Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya sees a kites on his table where its written ‘I Love you’ and Kanhaiyya scolds two young boys who is sending the love letters through the kites to which Kanhaiyya says he would call their fathers and the boys begs not to do it and Kanhaiyya tells them to never disturb the ladies and help him to look for a servant within one hour or they would be send behind the bars and they leave while Kanhaiyya says saw how Kanhaiyya thinks? Julie comes to meet Avinash at a coffee shop and Avinash says Julie you? Julie says i saw your car parked outside the coffee shop and i thought of greeting you. Avinash asks Julie to sit down and Julie praises Avinash for his ads. Julie asks should she order coffee and Avinash says he just had it and also says that her Chachu likes Milk (Kanhaiyya). Avinash says once you are addicted to one thing, you need to control it and Julie asks what are you addicted to? Kanhaiyya never told me anything. Avinash asks isn’t it getting late for her and Julie says that he is trying to change the topic and Julie says since you want me to leave, i shall leave and Avinash stops her. Julie asks if could Avinash drop her back and Avinash says i can do one thing, i shall call Kanhaiyya and ask him to drop you back. Julie says its alright, i shall go back on my own and i just wanted to see your reaction. Julie asks when will Avinash come to his house? Avinash says when your Chachu calls me home and Julie says you will not come when i call and only come when Kanhaiyya call? Avinash looks at Julie and Julie changes saying its alright, you are a big celebrity, i can understand it and Avinash says i will surely come one day and Julie says i would cook you Halwa then and leaves. Kanhaiyya comes back home and meets Suhnaina where Suhnaina asks if have he found a servant and Kanhaiyya says i am still trying and Suhnaina looks at him while Kanhaiyya asks for more time. Kanhaiyya asks Suhnaina to manage for somemore days with Sona and Neelam. Suhnaina says this is not easy as you think, i had promised to Sona’s dadi that i will look for a servant and you know that once i’m committed to something, i would not even listen to myself . Now you tell me what should i do? Kanhaiya says your blessings will enable me to find for a servant and Kanhaiyya is singing song which Sona looks from the top and smiles at Kanhaiyya and Kanhaiyya gets shy . Suhnaina asks what happened and looks up where Sona moves away. Suhnaina says i know where is your thoughts now, go and see your wife. Neelam is massaging Suhnaina’s head asking her not to worry and Suhnaina says how can i not be worried till Sona go back to work. Neelam asks if should i bring water for you and Suhnaina says no need and makes her stand stand in fron of Suhnaina on one feet (OMG, how mean ) and sing Hanuman chalisa. (Written Update by Visha_Dhami/India-Forums)

Part 2

Sona walks inside the kitchen saying there is so many works to do and Sona listens to Neelam singing to the Hanuman chalisa and wonders from where is the voice coming from? Neelam didi singing Hanuman chalisa at this time? Sona comes and is shocked to see Neelam standing on one feet and is about to open her mouth while Neelam sees Sona and signals her not to say anything and leave . Sona hesitantly moves away and Neelam stands back on both the feet. Suhnaina asks why are you standing on your feet? Neelam says i have finished reading the chalisa as you said and Suhnaina says finished so fast? Now listen here, if i find you helping Sona again, i will give heavier punishment. Understand? Neelam says yes and she leaves. Neelam comes out and Sona asks what is this didi? Neelam says Hanuman Chalisa and this is mummy ji’s favorite song. Sona says i can understand mummy ji and i am ready to face anything from her. Neelam says mummy ji’s only motive now is to send you back to work. Neelam says i can feel that Mummy ji is planning something new and the house phone rings which Neelam answers the call and goes to give the phone to Suhnaina. Suhnaina answers the call where she says you are coming here? This is a very good news and faster come to my house. I really need your help as i have a problem and how can i tell on the phone, come over and i shall tell you. Suhnaina calls Sona saying some of her guests are coming over on Sunday. She asks Sona to clean up the guest rooms and also prepare everything in the house. Everything should be perfect and in between of all this, the housework should not stop. Neelam says i wonder which friends are coming and both Neelam and Sona decide to ask Chacha ji. Neelam says to Chacha ji that Suhnaina’s friend called and they are coming here to discuss with Suhnaina. Sona says we don’t know who is the friend and what are they coming to discuss about. Chacha ji thinks and says i think i know. A fort is coming and its a war fort. This will be your life’s biggest test where one Suhnaina itself is hard, but now another 4 people like Suhnaina is about to come. Wonders what will happen and Sona is thinking. Sona walks into the room and Kanhaiyya pretends to be sleeping and talking in his dreams and Sona is about to touch Kanhaiya and her dadi appears. Sona says i can’t see him like this, Dadi. Dadi says have you forgot everything i have taught you? You want to be a housewife now right, do what you want and Dadi vanish. Suhnaina is thinking about getting the servant and saying that getting a servant is not easy and i need the help of my friends. Chacha ji comes in saying that this time, you are thinking so far ahead. Why is your friends coming here all of a sudden? Suhnaina says they are coming to help me. Chacha ji asks what is the help? Suhnaina says that Sona will be going back to work on Monday morning. Chacha ji thinks to himself that so my doubt was right, Suhnaina and her friends are going to test Sona.(Written Update by Visha_Dhami/India-Forums)

Precap : Savita tai and 3 other mother in laws from Phir Subha Hogi, Punar Vivah and Hitler Didi walks in and Savita says that we are going to help our friend Suhnaina to control her youngest daughter in law, Sona.

Update Credit to: Visha

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