Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Sona is cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Bindiya and Renu oversee her doing the work. Renu says to Bindiya to cook for so many people without a gas cylinder is impossible,sister. Sona overhears their convo. Bindiya says if it keeps going at this speed then of course it will be impossible. Looks like Sonu bahu will take an apple in your tiff-in and start going to the office. Renu says but sister, this is not good for us. Let’s pray to God that Sona wins. Bindiaya says if it weren’t for Mummy ji’s warning, I would have left my beauty parlor work to help her win. Renu says we can’t give any sort of help to her. She has to do everything alone.

Bindiya’s hubby says I read in a comics that if you wave a stick, all the food you want magically appears. Neelam’s hubby says but nothing came. BIndiya’s hubby says exactly. Neelam’s hubby says it seems like everyone is going to be left starving. Renu’s hubby when it says reserve in a car it looks like the gas in the car will last for long, but when the gas is over and the car stops the car is left where it is. THe same situation applies to the kitchen.

Sunnaina is watching Sona work in the kitchen. Sunnaina says time is running out. And the time for Bahu Boj will also fast arrive and leave. I’m explaining to you since I’m your family. Just like in one hand 2 weapons can’t be held, in the same way I will not let 2 housewives stay in this house. Sona just smiles.

Dimple is chatting online with the guy (Kanhiaya’s friend) who is part of the Miss. Allahbaad pageant. She’s talking just about that. There is a knock on the door. She quickly types that she’ll chat later. She shuts her laptop.

Sunniana walks into the kitchen. She says you’ll cook the food for Bahu Boj in this small heater? It will take forever. There is still time. Your last chance. Accept defeat. Sona bahu if you say, I can call the restaurant and order the food. Sona says you won’t have to do that. Everything will be okay. Sona’s phone rings and she says one minute and picks up her phone. Sona says hello? Yes, did you find the number? She is talking to the guy who told her about there being no real shortage of gas. Sona smiles at her. Sunaina thinks to herself, she’s so happy. What is she planning to do?

Part 2:
At the police station, Kanhiaya asks his fellow inspectors about what the latest news is. One of them says news of the day: a man part of the gas shortage has been caught under the guidance of you. Someone says saalae. Kanhaiya says who is it that is using abusing language in my place? Kanhiaya turns around to see Manohar in jail. Kanhiaya says jiju? The other inspectors walk away. He goes to him. Manohar says saale? Kanhiaya says what jiju? This is the limit. You’re part of this? Manohar says for commission. Your people hit me so hard. Kanhiaya says its their job. If you wanted commission you could have taken nursing commission. Manohar says that’s what I told mother in law. But she gave me money to not allow to bring the cylinder home.

Bindiya says to her hubby do you see anything? He says no. She says I see something. He says what? She says Sona’s loss. He says whether its gold or silver. How does that matter to me? She says not that necklace. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about Sona not being able to cook for bahu boj He says you said that she’ll pass in the housewife test. What happened? She says she could have won. But she needs a gas for that. How will she make the food without a gas? He says well she was sounding so confident that she’ll be able to get the gas. She says but there is no gas anywhere. So I’m telling you let’s get out of here. He says are you crazy? Where will we go in this cold? She says we’ll have to arrange for food from a hotel since she’ll not be able to cook. That’s why I’m saying we just leave for the mela. By the time we return all the money and stuff will be settled. He says do you consider me a weak hearted person? I’m not. I am not weak. No matter what happens I’m not moving from here. Whatever happens we’ll see.

Kanhaiya says to his jiju despite knowing the situations in our house, you still did this? Waise what happened to you is right. How much did they hit you? He says its hurting so much and your making fun of me? Kanhiaya says arey jiju, I’m hurt. Because of people like you, this place of Allahbaad has become so dark. I have never seen it this bad in my lifetime. M says Kanhiaya I wasn’t like this before. Kanhiaya says tell me one thing. There is only one innocent person in this city. His name is Kanhaiya. And you…will you understand or…He hits him with his stick a little.

Sona is cooking. Her phone rings. She says hello. The guy says Sona I found out that in a house of a local gas agency guy there is illegal go downs in the house where a lot of gas cylinders that are hidden. I’ll just message you the address of that place. Sona says okay, send it quickly. He sends the address. Sona says I’ll message everyone. All the housewives receive the message. Sona says I’ll have to message Kanhiaya too. She does that as well.

Sona calls Kanhiaya and says listen time is going by. You hurry up. Deal with the culprits later. Right now just do what you can to get me a gas cylinder. And the address that I sent you, go to that place and tell them to at least send 1 cylinder home. Kanhiaya says don’t worry. I will bring the cylinder and you sing Ishq Wala love. After that tonight…Sona hangs up. Kanhiaya dials a number and says I need a cylinder at this address. I know what you are doing. And if we dont’ get it then I’ll make you into a gas and stuff you in a cylinder. The guy says it is very difficult to get a gas cylinder right now. Kanhiaya says difficult? Then go ask your neighbor for some fire. And if my wife gets mad and does something then all your fingers will be burning. The guy says sir do one thing, send one of your guys and I’ll arrange something.

Sunhiaya says bahu, have you decided. You’re going to the office. Sona says I’m going, but not to the office. To get the cylinder. Cylinders are being given to everyone in the neighborhood. I’m leaving. She leaves. Sunhiaya says she’s making food on a heater and left to give others in the neighborhood a cylinder? Bindiaya says I think Sona bahu knows the philosophy of makeup. She’s found out that when waking up in the morning the first thing a woman thinks about is makeup and only makeup. That’s why she went out all dressed up. Its good if she uses all the products. Her hubby says the post office has no expiration date. Even if its late, a letter will reach its destination eventually. Kanika (I keep forgetting her name ) she must have gone out to get some food. Bindiaya says no no I don’t think so. That too in such short time. And if she goes out then the face foundation will be ruined. She went somewhere. Sunanaia says when she returns we’ll find out where she actually went.

Sona arrives at the address and sees a guy secretly pulling in another guy with a cylinder. Sona thinks to herself I messaged all the housewives in the area. But why hasn’t anyone come yet? One of them arrives. Slowly many more arrive. One lady says arey Vimla you’re here too? I got a message saying that gas cylinders are being sold. Vimla says I got the message too but where is it being sold? Sona says I got the message too. You all got one too? They all say yes. Sona says and this was the address. I saw a police guy go in too. The police inspector is being shown thrown out of the house with a cylinder. The guy tells the police office leave quickly. If anyone asks tell them its empty. Two housewives go up to the inspector and talk to him. One of them says arey how did you get a cylinder? THe inspector says its empty. One of the housewives says your back is hurt carrying an empty cylinder? Everyone laughs.

Part 3:
One of the housewives says this is filled. She carries it and notices it. All of the housewives run towards the cylinder. The guy from the house comes out and says what is going on? The inspector calls this gas cylinder guy has hidden all the gasses. Everyone is fighting to get a gas cylinder.

At home a lot of the guests have already arrived. Sunhiaa thinks to herself Sona’s trust in herself will shatter and break like ice today. In her loss is my win. How can such money leave my safe and go? Renu says what will you do Mummy ji? Did Sona disappear to her maayka? Sunnaina goes to her devar ji and says what do you think devar ji? In your part you will miss getting a housewife, but in my share Sona’s job will come in jiffy. Just wait for the result to come out.

Precap: Kanhiaya arrives at the address. One of the guys says oh this is our Kanhiaya ji. Everything will be sorted out. Sona is watching all of this from a corner. The guy says to Kanhaiaya just get rid of this crowd. Kanhaiya takes his gun out and shoves it up in the air, but doesn’t pull the trigger….

Update Credit to: Rani

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