Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The priest ties a sacred string for Sona which Suhnaina watches and stares. Bindiya is saying to Renu that all the pandit ji’s are only like this where they make use of other’s weakness and Renu wonders how come Suhnaina is yet to say anything about this and Bindiya says if Suhnaina opens her mouth, all the truth would come out. Suhnaina looks unhappy and both Kanhaiya and Suhnaina takes the panditji’s blessings. The pandit ji leaves and Kanhaiya says that he have a request from Suhnaina and Suhnaina asks what is it? Kanhaiya says that he and Sona have been married for a year now, so why don’t all of them go out for dinner today and Sona smiles while Suhnaina is unhappy. Julie is studying and Chicku comes to Julie showing

a magazine on which is her favorite mobile as he will buy for her once he grows up and Julie hugs Chicku. Kanhaiya’s constables brings Radha’s son and daughter saying they wanted to meet Sona, so he had brought them here and everyone is shocked. Sona walks to the kids asking what happened and Radha’s daughter give some money and asks Sona to take it and return her mother to them. Both the children’s are crying and falls at Sona’s feet and Sona asks them to get up and asks them to stop crying. Kanhaiya says don’t cry and let me tell you something. You mother could not come today but she will return to you very soon. Radha’s son asks if Kanhaiya arrested Radha and Sona looks at Kanhaiya. Radha’s daughter and son scolds Kanhaiya that he is bad and to return their mother. Suhnaina says that they can’t return their mother and asks them to leave. Sonaiya look at each another and Sona looks at the crying children and wipes her tears. Sona says that they are kids and why are you talking to them like this? Suhnaina says so you will teach me how to talk? Don’t forget that i’m your saas and your my bahu. Sona says i didn’t meant that and Suhnaina says these kids don’t even know how to talk to elderly people. Take my words, these kids will be a thief like their mother. Sona says why are you speaking like this in front of kids and Bindiya supports Suhnaina while Kanhaiya supports Sona that Suhnaina should not speak to the kids like this. Suhnaina says that she will keep quiet and Radha’s daughter asks Sona if her mother is really a thief and she won’t come back? Kanhaiya says i will bring you to a place today where they have many other kids for you to play and have fun with. Sona walks away and enters her room and quietly calls to her dadi. Suhnaina is waiting in her room saying that Sona is just like her dadi. Writen Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. In Sona’s room, Sona is busy selecting a saree to wear and wonders why is she panicking? Sona thinks to herself that she is so nervous and tries calming down herself. Kanhaiya returns back home and Kanhaiya is also feeling nervous and Kanhaiya enters. Kanhaiya goes to the kitchen where Neelam is cooking and Neelam asks if Kanhaiya has anything? Kanhaiya says no and Neelam says that Sona had gone to get ready and Kanhaiya says that he will return back late tonight. Neelam says that she shall keep the food in the fridge instead. Neelam teases Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya gets shy.

Part 2

Neelam asks what is Kanhaiya holding on his hands and Kanhaiua hides it and says nothing and leaves. Govardan is saying to Manohar that everyone is having a phone these days and due to that, people have started sending less letters. Kanhaiya is walking and Govardan stops Kanhaiya asks if is it true that Kanhaiya had booked a hotel for him and Sona which Kanhaiya smiles and keeps quiet. Manohar says if you want to know about our experience, you can ask us and Govardan says that he can share his experience since he is elder than Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says thanks for everything but he will handle this. Manohar notices the bag in Kanhaiya’s hand and asks what is it in the bag and Kanhaiya tries hiding it while Govardan grabs it and sees a saree. Manohar says saree? I thought it was something else and you can leave. Kanhaiya goes upstairs which Suhnaina watches. Kanhaiya enters his room and Sona says you came back? I was just wondering which saree to wear, let me go and change. Kanhaiya says listen to me. If you don’t mind, i brought a saree for you and you can wear it if you like it. Sona says you did a good thing as i could not decide which saree to wear and Sona touches Kanhaiya’s hand and they both share an eyelock with Tum Ho plays in the background. Sona’s phone rings which Sona looks. Kanhaiya is all prepared and waiting for Sona outside the house and Sona comes saying sorry for being late. Writen Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Kanhaiya says that we are getting let, lets faster leave and both Sona and Kanhaiya leaves on his bike. Sona is holding Kanhaiya’s shoulder and Kanhaiya says how many times have i asked you not to hold my shoulder and hold put your hands around my waist instead. Sona holds Kanhaiya’s waist and Kanhaiya starts laughing. Kanhaiya and Sona arrives at a beach and Sona asks what happened? Kanhaiya says i will tell you. Kanhaiya says that why don’t they talk their heart out today? Kanhaiya talks about falling in love where two people become as one Sona is the love of his heart. Suhnaina asks Neelam where is Sona and Kanhaiya and Neelam says that both of them have left to the hotel and Suhnaina is unhappy.

Precap :

Kanhaiya says i can never leave you Sona and you are now part of me and Sona looks at Kanhaiya.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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