Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Neelam gets Chicku get ready for school and brings him out and asks where is his school van and Chicku says that perhaps the school van broke down. Neelam asks him not to make reason and the Van comes where al the other children tease Chicku saying that he finally have mood to go to school. Neelam asks if he has done his homework and Chicku says that he has done. Govardan and Renu come down and ask for their meal container and Neelam says that I will bring it and Sona packs it in the kitchen while Neelam pass it to Govardan and Renu. Julie is talking to Anuj over the phone and says that they shall meet later. Julie comes down to leave for college and Neelam asks Julie to eat something and Julie says its alright and as she is about to leave,

Kanhaiya calls Julie and says that he will drop her at her college. Sona is watching it and Julie thinks to herself that Sona must have surely complained to him and Kanhaiya asks why is Julie having problem to come with him? Kanhaiya says that its not safe these days and Jlie leaves with Kanhaiya while feeling unhappy. Chicku’s van arrives at his school and Chicku refuses to enter the school. Chicku sits in the school park and plays on the swing. Neelam goes to Darshana’s room asking if she has any dirt cloths to wash and Darshana asks if Neelam is trying to impress her? Neelam says no and Darsahana takes out all the curtain and bedsheet saying since you wanted to wash the clothes, here you go. Neelam looks at the clothes and Darshana asks why are you looking at it? You also now have Sona for assistant, ask that superwoman to do this work. Sona sees the way Darshana treats Neelam and asks what is Darshana doing? She says here comes the housewife and the superwoman. Darshana says its alright, give me the clothes and I will wash it myself. Udham comes asking what happened and Darshana says look at your wife, she came and asked if there is any clothes to wash and once I gave, she is giving so many reasons. Udham stops Darshana and asks Neelam to go wash all these clothes. Neelam nods her head and Sona tries saying to Udham not to speak like this to Neelam as she gets upset. Sona asks Udham to understand Neelam and leaves a thinking Udham. Neelam is sad recalling Udham’s words. Udham comes to Neelam and asks if he can help her?

Part 2

Neelam says its alright, i will do it. Udham says look here Neelam, i know that Darshana made you do this on purpose but i realize that i was wrong in understanding you. You are doing a lot of work and i have decided that i will be together with you and I will try not to give you any problems and Udham holds Neelam’s hands. Neelam is so happy and turns to realize that she was just imagining and cries saying she wish if this was for real. Kanhaiya is brining Julie on his bike and asks why is Julie so quiet? Julie says that she was thinking of her project. Kanhaiya asks what time is julie’s college and decides to go through another way. Julie asks Kanhaiya to drop her here and she will go on her own and Kanhaiya insist that he will send her. Kanhaiya stops by at a shop as she goes to meet a few people and Julie gets worried. Julie turns and sees Anuj opposite the road and Anuj says that he is going to come and he crosses the road while Julie keeps giving signal that she is with Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya comes out of the shop at the same time and Anuj walks towards Julie and sees Kanhaiya coming and walks away. Kanhaiya asks what is Julie looking around and Julie says that she is seeing if she knows anyone around and Kanahiya brings Julie to drop her at her college. Someone rings the house bell and Darshana goes to see who it is. A guy asks if Chicku has come back from school or not? Darshana says that he had gone to school and you are asking me if he has come back home? The guy says that I had brought a letter from the school and Dharshana takes the letter. Neelam asks for who is it and Darshana says that its from Chicku’s school. Lets open and read it where Darshana says how is this possible? Chicku has been suspended from the school. Neelam and Sona are shocked. Neelam asks why and what is the reason and Darshana says that he has been missing from school most of the time. Sona thinks to herself what is happening in this house and what will happen to Chicku’s future?

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Visha

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