Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th July 2013 Written Update


Deva blames Sona saying whatever happening is because of Sona and she is trying to kill Chitrashi. Deva asks Siddheshwar to throw Chitrashi out of the house and even Bheema and Kamal says the same. Kanhaiya and Siddheshwar were angry and Chitrashi feels happy crying with pain. Sona says she has not done anything and Chitrashi burnt her hands by own. Bheema takes away Chitrashi for first-aid and Siddheshwar says to kanhaiya that Sona is kanhaiya’s wife but he does not like wrong doings and leaves angrily. Sona feels bad and asks kanhaiya if he too feels she did everything. Kanhaiya looks angrily at Sona and in frustration throws the iron and shirt and leaves the Room. Kanhaiya comes to the decorative room and feels good at the

special plan and Sona comes and hugs kanhaiya from back and again asks if he feels she was wrong. Kanhaiya turns towards her and says that he knows Chitrashi from few days and he can’t see any reason for Chitrashi doing it but he knows Sona that she must have felt insecurity and that is why she did everything. Kanhaiya says if he was in her place then even he too had felt bad but it does not mean that i may do act like this. Sona says it means like others, she has to give proof to her own husband and if he finds Sona lieying than even Chitrashi can lie. Kanhaiya says he knows only that whatever happening is very uncertain and unhappening and he is not liking it and saying so he leaves angrily. Sona feels bad. In another room the brothers take care of Chitrashi and deva asks Siddheshwar as to why Sona is still in the house. Chitrashi acts saying not to do anything against Sona and also it can create disturbance in his and kanhaiya’s relation.


Sona arranges her bed and kanhaiya comes and takes away the pillow and bedsheet and tries to leave when Sona stops and asks him and kanhaiya says that he does not want to have tension in their relation by talking about the incident as he loves her. Sona says she will not. Kanhaiya says see Sonaji..both of us do not want to talk about the matter but still we are talking and kanhaiya leaves leaving Sona hurt. Kanhaiya comes in another room and Chitrashi comes in and asks why he is here. Kanhaiya says he do not wanted to discuss anything with Sonaji and that is why he left the room. Chitrashi feels happy and asks kanhaiya not to get angry with Sona because of her. Kanhaiya gets irritated and says he is fedup of everything and he knows that he can’t tolerate Sona’s wrong doing. Chitrashi makes a sad face and kanhaiya realizes that he went angry and calms down and asks about Chitrashi’s hand. Kanhaiya joins his hand infront of Chitrashi and says a Sorry from Sona’s side. Chitrashi touches Kanhaiya’s hand and asks not to say sorry for anything and leaves the room happily.


Sona cries and lights off the candles in the decorative room. Chitrashi comes smiling and Sona asks her to go away. Chitrashi says to Sona that she must be feeling bad since her husband is sleeping in another room and for a wife its the most poorest thing. Chitrashi asks Sona to leave the house before Sona sees the situation when she and kanhaiya will be leaving in a single room. Sona gets angry and says that she will not let Chitrashi win and this is her house. Chitrashi says she will be winning each and every moment and leaves. Next morning Chitrashi applies tika at Kanhaiya’s forehead and Kanhaiya wonders. Chitrashi says its his birthday and Kanhaiya asks this to Siddheshwar and he tells its kanhaiya’s real birthday and kanhaiya seeks blessings. Sona feels happy and asks babuji if its really his birthday and Siddheshwar ignores her words and takes kanhaiya out for his birthday gift. Sona feels bad and Chitrashi feels happy. Siddheshwar gifts a red bike to kanhaiya and asks Chitrashi to give keys to kanhaiya. Sona happily says to Kanhaiya that if she knew of his birthday so would have brought a nice gift. Kanhaiya feels happy and deva starts blaming Sona to which kanhaiya asks Deva to not interfere in between. Siddheshwar asks kanhaiya to take Chitrashi on a drive to yamuna ghat and Chitrashi acts saying that Sona is kanhaiya’s wife so its the right of Sona. Written update by sonali, please do not copy. Siddheshwar says that plan of gifting the bike was of Chitrashi so only she will go. Kanhaiya feels a little bad and takes out the bike and Chitrashi sits at the back touching kanhaiya’s shoulders and gives an evil smile to Sona and they leave. Sona feels bad. Episode ends.


Chitrashi says to Sona that she has arranged a pooja for kanhaiya’s birthday and asks Sona to leave house otherwise she will make sure Sona is out of house before the pooja. Sona confidently challenges Chitrashi and Shaukuntala that Chitrashi should stop otherwise she will expose her infront of Everyone after pooja ceremony and its her Challenge.

Update Credit to: sonali

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