Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona awaits for Kanhaiya and upon seeing Kanhaiya arriving, Sona hides. Kanhaiya and his police team walk towards the house keeping the gas and one of the guy says this is one Kanhaiyya ji. How are you Kanhaiya ji? Now everything will be sorted out. Please save us and all the housewifes starts making noise. Kanhaiya asks everyone to be silent and the guy asks Kanhaiya to shoot in the air to clear the crowd and Kanhaiya takes out his gun and puts up in the air and then points the gun to the guy and hits him with the gun. Sona seems impressed and Kanhaiya asks his police team to arrest all of them and take them away. Kanhaiya also signals one of the guy to open the gate and as they open the gate, all the gas cylinder then have hide is seen and Sona smiles. At home, everyone is waiting and one of the guests says this is not bahu bhoj and we have been waiting for so long and no one is saying anything or doing anything. Another guy says lets leave from here and Suhnaina says to Chacha ji, remember the resgination letter Sona gave? Now ask her to take back the resignation letter and keep it safely. Kanhaiya goes and looks at the gas cylinder and says all this gas cylinder belongs to the public. Start distributing to them and the guys starts giving all the housewife’s the gas cylinder while Sona smiles watching it. One of the constable says to Kanhaiya can i also take one cylinder for my wife? Kanhaiya says i remember once you mentioned about wife, my housewife, Sona ji is also waiting for a cylinder. I will need to show her my heroness and he calls to Sona and Sona brings the ringing phone and stands in front of Kanhaiya. Sona says congratulations Inspector Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya to you too. Sona says you have ended the misery the public have been facing saying it by rhyming and Kanhaiya says you have been learning a lot from me. Kanhaiya says saw how we both make a good team? A police inspector and a reporter. Just leave all the housework and start back your work. When we both go together in Ahmebad, everyone will look at us. Kanhaiya says i am here as a housewife and i also want a gas cylinder and Kanhaiya whistles and the constable places one cylinder in Kanhaiya’s jeep. Both Sona and Kanhaiya come back in Kanhaiya’s jeep and Kanhaiaya says to Sona did she saw how he hit all of them and heroine is also here now. It was like a movie and now a song is balance and both of them leave the place as all the housewife waves at them and all the housewifes message her thank you. Sona and Kanhaiya walk in with a constable carrying the gas cylinder and Suhnaina is shocked to see this while everyone else is happy to see this. Sona says to Kanhaiya all this is thanks to you and Kanhaiya says thanks to you too and both smile. In the TV, the news shows how Inspector Kanhaiya ended this Kaala Baazar and how he found out the about the hidden gas. Everyone claps their hands except of Suhnaina while Sona goes into the kitchen and starts ths stove and starts cooking as more guests keeps coming. Neelam comes into the kitchen and is impressed to see Sona cooking and also wants to help Sona and Sona says she can handle and Neelam leaves showing all the best to Sona. Sona starts serving everyone the food.

Part 2

Suhnaina is unhapppy as she sees Sona and Kanhaiya feeding each another and all the guests starts leaving. Chacha ji says bhabhi, now there is no need do anything with the resignation letter as Sona bahu have made you proud. Suhnaina says Sona have not made me proud and i am very upset and i’m leaving to go and rest. Darshana brings some food and comes inside her room and shouts when she sees someone hiding under the blanket and Durgesh says don’t shout, im your husband here. Darshana sees Durgesh’s face and asks what happened? Who did this? Durgesh says this was due to the Kaala Bazaar and Darshana says why didn’t you say this? My brother is a police inspector. Lets go and tell this to mummy ji and Darshana brings Dugesh down with his face covered and Suhnaina asks who is this? Darshana says this is your son in law. Even i am not able to recognize him. Suhnaina asks what happened and Durgesh says that your son, Kanhaiya’s police did this to me. Kanhaiya says what can i do, you were involved in the kaala baazar and you were caught. Darshana says but he is your brother in law. Kanhaiya says but i didn’t know he was involved and Darshana says i will not spare you and chases Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya sits next to Suhnaina. Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya to be carefull next time. Mummy ji is always right and i’m sure there is a reason behind this. Darshana brings Durgesh and leaves. Kanhaiya enters his room and sees Sona humming a gong and locks the room door. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and asks what is the problem Inspector Saab, you seem to be thinking so much. Kanhaiaya says everything that is happening in this house is just like a movie. Just like how we got the gas cylinder. Kanhaiya holds Sona’s hands and Sona says we both are made for each another and Kanhaiya brings Sona closer to him and Sona says mummy ji and Kanhaiya gets scared and moves back. Sona says do you think that after this, mummy ji will still convincing me after this? Kanhaiya says you don’t know about mummy ji. She doesn’t gives up so easily. She can do anything and Sona starts looking worried. Sona says but i have already proved that i can be a housewife. Kanhaiya says but i know mummy ji very well and she will surely do anything and anything you do, do start your job as well. Sona says its not a big thing for me to start back my job but this house needs me and i need to do many things for this house which i can’t do outside. Kanhaiya says mummy ji will surely do something in return and Sona says i have proved myself in this challenge and i have trust that i will win in all the tests. Just promise to me that you will be with me like this always and holds Kanhaiya’s hands. Kanhaiaya says i will always be with you like this and your hands is in mine.

Precap : Suhnaina says i understand that you can do any work well and why do you want to remain at home? Sona says i will need to correct the home. Suhnaina says so you are not going back to work? Sona says i will but let me correct the things in this house first.

Update Credit to: Visha

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