Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya goes back to the dining table and says that the food is now cold and leaves saying good bye to everyone and Sona smiles and walks to Suhnaina asking her to come and eat as the food is getting cold and smiles. Suhnaina stares at Sona. Bindiya is in her room looking through some of her necklace and her husband says that he wants to say some things from his experience. Bindiya asks what is he trying to say? He says that he wants to say that Suhnaina is doing the bahu bhoj and she wants Sona to return back to work and there is no gas in the house. Now Sona have to make meal for many people. Looks like we would need to order from hotel and something has to be done. Kanhaiya is shown in the police station and as he is about to hit a criminal, his phone rings and Avinash calls saying he is in a coffee shop that they used to hang out together asking if can Kanhaiya join him. Kanhaiya says he can’t and Avinash asks if Kanhaiya’s house mow have gas and Kanhaiya says despite being a police officer, its so hard to get a gas cyclinder and he is still trying and they cut the call. Bindiya asks why are you getting worried about this when there are many other people in the house? Govardan says there is no one else here and Bindiya says you are always worried about others and not about me. Govardan says that tension has arrived between mummy ji and Sona. Sona enters the kitchen and looks at the stove and recalls Suhnaina reading the newspaper saying that there is gas shortage in Ahmebad. Sona calls to a person and asks what is the latest update about the gas shortage? The guy says Sona ji, i will collect all the information requested and call you back and Sona says alright. Sona is shown cutting the vegetables in the kitchen while the guy is going around and investigating about the gas and keeps updating Sona with the latest news. He then informs Sona that there is actually no Gas shortage. All this was indeed planned as everything was normal. Sona asks who is behind this and the guy says some big people in the city. Sona says try to find out for me where else is reported to have the gas shortage. Sona sees Dimple coming down and calls Dimple saying she needs a help from her. Dimple asks what is it and Sona says that she needs everyone’s phone number in this city and Dimple calls Julie saying that Sona needs some help. Julie says sorry chachi but i don’t know how to cook. Dimple says wait a minute and brings Julie aside saying chachi needs the phone number of the people in the city. Dimple asks Julie to call her boyfriends for help. Chicku comes with a book saying that this is Bindiya’s book and has all the phone numbers. Sona asks but didn’t you go to school today? Chicku says he didn’t as he did not have mood due to no gas in the house and he will go tomorrow and leaves. Julie gets a call and she leaves. Sona says now the fun begins and i shall message to all the housewife’s in this colony to do something about this. Sona starts messaging to all the housewifes and Sona waits for reply and no one replies Sona. As time passing by, Sona keeps looking at her phone wondering that there is no answer till anyone and Sona sits at her laptop and writes a report about black marketing gas cylinder and prints the letter and signs it. Sona then calls to Kanhaiyya.

Part 2

Kanhaiya answers the call and Sona says Kanhaiya needs to come back and Kanhaiya says since you called, 2km is very near and i’m coming home now. Kanhaiya says there is 2 feet distance between us seems very far and Sona asks Kanhaiya to read the letter first. Kanhaiya opens and reads the letter where Sona says this letter maybe short but the importance is big and Kanhaiya keeps talking about other things and Sona asks him to read the letter. Kanhaiya reads the letter out to Sona and Sona says yes, i have information that there is some black marketing regarding gas cylinders and Kanhaiya says i can’t take this and i will take action. Sona says please complete this task first and Kanhaiya says since you are wishing me in advance, i will never spare all of them. Kanhaiya is about to leave and Sona holds his hand and says style suits you best and puts Kanhaiya’s sunglasses for him. Kanhaiya is happy and says my good time has started and leaves while Sona looks on. Sona goes back inside and walks pass Durgesh and Durgesh says you look so tensed thinking about the gas and Sona says yes i am but i will be back to normal once we get the gas cylinder. Durgesh says i’m really feeling shy that you have to be worried of this despite i am round. Sona says even i’m surprised how come the gas can finish when you are around in this house. Durgesh asks so you want a gas cylinder right? Sona says yes surely and Durgesh says but i need some commission as without it, my brains can’t work. You are a reporter and i’m sure you can understand this and Sona says yes i do, the gas will come into this house and that too without any commission. Sona also says you are part of this family and you should not be thinking of any commission. Durgesh says i wasted my important time and came to help you and you are advicing me? Let me give my last words, you either give me commission for the gas to come into the house or no gas will arrive. Sona says Durgesh ji, i don’t wish to go through the wrong path. I will ownself get the gas and you don’t have to worry about this. In life, do not look for commission in everything. If you understand what i said is fine, but if you didn’t, its alright as time will teach everyone and it would also teach you. The gas will come without any commission and Durgesh thinks how is that possible. Kanhaiya says to a few people that i have received complain from Sona, the housewife that you are doing black market with the gas cylinders. I’m warning you to ownself bring out the gas cylinder within 24 hours and they both leave. Sona is cutting vegetables thing i wonder what would happen if the gas cylinder doesn’t arrives in time and Sona imagines all the guests in the house and one of them saying you have insulted us by calling us for dinner and keeping us starving. Another person says we thought we could eat a lot since she is the last daughter in law of the family but looks like there is nothing here. We are not going to step into this house again and everyone leaves. Suhnaina says Neelam, your break is over and Sona is going back to work tomorrow and Sona is back to reality.

Precap : Suhnaina is saying to Chacha ji what do you think? Sona is going to go back to work.

Update Credit to: Visha

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