Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona sees her Dadi’s vision saying that husband takes advatange of their wives when the fall for them a little, so be smart and Sona pulls out her hands from Kanhaiya’s hands and he wakes up and comes to Sona saying that i was thinking of only you and Sona says your fine and Kanhaiya puts his hands Sona’s shoulder and Sona tries to change the topic saying gas.. gas.. gas.. What happened to the gas and Kanhaiya says gas.. gas.. gas.. It all became test nest (this part was funny ). Kanhaiya says i mean, i went to look for the gas and i told him lovely to send the gas. I’m going to give you a surprise and keeps something in Sona’s hands and Sona says instead of getting the gas, you brought this? And in your language, this is called surprise? Kanhaiya starts singing song and comes closer to Sona and Sona smiles while Kanhaiya tries to be romantic but Sona looks at him and remains silent. Kanhaiya says now tell me, what surprise is mummy ji going to give us? In the living hall, everyone are prepared and says ‘Thank You Mummy Ji’ together and Suhnaina is wondering for what? They say because you are going to bring us out. Suhnaina says but today is nothing special or Holi, and what is this celebration for and where will we be going? Chacha ji says we are prepared to go anywhere you bring us. In all these years, this is the first time you are going to surprise the whole family. Suhnaina says what is great in this that i am going to give the surprise but i myself don’t know what is the surprise. Sona says that is what i wanted to ask too mummy ji, are you going to give us surprise? Kanhaiya says mummy ji, faster tell us what is the surprise as all of us are waiting for it. Everyone is excited saying mummy ji looks happy and what is the surprise? Suhnaina asks what is wrong with all of you? Sona says mummy ji, you wanted to give everyone a treat to celebrate my entry in this family right? Chacha ji says that great and you ownself said that you were going to give everyone a treat and Darshana’s husband starts praising Suhnaina and Renu supports that Mummy ji is the someone great. Suhnaina says to Renu not to praise too much or you would need to sleep in this hall again tonight. Sona says mummy ji, at least tell now what is the surprise. Kanhaiya supports asking Suhnaina to faster tell. Suhnaina’s eldest son says Mummy ji, you ownself said you were going to give us a surprise, faster tell what is it. Suhnaina says i said? Alright kids, since i said.. Lets go outside and everyone is happy. Suhnaina says once i am committed to something, i myself would not listen to what i said . Suhnaina looks at Neelam and says wah Neelam, looks you got too excited and forgot to tie your hair. Tie it now and Neelam ties her hair. Suhnaina says where are the rest? Dimple and Julie? Julie must be surely on the phone and Julie is shown talking on the phone and she checks her phone where all the guys top up her phone and she also snaps her picture and MMS to the guys and Dimple says want me to tell to Papa? And Suhnaina calls everyone to faster come and they leave. All of them return after their dinner Suhnaina asks where is Chacha ji and Renu says he must be with the rest buying some sweets and Suhnaina’s eldest son praises her for treating them and they had fun. Renu and Bindiya says that they never expected that Suhnaina would be so kind and Suhnaina says don’t over praise me or you would sleep in the house. Everyone leaves and Suhnaina says to Sona, wah Sona bahu. You joined with Chacha ji and in the name of surprise, you made me paid such high bill. You will need to pay in return where tomorrow is Bahu Bhoj and let me see how you prepare everything. I will chase away your desire of wanting to be a housewife. Kanhaiya looks at Sona and says lets go and tells Suhnaina that they are going to sleep and Suhnaina calls Kanhaiya, where are you going? Come to my room, i have something important to discuss with you.

Part 2

Sona sees Kanhaiaya leaving with Suhnaina and Suhnaina takes out a walking stick fro her cupoard and then places it back and takes out some sweets and feeds Kanhaiya and asks now you tell me Kanhaiya, are you firstly my son or your wife’s husband? Kanhaiya says i’m firstly your son and then only my wife’s husband. Suhnaina says who will you listen to first and Kanhaiya says i will listen to you first. Chacha ji comes back with Dimple and Chicku where both of them thank Sona for the dinner and they go to bed. Chacha ji says everyone was very happy today and after so long, i felt so good seeing everyone together having fun. I felt that there could be no other family more happier then us today. Sona says my dadi always adviced me that and Chacha ji says but my bhabhi, she is one in thousand. But she is also sturbon and if she feels that she is right, she will never change her mind. You may have win her once but she she will overtake you again. Sona says don’t worry and Chacha ji says i am now worried that the surprise saved us today. How are you going to cook for tomorrow for many people? That too without the gas and its not an easy task? Because this could make Suhnaina more angry. Sona says that she is already angry for having to spend so much for today’s bill. Suhnaina is saying to Kanhaiya that you saw how your wife made me spending for the bill? Sona says to Chacha ji, i’m a housewife now and i have to do all the work. Chacha ji says the task Suhnaina have given you is not easy and you don’t have much time. Sona says don’t worry, if i am taking up the responsibility for the family’s sake, i’m sure i would be able to overcome this gas problem. Suhnaina is saying to Kanhaiya that she is giving him last chance and says that i don’t want to see your wife in the kitchen but see her going to office instead, Make sure this happens and Kanhaiya says surely mummy ji and they both hug. Chacha ji says that’s really good Sona and with this spirit, no one can break you down and victory is with you. Wish if everyone thinks the same like you too. Chicku is waiting for Dimple and Dimple asks why did you called me? Chicku says Sona chachi is so good and we need to help her for Bahu bhoj. Dimple says i want the same but there is no gas. Chicku says i have an idea and says something in Dimple’s ears and Dimple is happy. Sona comes to her room to sleep and Kanhaiya says Sona ji, listen to me and tell me that am i firstly mummy ji’s son or your husband? Sona says mummy ji’s son. Kanhaiya says should i listen to you or listen to mummy ji? Sona says mummy ji. Kanhaiaya says then listen to me properly, you are joining back work tomorrow and Sona is shocked and Kanhaiya says this is his final decision. Chicku takes a small gas cylinder and places it in the kitchen and Chicku says now this will be a surprise to Sona chachi. Sona is wondering what happened to Kanhaiya and something needs to be done about this. Sona goes to Kanhaiya and tries talking nicely to him saying when a person is given the chance, they need to prove their talent and Kanhaiya tells how he shows his talent as a police officer. Sona says you always support the truth and always treat things fairly, then why are you not giving me a chance? Why don’t you want to see how i perform as a housewife? Sona holds Kanhaiya’s hands and says look at me, i won’t break your trust and i will surely cook for everyone. You will support me right and Kanhaiya is not able to speak and says i can understand you.. I am with you and Sona smiles.

Precap : Kanhaiya says to Suhnaina that before becoming her son, he is firstly a human being and one human must always give others chance.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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