Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Govardan is saying to Manohar what had happened is already over and Manohar says that he should have paid attention on Chicku. Renu comes in and taunts Manohar for being a mechanic and Manohar says that it’s the responsibility of a mother to look after a child’s studies. Renu is holding Chicku’s school bag and Govardan asks why is she holding the bag? Renu takes out Chicku’s books and gives to Manohar saying that he will teach Chicku from today. Manohar says that he himself needs to study the books first and Renu says that she will not listen anything and he will teach Chicku. Sona is with Chicku and she says that she is going to teach Chicku from today but before that, they need to be good friends. Chicku shakes hands with Sona and Sona picks a

book to start teaching. Renu says will you be able to teach my Chicku along with all the housework? Sona asks Chicku to study and Sona says yes, I will be able to do it and Neelam is also with me. Renu says its difficult and all your multitasking work fail. This is not easy. Renu says you should not mix studies and kitchen and between this, Chicku gets up and runs away. Renu says did you saw that and Sona goes behind Chicku calling for him. Chicku opens the door and runs out while Chachaji wonders where is he going and Renu comes out saying did you saw that Sona? You will not be able to catch him. He is my sond and I will handle it. Chacha ji says that there is no use of fighting among ourselves. Firstly go and meet his teachers, we can know what problems he is having. Sona says yes we shall go to his school tomorrow and find out. Kanhaiya comes home in anger and calls out Sona. Kanhaiya asks has Julie came back? She knows I was supposed to fetch her from college and when I went there, she was no where to be found. Has she came back home? Sona says she has not came back and Julie walks in. Kanhaiya asks where did Julie went? Jlie tries saying something and Kanhaiya shouts that when she knows he would come and fetch, where did she go? Julie says that I was awiting there but you didn’t come, so I went searching for you. Kanhaiya is very angry and Govardan asks Kanhaiya not to treat Julie like a small kid.

He says that his daughter is really good and asks why is Kanhaiya behaving like this after listening to Sona? Kanhaiya asks if did Govardan read newspapers on what is happening daily? She is a girl and what would we answer if anything happened? Now listen to me. From tomorrow, I will send and fetch you from college at the same time and same place. Kanhaiya asks Sona to bring him tea. The next day, Renu, Sona and Manohar is at Chicku’s school where the teacher says how come you have not cared about his education? Didn’t you recive any of our letters? Manohar or Renu says that they have not received any letter and the Prinicpal says that you have no worried about his studies. The principal calls a handicap boy in and asks him to tell what did Chicku did to him. the boy says that Chicku pushed the boy down and Manohar says we are worry about it, please forgive him. The principal says that its too late, but I will give you three days for an admission test. He has to pass the exam to enter the school again. It’s the only chance and only three days. I also want to meet him before the exam and Sona looks worried. In the house, Dimple and Julie tease Chicku.

Dimple and Jlie continue to tease Chicku as the first person to be expelled from school. Julie asks where does Chicku goes missing after skipping schools? Chicku says don’t pretent like you all don’t do the same. I have been caught this time, but it doesn’t make you all better. Dimple and Jlie tease that Sona and Renu have gon to see his principal and just wait and see what happens next. Chacha ji is talking to Chicku that education is really important and Neelam supports it. Chicku asks what is the benefits of studying? Chacha ji says that you need to study if you want to have good future. Sona comes in saying you have to study if you want to create a name for yourself. Chacha ji says that she is right and asks Renu what happened? Renu says that we are only given three days for Chicku to do the admission exams and Sona says we will start the studies from today. Chicku tries to make reasons and Renu scolds Chicku and Manohar asks how will he be able to do this in three days? Sona says we don’t have time to argue now, we need to make Chicku study and I will help Chicku to remember. Come lets go. Renu watches Sona teaching Chicku and thinks to herself that Sona have not even opened book, I wonder what will happen to Chicku’s education. Kanhaiya comes to Chicku and Sona says you are back fast? Kanhaiya asks Chicku to look at his books and Kanhaiya makes reasons saying that he is feeling romantic now. Sona asks Kanhaiya to go up first as she is teaching Chicku and Renu who is watching this wonders what is happening here. Udham calls Neelam and Neelam says to Sona that Udham had called me, please look at the kitchen for a while. Sona says to Chicku lets go to the kitchen and study. Renu comes to Sona and says that I been watching that you keep having disturbance and doing this work, that work. If like this, how would you teach my Chicku? Chacha ji says don’t worry as Sona is just starting to teach and we can’t rush. Chacha ji asks Sona to give importance to Chicku and leaves.

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Update Credit to: Visha

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