Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Kanhiaya says nothing…let’s have our suhaag raat. Sona says its a time for a test for me and instead of helping me, you’re interested in this. Kanhiaya says I am thinking, but…Sona says but what? You said you would support me. Kanhaiya says I am supporting you. I was waiting for you to say something…Sona says and to get the gas take some action. Kanhiaya says okay as per your wish I will arrange the gas. He dials a number on his phone. Kanhiaya says into the phone, hello I need a cylinder. How long? Till tomorrow morning? Okay. Send it by then. He hangs up. Kanhiaya says its done. Sona says its done. Kanhiaya says so we’ve finally arranged for the gas cylinder. Sona says finally. Kanhaiya says and now…Kahaiya places a handkerchief on Sona’s head and says we’ll pretend this is the gunghat for the suhaag raat. Sona hears her dadi’s voice. Sona says dadi you’re here right? Dadi says he helped you a bit and now you’ve just given up so soon. This is about husband and wife. Kanhiaya says to Sona you are so beautiful. Sona smiles and says leave me. Dadi says this boy is just not understanding. First teach him how to stand straight. Then go forward with the relationship. Sona says you can see how tired I am right? You don’t care about me right? Kanhiaya says of course I care about you. Sona says then let your Sona sleep. I have to wake up early in the morning too. Kanhiaya asks Sona wants to sleep? Sona says yes. Kanhaiya says you want to sleep now? Sona nods yes. Kanhaiaya says go to sleep. Sona says you sleep too. Good night.

Chiku knocks on the door. Sona asks who is it? Chiku says chachi, its Chiku. Can you come out for 2 minutes. Sona says one minute. Sona quickly changes and opens the door. Sona asks What happened Chiku? Chiku says chachi I want warm milk. Sona asks right now? Chiku says yes. Sona says okay…They both walk into the kitchen. Sona gets the electric heater out. Chiku says arey what are you doing? It’ll take forever if you use that. Sona says yes, but we don’t have a gas. Chiku says wait a minute…Chiku gets the gas out. He says now look at Chiku’s magic. Sona says arey where did this come from? Chiku says just try it. Sona says okay. She turns it on. Sona says wah Chiku. IT turns on for a bit and then goes off. Sona says it went out. Let’s try again. Maybe the gas is out. Chiku says arey I brought full gas. How is it over. Kanika’s hubby says from the corner, arey it won’t work with an empty gas. Sasu Maa has given me money. Until I’m there no gas will work. I will cut it off.

Part 2:

Sona says one minute. You got the gas? From where? Chiku says the shop next door, for rent. Sona says for rent? That’s wrong Chiku. Why did you do this without telling anyone? And where did you get money from? Chiku says Kanhaiya chachu gave it to me during your wedding. Taking it out of commission. Sona says really? Come with me. Sona says chacha ji. THe grandfather comes and says beti what’s the matter? Sona says chacha ji, Chiku is doing wrong things just to get a gas. Chahcu says Chiku…Chiku says I arranged for the gas because I want Sona chachi to win. And that too with my pocket money. But they cheated me. They didn’t even fill the gas. Neelam says but Chiku did anyone tell you to do this? Chiku says whether someone tells me or not, the gas is something we need Chachi. Chacha says Sona I agree that he shouldn’t have done this. But his intentions were good and right. The children in our house have started to understand about emotions. They respect it and they want SOna bahu to win. But some people in this house are not ready to understand this. Sona says its okay chacha ji. When they realize they will understand. Chaca says don’t ever let yourself break. And Chiku from wherever you got the gas from, return it. Neelam beta take the kids to their rooms. Its late. Neelam says let’s go Chiku and Dimple you too. They all head upstairs. Sona says chacha ji, when everyone in this family respects my decision, I won’t let anyone’s trust break. Tomorrow on the day of Bahu Boj, I will win.

The next morning Sona is mopping the floor. Sunhiaya says Sona this house is not small. In 2 days your back will hurt. It will take so much money to make it straight again. There is still time. Just say that mummy ji, I don’t want to be a housewife. Sona says mummy ji, I want to be a housewife. Sunhaiya says everyone in this house is different. They have different tastes. There is no gas cylinder in the house. And on top of that its bahu boj in the evening. Don’t be scared. If you want, I can set everything right. Sona says you don’t worry or be scared. You just rest. Sunhaiya says listen bahu. In front of relatives I will not be able to tolerate an insult to the family. She leaves.

Dimple says to her sister, now you can go alone to your friend’s wedding. Julie says Dimple I don’t want to go. I know that on that day Mr. Kapil Sharma is hosting Hero SRGMP 2012. And I will listen to Mohammad Aman, who is a youth icon of classical singing. Dimple says we’ll watch together on Zee TV.

Everyone is waiting at the dining table. Bindiya says Sona bahu is here a break before breakfast? If it takes this long then I’ll fall from starvation. Bindiaya’s hubby says stuff along the similar lines. Sona thinks to herself today I can’t fail in making breakfast. Thanks to Neelam didi, my work has been made easier. Everyone is getting impatient. One of the chacas wonder where the eldest chacha is. Kanika’s hubby says so what if the breakfast doesn’t come. We’ll fast one day. Darshana says chacha ji is a fatherly figure. Treat him like one. Her husband says some stuff and then says chacha ji come quickly. Because of you, I have to tolerate and hear a lot. Bindiaya says chacha ji doesn’t have to apply make up. He’ll come. I think that breakfast’s make is not ready yet. Everyone is getting impatient around the dining table. Sona is working as fast as she can. Sona thinks to herself its impossible for bahu boj without a gas. Everyone shouts Sona bahu we are al hungry. Neelam goes to her and says Sona don’t be stubborn. There are so many difficulties in being a housewife. You won’t be able to do it. Sona says did this isn’t my stubbornness, its my wish. And what you’re calling difficult, I’m taking it as a challenge. If its something I can’t do, I’ll make it into something I can do. Neelam says yes but in a while everyone will start making a fuss about breakfast. What will you do? Sona says no…Neelam says listen to me. Leave all of this and go to the office. You won’t be able to do it in this situation. I’ll handle it. Sona says we’re in the same situation. What will you do without a cylinder. Tell me? Neelam says yes, but…Kanhiaya arrives. He starts flirting with Sona. Kanhaiya says its just Neelam bhabhi. I’m not embarrassed to express my love in front of her. … Waise the cylinder should have arrived. What are you making for breakfast? Sona says breakfast? What breakfast? Sona says the cylinder hasn’t arrived yet. I thought you may have had a lot of work so you forgot. Kanhiaya says I’m not someone who forgets. The cylinder guy must have forgotten because whatever I promise, I fulfill. Sona says the promise you made seems to me looks like it will be broken. Kanhaiya says I didn’t break the promise. The cylinder guy did. Now I will break him. He makes a call. He leaves. Neelam says Sona there is no gas. How will breakfast be made? Sona says why are you so scared? Neelam says if not scared what should I be? If they don’t get breakfast it’ll be a disaster. Sona says no close your eyes. She leads Neelam into the kitchen. She shows her the food. Neelam is shocked. Everyone is shown eating and enjoying the food. The eldest chachu says beti very tasty. Renu’s hubby whispers to her, don’t praise the food in front of mummy ji or else you we will have to stay up all night. Her hubby says mummy ji the food is okay. Nothing that great. Renu says grain is to god and to god i can’t say no. Even if I get a migraine but I have to eat this. If it came from a restaurant I could have said its bad, but homemade food you can’t say its bad. Julie says one lie a day makes chachi’s day. Julie’s father says Juliee…don’t say such things. Sunhaiya says such young giirls shouldn’t be doing/saying such things. Eldest chach says the way our new bahu has handled this tough situation, its looks like all of this is in the right hands. Bhabhi what do you think? Sunhaniya says how would i feel? I’ve seen a lot of the world. The impression she is trying to make it won’t work everyday. When the trust test comes then its difficult. Darshana’s hubby says you said the right thing mummy ji. In politics the same happens. But why do I care? I got my breakfast and for dinner I’ll get a variety of dishes, so I’m good. I’m leaving for now otherwise my commission will leave. Sona says take this samosa too. He says thank you, thank you. He leaves. Sunhaiya is reading a headline on the paper and she sees In AllahBaad shortage of gas cylinders. Now we have to see how long she will last. We have to see how she will accomplish bahu boj. Renu says mummy ji this is seriously serious.

Part 3:

Sunhaiya says new daughter in law, now you don’t have any other choice. Its still not too late. Just start working in your office. Neelam bahu, get her tiff-in ready with an apple. Sona says there is no need for that. Neelam didi told me that you have to go for Santoshi puja. I have prepared the puja plate for you. Kanhiaya enters and takes his seat. Sunhaiya thinks to herself he had promised me that today he would drop his wife to the office. Looks like I have to remind him. Sunhiaya says Kanhiaya beta I’ll give you some breakfast. Come with me. He walks over to her. Suhaiya says Kanhaiya now you’re not my son and only her husband? Kanhiaya says no mummy ji. You’re misunderstanding me. But what Sona ji explained to me, you haven’t ever explained to me. I mean I have understand that neither am I your son first nor am I her husband first. Chachu ji’s teachings since childhood that before we are anything, we are human. And as a human to keep humanity with one another they should listen to the other and should let that human live the way that human wants. So mummy ji until bahu boj isn’t over, until then I’m human.

Precap: One person says this is such an insult. You invite us all over for dinner just to keep us starving? Another person says I thought we would get so much to eat because she is the last daughter in law of the family. But there is nothing here. Another guy says we won’t even step in this house again. Sunhaiya says Neelam your vacation is over. From tomorrow Sona will go to the office…

Update Credit to: Rani

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