Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th July 2013 Written Update


Sona is Cooking in the Kitchen when Chitrashi comes laughing and says that she feels bad for Sona when the family members humiliate her, afterall i am also a woman. Sona doesn’t responds and Chitrashi says very soon she will throw Sona out of the house and seeing Sona’s silence says that Confidance is good but when it Turns into a thing to proud then its really bad. Sona finally pours a spoon of her dish in Chitrashi’s hands and she throws it away. Sona says is it necessary to speak about ones Winning everytime. Sona leaves the kitchen and Chitsashi says to hersele that Sona is very proud of herself but she will throw her away of the house soon and thinks Sona is proud of her Cooking, i will spoil it and Chitrashi tries adding salt

to the dish when Sona saves it and Says to Chitrashi that whenever she will do something wrong, she will find Sona on her way. Chitrashi gets angry. Deva, bheema andkamal plays carom and bheema says he is not liking the place and Shrirampur was best for them.written update by sonali, please do not copy. Kanhaiya is resting on the bed and Sona adjusts herself near her. Kanhaiya says that he wants to tell something which he had not told Sona ever and these days whatever is happening, they are not getting time for each other. Sona asks what. Kanhaiya says whenever he dreams, he sees that Sona is away from him and he feels like Sona will leave him forever. Sona worries and kanhaiya says but in morning when he wakes up and finds his Sonaji, he feels good. Sona smiles and they come more close to each other seeing each other face to face. Kanhiaya says he feels he knows Sonaji not from an year but from thousands of years and she is made only for him. Only Sona makes him complete and he loves her. they both shares an eyelock and tum ho moment startsTongueWink


In the morning Sona comes to Chitrashi’s room the room and finding Chitrashi not inopens up the drawl and finds that snake is not at the plae. Sona starts checking the wardrobe when Chitrashi comes andChitrashi. Chitrashi asks Sona if Sona thinks she is a fool and will let her collect evidences against her. Chitarashi asks Sona to get out of her room and Sona feeling sad moves out and prays infront of godK throws the snake on Sona. Sona gets afraid and cries and then realizes its anhaiya says bring fast and he is feeling so hungry that he will eat plate to help her proove Chitrashi wrong. Kanhaiya comes in hurry with a file in his uniform and asks to give his breakfast fast as he is getting late. Chitarashi comes smiling and says why to disturb Sona as she will make brehears them from the back of pillar and Sona asks kanhaiya to come early in the evening as she has planned something special for akfast for him. Sona says no need as she has already prepared the breakfast and will bring it in moments. tooLOL. Chitrashi him. Kanhaiya says fine and Chitarashi wonders what Sona is going to do and she will make sure She foils Sona’s plan. Sona decorates a room for a candlelight dinner with curtains, flowers and hearts. Sona smiles seeing the decorations and sits infront of dressing table and adores her saree and herself and places bangles in her hands, earrings and keeps smiling. Sona gets a message from kanhaiya saying he is standing outside the house and kanhaiya is shown outside in his bike. Sona messages that when he will enter the room, she will take him to some very special place and kanhaiya smiles and says he is coming in moments. Chitarashi sees Sona from the door and finds that Sona wants to spend a special night with kanhaiya but she will turn their night into a black night.


Chitrashi goes to Sona’s room and takes out electric iron and stiches it on and gives evil smile at Sona’s photo. Kanhaiya comes to the decorative room and sees the decorations and gets impressed and hugs Sona and sweetly asks if this was her special plan. Sona turns shy and falls in his arms and Sonaiya starts dancing on tum ho pass mere.. written update by sonali, please do not copy. They carry on there dance and kanhaiya tries kissing Sona’s lips when sees the flowers and cards on table and feels happy. Sona hugs him from behind and then sits in the chair. Kanhaiya sits near her and gives her flowers and Sona smells it. Again kanhaiya smells it and gives to Sona and Sona kisses them . Kanhaiya comes close to Sona and kisses her forehead smile. Sona realizes that it was her dream and smiles and comes to her room and sees Chitarashi and asks what is she doing in her room. Chitashi says why do u did this to me Sona? Sona asks what have i done to u when suddenly Chitrashi burns her hand with the iron and Sona is shocked. Chitrashi cries saying why did u did it Sona and everyone comes with kanhaiya. Chitrashi tells that she was free so thought of ironing Kanhaiya’s shirt but Sona burnt my hand. Kanhaiya feels bad and angry. Siddeshwar looks with angry eyes at Sona along with the brothers. Sona says she has not done this and why will she do it? Episode ends on sad Sona.

PRECAP Sonaiya in room and Sona says she has not done anything and if she is called a lier then Chitrashi too can lie and why blaminh only me. Kanhaiya in tension says he does not knows about Chitrashi as he is with her with few days but he knows Sona from long and feels bad whenever unhappening things happen each and every moment making things hell and looks at Sona. Sona feels bad.

Update Credit to: sonali

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