Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya folds his hands together and asks Sona to leave and Sona leaves crying. Chitrasi says that she needs to talk to Sona for once and how could Sona accuse her? I thought of this family as my own to listen to all this and Chitrasi is about to go and Kanhaiya stops Chitrasi. Chitrasi says that she needs to speak to Sona alone and no one should come in between and Chitrasi leaves. Sona enters her room crying while Chitrasi comes in saying Sona ji, stop crying. Take my pallu and wipe your tears. Sona stares at Chitrasi and says so this too was your game! Chitrasi says who else if not me? Don’t worry, i shall explain to you. When i saw you in my room, i knew that you have done something to expose me. So i knew i had to do something about it.

You sent a message to Kanhaiya asking to meet you here and i followed Kanhaiya where i heard everything you told to Kanhaiya about recording my conversation with maa. I really got worried that you have won but god helped me too. Kanhaiya deleted the recording and you went down to get prepared for the pooja. So i came to your room to check again if the recording was really deleted. *Flashback* Chitrasi enters and sees the phone where the recording is still not deleted. Chitrasi deletes the recording and back to present, Chitrasi says that Sona’s effort of recording should not go to waste. Chitrasi says that she know that Sona would check the recording again and in the excitement of exposing Chitrasi, Sona would not listen to the recording and Sona did just as what Chitrasi expected. Even if you listened to the recording, you could do nothing to me. I thought you were really smart but you could not do anything. Tell me Sona, why are you not saying anything? Sona raises her voice shouting Chitrasi!!! and is about to slap Chitrasi while Kanhaiya comes and holds Sona’s hands asking her to stop it. You have came so low that you are about to slap Chitrasi today! Chitrasi says i was only… and Sona says you stop it!! to Chitrasi and asks why is Kanhaiya trusting Chitrasi? Kanhaiya asks Sona to stop doing all this and he is not going to forgive Sona. And you now dare slap Chitrasi? You have broken my trust. I came here to call you for the pooja but i am not going to call you for the pooja and you are not going to be part of any pooja in the house. Kanhaiya looks at Chitrasi and holds her hands saying lets go Chitrasi and Sona watches in shock. Kanhaiya says sorry to Chitrasi on Sona’s behalf as he don’t know what happened to Sona. Chitrasi says there is no need for this and what would i do to prove i have no bad intentions? Kanhaiya says you don’t need to prove anything as i know how she is behaving to you is not right. Chitrasi says that she has a way and Kanhaiya says that Sona has to be part of the pooja. Kanhaiya says she have done everything and you are still thinking about her? Chitrasi says no matter what, she is still a member of the house. Please agree to me and Kanhaiya says alright and i am doing this just because of you and Kanhaiya leaves. Chitrasi smiles and thinks to herself that Kanhaiya have started listening to her and Sona will leave soon.

Part 2

Sona is crying in the room while Kanhaiya enters and stands at the door and watches Sona crying. Chitrasi comes next to Kanhaiya and walks in to Sona calling Sona to come down as Kanhaiya wants it. Kanhaiya says i don’t want it, Chitrasi wanted it. To be frank Sona, what i used to like about you, i am now seeing it in Chitrasi. What happened to you these days? Sona looks at Kanhaiya in dis-belief and Chitrasi holds Sona’s hands asking her to come down and Sona stares at Chitrasi removing Chitrasi’s hands. Sona looks at Kanhaiya while Kanhaiya looks away while Chitrasi thinks to herself that these are Sona’s final moments in this house. Sona walks to Kanhaiya and is about to say something and Kanhaiya stops Sona and walks away. Chitrasi says to Sona that Sona have done her part of the game and now is Chitrasi’s turn as Sona have lose. Anyway, this is your last pooja with your husband, come and take part in it as you might not get this chance again and Chitrasi leaves. Sona thinks to herself on how would she find out what is Chitrasi’s next plan? No matter what, i will face Chitrasi and never let her win. Sona comes down for the pooja and Siddeshwar says to Kanhaiya that even after all happened, you still want Sona to take part in the pooja? Are you so much in love with her that you can’t see anything else besides her? Chitrasi says no Babuji, i was the one who asked him to call Sona for the pooja. For my sake, please forgive Sona. Deva says that he will not forgive Sona and if Sona participates in the pooja, they would not be part of it. Bheema and Kamal agrees with Deva. Chitrasi asks everyone to listen to her and Sona has rights in this house. Deva says we don’t have big heart like you and the pandit enters the house and takes his place. Siddeshwar says that Sona will be part of the pooja as we are doing this pooja for Kanhaiya and i don’t want it to be incomplete. Sona thinks to herself that everyone trusts Sona so much while Shakuntala asks Chitrasi why she made Sona come for the pooja? Chitrasi says but her husband is now by my side. Chitrasi says pandit ji, this pooja is for Kanhaiya and the pandit asks Sona to sit next to Kanhaiya. Sona is about to come and Kanhaiya says no pandit ji, i will sit alone for the pooja. The pandit says that your wife must sit with you or the pooja would be incomplete. Kanhaiya says its alright and he will sit alone. Sona is sad while Siddeshwar asks everyone to sit down and Sona watches while standing. Sona sits behind Chitrasi and watches Kanhaiya performing the pooja without her. Everyone else participate in the pooja except Sona. The pooja is completed and the pandit ji leaves. Shakutala gives everyone the prasad and Sona gives her hands to accept the prasad while Shakuntala ignores Sona and gives to the rest.

Precap :
Chitrasi brings the hot stove to her room with Shakuntala and Shakuntala takes the room key and closes the door from outside while Chitrasi smiles.


Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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