Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th February 2013 Written Update

Sona is in the kitchen doing her cooking work while Chicku is also in the kitchen and Sona tests Chicku asking a few question and Chicku answers it correctly. Darshana comes and asks for a cup of tea while Sona asks Chicku to memorize his tables. Chicku asks Sona why do they need to learn history and geography and Sona leaves the food on the stove and goes to answer Chicku’s questions. Chicku suddenly starts sneezing and Sona asks why are you sneezing and she realize that the masala is buring. Sona rushes to off the stove and drops a plate while Kanhaiya calls out for Sona asking where is the file he kept in the room? Sona says that its in the cupboard while Chicku runs out of the kitchen and Sona goes to call back Chicku and Darshana asks where is her

tea and Sona says she will bring it. Kanhaiya asks about his file and Sona asks him to give him two minutes and she will be back. Neelam comes to the kitchen and asks what happened which Sona updates and Neelam asks Sona to teach Chicku while she will take care of the rest. While Sona is teaching she goes to Bindiya who just walked in and asks if can Bindiya go to any shop and get game atlas while Bindiya asks Sona to ask someone else. Sona says we are running short of time to teach Chicku, please help and Bindiya says alright then and leaves. Bindiya sees Julie coming back and asks how come is she back fast and Julie says that all her friends is teasing her since Sona told Kanhaiya to send and fetch Julie from college. Bindiya is not hapy with it. BIndiya walks back and Sona says I have been waiting for you, did you bought it? Bindiya says that she forgot to buy and says that her kids didn’t need any games to study. Renu joins Bindiya and taught Sona. Renu says that since Sona have been teaching Chicku, she will double check how Sona have teached Chicku. Renu goes and sees Chicku missing and taught Sona again that she could not take care of CHicku. BIndiya asks Sona not to interfere in other people’s matter. Suhnaina hears what is happening and Bindiya updates what happened. Suhnaina says stop doing all these new things in the name of teaching. If you can’t teach tell me and I will arrange for something else while Sona says that she will teach Chicku. Suhnaina asks Bindiya and Renu to leave and Sona thinks to herself on how will she change the system in the family as new problems keep arriving. Sona sees Neelam bringing the clothes alone and Sona goes to help Neelam and Neelam asks Sona to teach Chicku.

Sona says to Chicku that he needs to learn all the subjects that its equally important. Renu is complaining to Manohar that they are running out of time and she wants to teach Chicku instead but Suhanina is not allowing it. Manohar says that two people can’t teach Chicku and both Renu and Manohar starts arguing. Renu also talks about the whole family and says that she made a mistake by marrying Manoha. Renu says that she is not going to allow Sona to teach Chicku and Manohar tries stopping her but Renu pushes Manohar down and Govardan comes in saying whya re they both fighting for? Renu says that its because of Chicku’s matter and Govardan leaves while Manohar is having back pain from the fall. In the night, Sona enters the room and Kanhaiya asks what is Sona thinking of? Kanhaiya says that Sona will not be able to handle Chicku’s matter and leave it. Sona says that if you yourself say think, what will others say? Sona says that Kanhaiya will help her to make CHicku join back school. Kanhaiya says he can use his power and Sona says that they need to handle this smartly. Dimple teases Julie that she feels sad for Julie that she has to follow Kanhaiya to college and Julie says that she knows her way out while Dimple asks her not to do anything wrong or she would get caught. Julie says that she will not get caught. Sona is still teaching Chicku and he says that he keeps forgetting what he learns and Sona tries testing Chicku again while CHicku is not able to answer correctly. Sona is worried that CHicku is not even able to answer simple questions and how would he do his exams? Sona asks Chicku not to worry as she was the same during the same age. Sona says she has a way and the problem will be solved. Sona says Chicku believed me but I don’t have any way. What would I do next?

precap.. A container is broken while Sona is with tears and Suhnaina shouts that the container was used all these years and do you know what have you broken? This was a remembrance of Kanhaiya’s father and Sona cries. Renu says that Sona can’t gain sympathy from them by crying. Suhnaina says what are you good for?

Update Credit to: Visha

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