Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st May 2013 Written Update


Kanhaiya with a heavy heart tries to remove his medals but looses courage. Again he manages to get strength and removes his police belt and revolver and hands it over to his senior inspector. All are shocked and sad except the happy Durgesh. Kanhaiya removes all his stars received for his work and sadly smiles and hands it over. He starts to solute and then remembers that he has resigned and did a namaste to the inspector and sadly goes from there.


At the hall kanhaiya arrives in t-shirts and bindiya starts blaming kanhaiya for his decision and says that kanhaiya is right at his place but he must not have been so over-confident. Sunaina says that sona is the reason kanhaiya did all this

and kanhaiya in a upset mood says that why Sonaji is blamed when he took the decision himself infront of everyone. Sona comes for an explatination but sunaina stops her and asks not to interfere between a son and a mother. Sona says to Sunaina to listen to her too and give her a chance to speak. Sunaina blames Sona for kanhaiya loosing his job to which kanhaiya goes all angry and asks them to stop and says that No one but only he had loosed and asks them to stop argueing and sadly goes from there.


Renu and bindiya are happily talking about their plan getting successful and that all bahus will depend on them now and they are not going to give much money to mummyji. Darshana comes and says that their is nothing to eat and renu and bindiya talks about durgesh never helping in household activities. Kanhaiya is depressed and looks at his uniform and remembers the day he became an offices and today when he resigned. Sona comes to him and says sorry. Kanhaiya asks Sona not to blame herself and kanhaiya says that all will go fine but he is sad that now he won’t be able to do anything for his country and in his life he loves 2 things the most..his family and his job and if someone ever asks to choose anyone from it then he himself will not be able to take the decision. Kanhaiya tries to smile and says inspector kanhaiya and then realizes what he said just now and says that now kanhaiya is a ordinary man who won’t be able to do anything for the welfare of his country now. Sona places her hands in his and sees a letter lying on the floor and reads it out.


Julie(Replaced with new pretty looking girl) returns back from her tour and ladoo, hulchul and bajrangi comes to kanhaiya and sadly says that they will also resign now.kanhaiya asks them not to do so and smiles and happily tells them about the importance of being on the duty. Hulchul says that since he resigned, No cahauris are ordered at the police station and kanhaiya looks at sona and happily says that they will all together eat the cahauris of Nekram sweets. Ladoo says that some people were badmouthing kanhaiya about him loosing his job and his inability to catch the theif. Kanhaiya gets angry and says that who dared to say bad about Inspector Kan and then he realizes what he said and sadly laughed and says that now he is a normal man. and not a inspector. Durgesh who was watching all this indirectly says that some people were flying in air with proud and now they falled to the ground. Kanhiaya gets angry at his words but seeing Sona he cools down and happily says to his policeman to come with him to Nekram Sweetcenter. Sona says to herself that kanhaiya is hiding all he pain in his heart but she will not let this happen and she will get back the dignity and job of kanhaiya and that too with full respect.


Sona arrives and sunaina says that now she can’t say that her dadima was ill and so she went to give her medicines and take care of her as she already talked to her on phone and asks sona to clearly tell the truth about where she went.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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