Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

At the police station, Kanhaiya’s senior officer says that this means Sona had caught the theif that night but Radha lied to her that the thief was someone else. Kanhaiya says that Radha had made use of Sona’s innocence but the truth is finally out. Suhnaina asks to give Radha a heavy punishment so that she don’t repeat this again. Radha cries that upon her kids, she will not steal again and who will look after her kids without any parents? Sona is tearing and the senior officer says that Radha should have thought of all this before stealing and nothing is going to happen by her crying. Kanhaiya says look Radha, you made a mistake and you need a punishment. And about your childrens, we will send them to a welfare home so that they

can grow up there and you will not need to worry about them. Kanhaiya’s officer congratulate Kanhaiya and asks him to join back his duty and Suhnaina is happy. Sona is happy for Kanhaiya and is feels sad for Radha as Radha is taken back. Kanhaiya returns home where everyone is waiting for him and Udham congratulate Kanhaiya for getting back his job and also catching the theif. Everyone praises Kanhaiya that they are lucky to have such a police officer like Kanhaiya in their colony. Sona recalls Radha’s childrens crying for Radha. Suhnaina proudly says that she have always thought her childrens not to give up. Kanhaiya and the rest is about to enter the house and Kanhaiya looks back and sees Sona in her world thinking back about Radha crying on who would look after her childrens. Sona thinks to herself what would she do where one side she is happy for Kanhaiya getting back his job and on the other hand, two kids will be away from their mother. Writen Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Kanhaiya asks where is Sona lost and this victory is not only his but also Sona’s. Kanhaiya asks isn’t Sona happy about this and Sona says of course she is but she is worried about Radha’s childrens. Kanhaiya says that Radha should have thought of this before stealing and doesn’t means if she stops stealing, she is not a thief. A person who does mistake needs punishment and Sona thinks what is Radha’s children’s mistake in this. Neelam is sad in her room and a paper flies away from her hands and Udham walks in and picks up the paper. Udham says that Neelam should not give up easily and Neelam says that she saw a hope that she can finally do something but she lost hope once Radha went to jail. Udham says that nothing has ended and i still have faith in you and never give up. Udham also says that he is happy that Neelam wants to do something in life. Neelam smiles and says that she will try again for Udham and Udham says not for me but for us and don’t give up. Both Neelam and Udham share a hug. Kanhaiya is wearing his police hat and Sona asks why is Kanhaiya doing all this ownself? Kanhaiya says that Sona only thinks of food all the time and not about him and Sona smiles.

Part 2

Kanhaiya asks Sona to stay here and Suhnaina says if she sits here, Suhnaina will come looking for her. Kanhaiya asks if Sona knows what is it tomorrow and Sona is thinking what is it on the next day. Sona don’t seem to remember and Kanhaiya says how will you remember as all you think about is how to maintain a distance with me and get closer with mummy ji. Sona smiles and walks from behind and whispers in Kanhaiya’s ears that tomorrow will be one year since they got married and Kanhaiya gets happy and carry her in happiness. Kanhaiya says he is happy she remembered and he had so much of plans to do this and do that while Sona gets shy and is about to leave while Kanhaiya holds Sona’s saree and Saans song plays in the background as both Kanhaiya and Sona looks at each another. Kanhaiya slowly pulls Sona towards him with her saree and they share an eyelock. Kanhaiya takes her saree and puts over her head and slowly goes closer to kiss Sona and Sona tries to leave but Kanhaiya hugs her from the back and Sona smiles. Suhnaina comes in and sees both Sona and Kanhaiya hugging and Sona moves away and Kanhaiya pretends to be reading a book. Suhnaina stares at them and leaves while both Kanhaiya and Sona looks at each another and laughs and they hug each another. Sona says mummy ji will come and Sona runs away and Kanhaiya looks at the calendar saying all this wait will end soon. Julie keeps looking at her phone thinking that Avinash’s phone would be off as usual and decides to give Avinash a missed call. Avinash calls Julie and Julie cuts the call. Avinash calls again and Julie slowly goes to a corner and answers the call where Julie says that she called to say sorry to Avinash. Avinash asks Julie to never say sorry to him and Julie asks why is that so and Avinash says goodnight and cuts the call. Sona quietly comes to the police station and Radha stares at Sona. Radha says look at me Sona ji, you are the cause of my situation. I had done many theft and never got caught. But you caught me. Now what will happen to my childrens and what will they do without me and i will never forgive you and Sona wakes up up shouting. Writen Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Suhnaina asks what happened and if she had a bad dream and asks her to pray before sleeping. Sona recalls Radha’s words and is worried. The next day morning, Suhnaina says why is Sona taking so long to prepare the meal and Sona says its being done. Kanhaiya brings a pandit ji and says he is going to do a pooja for Kanhaiya and Sona’s planets. Suhnaina asks what is Kanhaiya trying to prove? Kanhaiya says that since Suhnaina said that there are problems in both Kanhaiya and Sona’s kundli, he brought the pandit ji to do a prayers and all the problems will be solved. Sona smiles and Kanhaiya asls Sona to come. The pandit ji ties a sacred string for Kanhaiya and ties for Sona as well which Suhnaina looks.

Precap :

Suhnaina says that this kids will be a thief like their mother and Sona asks how could you say things like this in front of the kids and Suhnaina says you don’t tell me what to say.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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