Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona brings some sweets saying to herself that Kanhaiya will be happy to eat his favorite sweets on his birthday. Kanhaiya and Chitrasi enter together where Chitrasi says to Kanhaiya that she had a great time on the bike with Kanhaiya while Sona brings the sweet to Kanhaiya saying she made his favorite sweets. Sona asks Kanhaiya to taste and see how it is and Chitrasi says but we have already had milk and Jalebi outside. Chitrasi says you have made with so much of love for your husband, give it to me and i will keep in the fridge for him to eat later. Kanhaiya says she is right, keep it in the fridge and i will eat it later as i am already getting late for work. Kanhaiya turns and sees Shakuntala walking in and Chitrasi says maa you? How dare you

come to this house? Shakuntala says today is my son in law’s birthday and i made sweets on my own for him. I could not stop myself and i came here. After all i am a mother and i am ashamed of what i did but i will leave after giving Munna to eat the sweet. Chitrasi says i can’t accept this and please leave from here. Deva says Chitrasi, its alright and she is your mother. And just because she made a mistake once, you are not going to punish her always. Lets forgive her mistake and do stay with us here. Chitrasi says but she even tried to harm Sona before and Deva says that you have forgotten how many mistake Sona has made and we still forgave her. So why can’t we forgive your mother? Chitrasi says my mother can’t be forgiven and Siddeshwar says that Deva is right. Shakuntala ji, i don’t mind if you are going to stay with us and Sona is shocked. Shakuntala says i am still ashamed of my mistake and looks at Kanhaiya saying from his silence, i can know that he has not forgiven me. I shall give the sweet to you once and i will leave. Kanhaiya looks at Siddeshwar and Siddeshwar signals Kanhaiya to take it and Kanhaiya eats the sweet and everyone smiles. Kanhaiya says what has happened is the past and lets live in this house together and Sona is shocked. Shakuntala smiles and looks to Chitrasi. Chitrasi in her room saying to Shakuntala that today she knows why she can act well as acting is in her blood and laughs. Writen Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Sona enters looking at both Chitrasi and Shakuntala. Sona says she brought food and asks why are both of them staring at Sona? Sona says she can guess what they are going to do next and Chitrasi says you can’t do anything to stop it. You have lost everything and i went out with your husband today. He didn’t eat your sweet that you made for him. Sona says he didn’t do it on purpose and i have not lost anything. Shakuntala says go and save everything now. What would you do now? Chitrasi says that they are having a pooja in the house for Kanhaiya’s birthday and this pooja will be Sona’s last pooja with Kanhaiya in this house as she would leave the house after this. Sona laughs saying its good if you bring your mother and leave or else i will expose your truth in front of everyone before the pooja completes and this is my promise and Sona leaves. Sona in her room keeps thinking on what will she do to expose Chitrasi as she don’t have any proof. Everyone trusts her and i must not look bad in front of everyone again. What will i do and Sona accidentaly clicks her phone where Kanhaiya’s voice plays. Sona recalls recording Kanhaiya’s voice in her phone and says recording! This is a good way to catch her and i need to record what she says by leaving this phone in Chitrasi’s room.

Part 2

Part 2

Sona says i am sure she would think of a new plan before the pooja and this phone will record it. Playing this, everyone will know who is cheating and who is saying the truth. Firstly i need to put the phone on silentand Sona sets her phone to silent mode and plans to hide it somewhere where no one sees it. Chitrasi writes the things to buy and gives to Deva while Sona comes down which Deva stares. Sona quietly walks pass and goes to Chitrasi’s room and sees Shakuntala sleeping and wonders how will she hide the phone? How is Shakuntala wakes up? Writen Update by Visha_Dhami. Sona thinks but this is also a good chance since Shakuntala is fast asleep and Sona silently enters the room and looks around wondering where to hide the phone. Sona sees a flower pot and thinks to hide the phone in the flower pot as Chitrasi will not notice it and Sona walks to the flower pot and keeps the phone on recording mood and Sona keeps the phone in the flower pot and silently walks out of the room. Bheema brings an old stove and Siddeshwar asks why do you want to use this old stove while we have gas stove in the house? Chitrasi says that she had always cooked using the old stove and how can she change it now? I will only make prasad using the old stove and Sona says let me help you too. Siddeshwar says no Sona, you should not be a part of this pooja. You have never accepted this family as you and you should not take part in any of this family events or pooja. Sona is shocked and says please don’t do this to me. Don’t punish me and Siddeshwar says i have decided Sona. I only want peace in this house and Kanhaiya enters the house saying no Babuji. Sona ji will be part of the pooja. What has happen has happened and Sona is my wife. She has the rights to be part of the pooja and Bheema says what do you mean Kanhaiya? You are going against Babuji’s decision? Kanhaiya says i don’t mean to go against you and i have said what i wanted to. Siddeshwar says alright Munna, if that is what you wanted, then its fine. Siddeshwar asks Chitrasi to allow Sona to also do the work for the pooja and leaves. Chitrasi thinks to herself that no matter what she tries to do keeping them apart, they keep getting back together. Kanhaiya walks away and Sona thanks Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says i did what is right and i am still angry with you. But i also love you and my love will not end. I hope you don’t do things that will make me angry again and Sona says i will not do it again and Kanhaiya smiles saying i have the same hope from you and leaves. Sona gives a winning glare to Chitrasi and leaves.

Precap : Chitrasi saying to Shakuntala that you are sleeping here while Sona and Kanhaiya is united again. They have such strong love and Shakuntala says what will we do now? Chitrasi says just wait and watch what i do next where Sona will leave Kanhaiya forever and this is being recorded.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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