Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Chitrasi walks into the room where her mother is resting. She says come Chitrasi. Why are your staring like that. What happened? Chitrasi says ask me what didn’t happen. Here you are sleeping like a horse and over there Kanhaiya and Sona have become one again. They both love each other so much. I don’t know what charm Sona has cast over Kanhainya. No matter how hard or how much I try, Kanhaiya just can’t seem to hate Sona. Shakuntala says such a strong bond that it won’t even break? This is truly some bad news. Now what will you do? Chitrasi says what is there to do maa? My name is Chitrasi. Now you watch how I separate Sona from Kanhaiya life forever. And then I’ll become Kanhaiya wife. And if that happens then the whole

family will be in my control. And this property mine. The mother says how will the house help you? I don’t understand. Chitrasi says you’ll find out during the right time and then you’ll be proud of your daughter. All of this has been recorded on Sona’s phone.

Sona is making something in the kitchen. Chitrasi is also in the kitchen cutting vegetables. She starts walking towards Sona with a knife in her hand. She places her hand near the hot gas and says I’ve cut the vegetables. Sona says okay. Chitrasi’s mom comes in and says today’s Munna’s birthday so I thought to come and check whether the preparations are going well or not. Sona asks her if she can watch the halwa for a bit and she’ll come back in a minute. Sona leaves. Shakuntala says Chitrasi now I can’t stand this anymore. Tell me what your plan is. Chitrasi says stop thinking about that. What I wanted to do, I have done. Sona said that by today evening she’ll bring out my true identity in front of everyone. Sona is surely doing something against me. So it is very necessary for me to know what she is up to.

Part 2:
Sona walks into Chitrasi’s room. She takes the phone out of the vase. Chitrasi is walking towards her room. Sona says I wish there is someone recorded in here that will allow to get evidence on Chitrasi’s intentions. Sona and Chitrasi bump into each other while Sona is trying to leave the room and Chitrasi is trying to enter the room. Chitrasi says you must not have come in my room to sweet talk me and hug me. I know for sure that again you’re trying to do something. You have a goal. Your brain is def doing something. You must have come to find and gather evidence against me. But Sona let me tell you one thing clearly. Here you won’t find anything. How will you find evidence? Here you won’t find any evidence. So it would be better if you stopped using your brain of yours and quietly leave from here. Go and wait until the puja is over. Because after that I’ll kick you out of this house. Sona walks away with a smile on her face.

Sona walks into her room. She listens to the recording of what the two talked about. Sona says now I will see how Chitrasi is able to prove herself innocent. I’ll call her now…If I call her in front of everyone then she’ll definitely get suspicious. I’ll message her and tell her the entire truth.

Part 3:
The eldest brother says what will Kanhaiya know about the fun in the village. Because Kanhaiya has been raised in the city. He won’t know how it feels after the first rain. Bheema says these city people will probably be under an umbrella and have the feeling of the first rain. Kanhaiya gets a text. He says I just remembered something important. I’ll be back in a minute. Deva says okay, but don’t forget we are sitting here waiting. Kanhaiya says I’ll be right back.

He walks into his room where SOna is waiting for him. He says Sona ji. What happened? Sona says I messaged so that Chitrasi doesn’t get suspicious. Look I know you’re angry with me. And you also think that whatever has been going on these past few days, I’m behind all of that. But now I have evidence that I’m not the culprit and the real culprit is Chitrasi and her mom. Both of them are making plans to bring differences between us and the family. Kanhaiya says enough. You’re just out to blame them. Chitrasi is a member of our family. Sona says at least hear me out first. And then you can decide who is right and who is wrong. I found out about her truth the day you and her went to the village. I caught her red handed and she confessed to all her sins. But I knew that without evidence no one would believe me. That’s why I remained quiet. But now I have proof. At least hear this recording and after that you’ll find out what’s the truth and what’s the lie. Kanhaiya says what recording are you talking about? Sona says at least listen to it once. Kanhaiya says I don’t want to hear it. You’re behind her. You’re accusing her unnecessarily. You’re talking about this evidence right? I’ll delete it. Kanhaiya presses buttons on her phone and throws it on the bed. Kanhaiya says this was the only way I had to keep your madness under control. I deleted it. Sona says you could have listened to it once. Kanhaiya says I don’t want to hear anything. I won’t hear a word against Chitrasi. You always tell me that I never trust you…I don’t trust you. As long as I’m in this house, I won’t let everything go this way. Kanhaiya leaves.

Sona walks back into the kitchen. Shakuntala is mixing the halwa. She asks where were you all this time? I had to do all the work. Do the rest at least. Shakuntala leaves. Sona sits down and begins to stir the halwa. She thinks about all of Kanhaiya’s harsh words towards her. Sona thinks to herself, now how will I prove that whatever has been going on in this house is because of Chitrasi and not me.

The 3 brothers are decorating the house for the puja. Kanhaiya asks Bheema why did you put the loud speaker on the top? Bheema says so that people can figure out that we have a puja in our house. They will also be able to attend. We used to do that in the village too.

Sona is pacing back and forth in her room. She sits on the bed and notices the phone. She picks it up. She notices that it is not deleted. Sona says the recording is still here. That means nothing got deleted? Sona rushes downstairs. Sona says in front of everyone, today I will show the true face of Chitrsi to everyone. All this time her truth was hidden from all of you, but not anymore. Now I have proof that will prove how wrong her intentions are. Sideshwar asks now what happened Sona bahu? What do you want to say? I have told you many times stop playing this blame game. But no…Kanhayia says and anyways I deleted that recording. Sona says it hasn’t been deleted. Even God wishes that her truth comes out in front of everyone. Chitrasi asks Sona what kind of recording? Deva says Sona…He walks towards her but Sona stops him. Sona puts the phone towards a speaker and plays the entire recording. The recording is different, however. THe mother says beti come with me and start a new life. There is nothing left here. Why do you want to be with someone who isn’t even ready to accept you? Chitrasi says no maa I can’t leave this house like that. How can I forget about the respect I have gotten from this family? I have found so much love and respect in this house. I can live without a husband for the rest of my life. But I won’t be able to leave and start a new life. The mother says if that’s the case, then its okay beti. I didn’t mean to force you into something you didn’t want to do. It’s a mother’s heart which aches for her child. But whatever you find to be right, will be right. I won’t come inbetween your decision. Sona is shocked. Kanhaiaya says Sona ji what…He throws the mike down and phone down. He asks were you talking about this recording? I don’t understand what’s in this recording? Now tell me. Why are you quiet? I don’t understand what you’re doing and what’ you’re thinking. I think that you have some fear of Chitrasi in your mind. You’ve crossed all limits. Deva says dad, Sona can’t stay in this house anymore. Throw her out of this house. Sideshwar says stop Deva. Calm down. There’s a puja in the house. Sona is Munna’s wife. We have no right to make this decision. Munna himself is very understanding. And he will make the decision. Sona says listen please believe me. I’m telling the truth. I myself heard the recording and she was talking about bad things about this family. She wants to marry you and then take over all the property. I have heard it with my own ears. I have heard the recording myself. I don’t understand how the recording got changed…She looks at Chitrasi. It must have been her. I’m telling you…Chitrasi says enough Sona. I can’t bear to hear more. How can you accuse me of such bad things? Shakuntala says what is this girl blabbering about? How can you even tolerate such a type of girl? She doesn’t deserve to stay in this house. SHe’s blaming my daughter who did so much for this family. Deva says she doesn’t deserve to stay in this house. But only if Munna says something…Bheema says I don’t know what Kanhaiya saw in her and married her. Sideshwar says enough. I don’t want to hear another word, Sona bahu. Don’t you ever say anything against Chitrasi bahu. THere will be no one worse than me. Sona says I heard it…Kanhaiya says right now, just leave from here. Go away from here please.

Precap: Chitrasi says to Sona I thought you were very smart. But you failed so soon…Sona yells Chitrasi and is about to slap her when Kahaiya grabs her hand and stops her.

Update Credit to: Cutiepie Rani

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