Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona panics and looks at Kanhaiya as Ridheshwar hangs the photo on the wall.Kanhaiya looks at the photo and is shocked and looks at Sona. Kanhaiya asks who is it in this photo? Ridheshwar says this is my son! Kanhaiya is shocked and Ridheshwar says that they lost him when he was small. Kanhaiya says this can’t be your son. This photo is not your son’s photo and this can’t be your son. Ridheshwar says Kanhaiya! Hope you are not out of your mind. Don’t speak like this again and i hate this kind of jokes. Kanhaiya says i am not joking but all of you are joking. Deva says be careful of what you say or we will not keep quiet. Chitrasi asks everyone to cool down and says that no one understands what Kanhaiya is trying to say. Kanhaiya says what don’t

you all understand? The one in the photo is not your brother! Sona ji, tell them that this photo is not the family member and they are taking someone else photo and claiming to be their family member! Ridheshwar says enough Kanhaiya! Enough and i will not tolerate this or i will forget that you are our guest. Kanhaiya says why are you not understand what am i saying and Deva holds Kanhaiya’s collar saying this is not your police station but our house. Leave from here right now and Kanhaiya says what is the need for you to take someone else’s photo and claim as your brother and son? Ridheshwar says if this photo is not my son, it belongs to who? Kanhaiya walks towards the photo and says that this photo belongs to me! This was taken in my childhood and everyone is shocked and Sona closes her eyes in tears. Ridheshwar says i don’t know what are you trying to prove by saying all this. Don’t think of taking my son’s place as i am not going to tolerate your nonsence. Get out from here now! Sona says please stop before things get worse! Babuji is right as this is his son’s photo and Kanhaiya is also right as this is his childhood photo Everyone is shocked and Kanhaiya asks what are you trying to say Sona ji? Sona shouts that you are his younger son!!! Ridheshwar looks at Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya asks do you know what are you saying Sona ji? Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. This can’t be possible and Sona says she went back to Allahmebad to meet Suhnaina as she saw this photo here earlier! She had no prove and that’s why she didn’t say anything to Kanhaiya and she meet Suhnaina and finally Suhnaina said the truth. *Flashback* Suhnaina says that Kanhaiya is not her son and Sona is shocked! Many years back, on maa purnima’s day, i and my husband with Chacha ji went to the mandir and we saw a small kid who is 4 years old and i know that the child was lost. The child was scared and he thought i was his mother. I carried him and brought him back and i tried very hard trying to ask who is his parents but the kid doesn’t knows anything. I thought of it as god’s blessing and named him Kanhaiya. Our relationship was lika Yasodra and Kanhaiya and i can’t see tears in his eyes and he is my son. Suhnaina takes out a chain and says Kanhaiya was wearing this chain when i found him and he should never know this truth. This is the truth *End of Flashback* Sona shows the chain and Ridheshwar is shocked to see the chain and sees the photo of him wearing the same chain. Ridheshwar looks at Kanhaiya and walks towards him and slowly lifts his hand and calls Kanhaiya ‘Son’. Ridheshwar opens his hand to hug Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya looks at Sona with tears.

Part 2

Kanhaiya moves away and Sona cries while Kanhaiya shakes his head looking at Risheshwar and walks away. Kanhaiya says he will not accept all this and Sona says i know that it is difficult to accept it but this is the truth. Ridheshwar walks towards Kanhaiya and says if not for us, at least accept this fact for the sake of Chitrasi. Kanhaiya says what are you trying to say? Ridheshwar looks at Chitrasi and says that she was waiting for all these years that you would return one day. Chitrasi had never said this but i always saw hope in her eyes and she never let me lost hope. Today her hope had won and Sona is wondering with tears. Ridheshwar says that now you have return, Chitrasu can’t leave without you. Kanhaiya says what do you mean? I will go mad if i stay more in this house and how is Chitrasi related to me? She is your daughter and your responsibility! Chitrasi says no! I’m not the daughter of the house but the bahu. Chitrasi walks towards Kanhaiya and says i am your wife and Sona standing in the background is shocked with tears. Kanhaiya is shocked and looks at Sona while Chitrasi falls on Kanhaiya’s feet while Kanhaiya moves away asking what joke is this? Firstly i am your son and she is now my wife? Ridheshwar says that he have made Kanhaiya and Chitrasi bound to be together as this was Kanhaiya’s mother’s last wish as she had promised the same to Chitrasi’s mother. They were also married on Maag Purnima and he still remembers that day. Both Bheema and Dev were playing in the water and they didn’t notice you. You fell into the water and you were not able to swim in the river. I jumped and tried to save you but you got lost. Kanhaiya says enough! I feel like i am listening to an old movie’s story. Ridheshwar says that Sona itself have said that your mother told her all the truth herself. Kanhaiya says i have no trust in all this and the truth that only Sona ji is my wife and no one else. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Sona ji, we can’t stay in this house anymore and no one can stop her while Kanhaiya walks away while Sona is lost and crying. Kanhaiya walks out of the house recalling what happened and Ridheshwar walks to Sona and says i want back my son. I know that Chitrasi’s truth is difficult for you to digest but this is the truth. Chitrasi have been living the life of a widow all these years and even i don’t know what to say to you. Please give my son back to me and i will be grateful to you lifelong. Sona with tears looks at Ridheshwar.

Precap : Chitrasi’s mother says to Chitrasi that i know god exists and your husband have now return. Kanhaiya says stop it and i will not do any marriage rituals with Chitrasi as my wife is only Sona ji!

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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