Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 21st February 2013 Written Update

Darshana says to neelam that she is responsible for chiku’s suspention and that she may have returned always to home back before sending chiku in the school van.neelam says that she always took care that chiku goes school everyday.darshana says that she will complain about neelam to mummyji.sona gets worried as to what is all wrong happening in the home.

Renu drops down by auto and is shocked to see chiku fighting with some children and sees his school bag and gets worried that chiku should be at school this time but what he is doing here.

Sunaina enters home and darshana tells her about chiku’s suspention and sunaina is shocked and

scolds neelam that being a housewife and chiku’s caretaker neelam didn’t took care of her responsibilities.sona says to sunaina that neelam didi is not at fault and sunaina asks her to stay away from this.Darshana shouts about the restigation and renu returns with chiku and is shocked with the news. Renu scolds neelam that she is irresponsible and didn’t took care of chiku and now he is suspended but neelam wii not realize it because she herself does not have kids.neelam says that it is not so and she always took care whether chiku goes to school or not.sona asks renu to not say this but to think of other ways about chiku’s problem and that chiku’s mind will be affected by such things and renu asks sona to stop and that it is happening because of sona and says that now she will herself take care of chiku’s study and for this she will resign from her teaching job.

Sunaina is shocked to hear that renu wants to resign and asks her not to do so and there are already 2 housewives in the house and from now sona bahu will take care of chiku’s study and she has to take care thar chiku is re-admitted to school.sunaina asks the same to sona and sona assures her.manohar and govardhan are happy with the news and renu does not says anything and goes inside.

Bindiya as usual doing her makeup says to govardhan that renu is a teacher and manohar-an engineer, then too they failed to take cake of chiku and feels happy that her dimple and Julie are very well at everything.

Anuj and Julie are at a restaurant where anuj says that he realized that there was something wrong so he didn’t came at that time and Julie is happy that she was saved from kanhaiya chachu finally.anuj says that its now 2 years of there relationship and they should be serious.julie gets a cal from avinash and anuj is jealous.julie talks to avi and asks him to come home at times. For questioning Julie anuj is answered that they should know each other even more and that anuj is a very good friend and has a special place in her life.

Sunaina watches the advertisement of zeetv’s dramebaaz and remembers the very small chiku and that she used to play with him (OMG’No change in dressing sense in between these years’same renu and sunaina-hehe).

Sona and neelam working in the kichen.Sona remembers that once sunaina gave her the responsibility to take care of the house and says to neelam that she will do proove herself and neelam also remembers that mummyji asked her to help sona always as she is also a housewife and asks sona to go and teach chiku and she wii handle the kichen work.sona is worrieed as to how now she will handle everything and proove herself.

Darshana and durgesh talks about how chiku’s matter will be handled by sona and that sona will fail and environment will be created in the house and durgesh should be prepared for getting commission.

Renu shouts at manohar that she is paying by marring manohar but now not sona or anyone else but she herself will take care of chiku and his studies.renu and manohar get into a fight when manohar falls on the floor matress and the scene is witnessed by govardhan…

Update Credit to: sonali

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