No longer! I will not cry anymore and not give any explanations as there is no use for it. When you only trust them, there is nothing i can do. Yes, but don’t think that i hate you. But i will always remember this and how much i had loved you.

The person who i thought was my world don’t understand me and Kanhaiya leaves the room. Shakuntala says to Chitrasi you had taken such a big step, how if anything had happened to you? Chitrasi says i am willing to do anything and the property will now come to me. Sona starts packing her things and Sona recalls all her good moments with Kanhaiya. Sona cries recalling her moments with Kanhaiya.

Precap :

150th Episode : Sona opens the main door to leave and Suhnaina is standing at the door step and smiles to Sona. Sona says ‘Mummy ji’ and Sona picks up her bag to leave while Suhnaina asks where is Sona going at such late night?.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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