Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Sona tries to say something but Kanhaiya yells at her and says not to come in between. I don’t want to do something to hurt you. Sona says you’re right. I lied to you. I made a mistake. I know you have been really hurt by this. You have every right to be angry. But I did all of this for the sake of motherhood. For the sake of those two young children and their future. The night that I caught Radha redhanded I myself was going to drag her to the police station. But then I saw those two young kids and I couldn’t do it. I understand and realize that whatever Radha did was wrong. But I felt it was even more wrong to snatch away the mother of those children. If you were in my place then…Kanhiya yells I don’t mind what you did

with the kids. I’m just bothered and hurt that you lied to me. Have I ever lied to you before, Sona ji? You broke my trust. And when trust is lost in a relationship then … Sona says then…? Kanhaiya says then nothing is saved. I don’t know how to play around with words like you do. But the person I loved the most and trusted the most just betrayed my trust. How I will believe this, even I don’t know. He yells I don’t know and turns over a table. He leaves. Sona is in tears. She looks around the room to see the mess its in.

Part 2:
Sona walks out of the hotel room to find Kanhiaya. He’s waiting on his bike for her. Sona goes up to him. Sona says listen…He stops her and says don’t worry. I won’t leave you here alone. I know you have forgotten the duties of a wife, but that doesn’t mean that I also will forget my husband duties. Its a different matter that today you have hurt me so much. Sit. Look we don’t want to create a scene here. Just sit. Sona sits behind him and places her hand on his waist. Kanhaiya says keep your hands on my shoulders, Sona ji. She places her hands on his shoulders.

They reach home and he heads upstairs. Sona says please listen to me once. Please forgive me… But Kanhiaya is in no mood to listen to anything. He heads upstairs. Sona cries to herself and says please forgive me. She sits down near the stairs and continues crying.

Part 3:

Sona walks upstairs into her room. She picks his clothes up off the bed. Something falls to the ground. Its a small gift. She picks it up wrapped up in gift wrap. Kanhiaya walks out of the bathroom. He says from behind there’s a watch in there. I had bought it to gift you as a present. But destiny didn’t give me time to give it to you. In that one second everything just ended like that. I took so long just deciding what to gift you. I thought I’d gift you a watch. He takes the gift in his hands and opens it. He says in mine and your new beginning this watch will bring forward a new time. Today me and you are not what we used to be before. In one moment everything changed. He places the watch in her hand and walks away from her. Kanhiaya makes his bed on the floor and lies down. Sona continues to cry.

Sunayina is reading a holy scripture out loud. She reads whatever one does, he/she will be rewarded rightly. Did you see Sona bahu? You wanted to separate my son from me. But look what happened. My son didn’t go away from me. But your husband has gone far away from you. This is what you call God’s will. I didn’t do anything. I only told Kanhiaya what the truth was.

Julie’s phone rings in the morning. She picks up and says hello. So early in the morning you’re calling? What do you want? The guy says all I want this early in the morning is for you to check today’s newspaper. And go quickly before someone else reads it. Julie says are you mad? What are you saying? Newspaper? What do you want to do? The guy says go quickly. If someone else sees it first then there will be a problem. He hangs up the phone. She gets out of bed and heads downstairs. She grabs the newspaper and looks through it. A paper falls out of it. She picks it up and starts reading it. Julie says this guy is so crazy. Renu comes and says Julie…Julie tries hiding the letter. Renu says what kind of offer is this? It might be some exchange offer. Give it up. Julie says no no. Its not a brochure. They just spread paper to give out advertisements. Renu says advertisements? No problem. Give it to me and I’ll check it. Julie says take this newspaper. IT has stuff about English Coaching Classes. There’s an ad about that. Read it. Renu says English Coaching class? Wow. I’ll go check it. She sits down to read the paper. Julie heads upstairs. Renu says to herself there is nothing about the coaching class.

Sona wakes up. She is also sleeping on the floor on the other side of where Kanhiaya is sleeping. She slowly gets up. She heads over to him. She kneels down beside him and is about to touch his forehead buts stops herself. Tears start forming in her eyes. She gets up and leaves.

Bindiya says mummy ji what are you saying? Sona knew that Radha was the thief and yet she lied to everyone? What kind of daughter in law has come into this house? Kanhiaya lost his job and yet she didn’t come forward with the truth. I still cant believe it. Could any wife do something like this to her own husband? Neelam says didi maybe Sona was compelled to act the way she did. Sunhiaya says Neelam bahu tell us clearly what you want to say. Darshana says if you had listened to me then you would have known. I don’t know where you got her from for this house. If you had given it even a little bit of thought about Kanihaiya’s life then this wouldn’t have happened. But all you wanted was a working daughter in law. If you had gotten a nice non working daughter in law then all of this wouldn’t have happened. Kanhiaya would have gotten a nice wife. Sunanina says enough Darshana. You started talking a lot these days. Learn to control your words otherwise I know very well how to make you straight.

Sona starts walking downstairs. Bindiya says Sona how could you do such a thing? You knew very well that Radha was the thief and yet you lied to everyone. You should of thought about Kanhaiya at least once. I couldn’t even believe it when mummy ji told us. But you have crossed all limits. Renu says Sona what you did is very bad. How could you treat your husband like this? You’ve seen how important Kanhiaya’s job is to him. But still despite seeming him disturbed you remained silent? Why Sona? Why did you do this? Darshana says Renu bhabhi there is no point in her saying anything. She has not only betrayed her husband, but all of us. She has hurt all of us. Kanhiaya comes down. He brushes right past Sona and picks up the newspaper. He heads back upstairs. Sunaina thinks to herself: poor Sona bahu. She was flying so high. Go and pacify Kanhiaya. I am Kanhaiya’s mom. I know him well. When someone has hurt him once then even God can’t pacify him. Now nothing can be done. After all I won at the end. Sunaina says to Sona are you sad Sona bahu? Do you feel pity on yourself? What has happened? What I have I done? You were trying to become a big housewife. What happened? Couldn’t even become a proper wife.

Precap: Sona says I have come to meet you. Kanhiaya is watching all of this. Sona is talking to another inspector. Sona says I’ve come here to accept my guilt and be punished for it. I should be punished for going against the law.


Update Credit to: Cutiepie Rani

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