Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

A neighbor comes in the house calling Neelam and Neelam welcomes her asking if there is anything and the neighbour says that her gas has finished and she came to see if they had extra and Neelam says that even their gas is finished. The neighbor asks what would i do now? and Neelam says don’t worry auntie ji, let me see what can i do which Sona is watching from the kitchen. As Neelam turns, she sees Suhnaina where Suhnaina pulls Neelam away and the neighbor sees Sona and says the new bahu! The neighbour goes to Sona and says my gas is finished and Sona says don’t worry. Do you have tomatoes, vegetables, bread in your house? The neighbour says bread? I know, sandwich right? I was so worried on how would i do anything without the gas but you had given me the idea. I shall now go back home and do Sandwich for everyone and smiles while Sona smiles too. Suhnaina brings Neelam to her room and says how many times do i have to tell you not to do anything without asking me? Neelam says no mummy ji… Suhnaina says if you repeat the same again, your punishment would be worse than Renu and Bindiya. Chacha ji is saying to Sona that you are managing things and Sona says that if a person is strong, she will be able to handle any situations. Chacha ji also explains about the river ganga and Sona asks him not to worry as she will never break his trust. Chacha ji asks but without gas, how would you cook for so many people? Sona says preparation for tomorrow have been taken care of but the worry is about today. But i will surely find a way for it. Chacha ji asks how will you prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner without the gas cyclinder? Sona says i have a super plan with me and Sona starts explaining to Chacha ji where its silent and Chacha ji is happy and shows thumbs up to Sona. In the hall, Sona announces everyone to listen as she has news for them where Renu, Bindiya and Neelam comes to Sona and Sona says that maa has a surprise for everyone. Now all of you on handphones and TV which means open your eyes and ears and listen properly to what i am going to say and get prepared for it. All of them get excited and Sona claps her hands and Chacha ji thinks to himself that if Bhabhi ji is smart, Sona is even smarter and she is the right person to handle her and can’t wait for the surprise and laughs. Renu and Bindiya are going to go and get prepared for the surprise and Sona calls to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya answers the call and Sona asks if you remember about the gas cylinder right? Kanhaiya says don’t worry about it as i had called to the gas provider and if i bring the gas cylinder today, you remember what is balance right? Sona says you are talking exactly like a police officer and Kanhaiya says police officer? I will speak in love language and can’t wait for tonight. Sona says first understand my language, mummy ji is going to give everyone a surprise. Kanhaiya says mummy ji? and surprise? Without a cylinder and Kanhaiyaa sings song ‘Are mera naam cylinder…’ while the constables are dancing together and Sona smiles and laughs. Sona says he is funny at times and Neelam says you are lucky to get him. You must have done good in your past life to get a husband like Kanhaiya and look at my fate? Sona says why are you saying that? Udham bhaiya is also good. Neelam says being good only is not enough. There is no heart and he always only speaks of military and even makes border in the room where Neelam seems upset. Sona says that means there is nothing between both of you? Neelam says there is nothing Sona and perhaps he don’t care about me too? Sona says haven’t you talked to him about this? Neelam smiles saying in all the works, perhaps i didn’t found the time to do so. Sona says you both are good people and there must be a mis-understanding. Neelam says its just my fate and you are lucky. Sona says you just wait and see where Udham bhaiya would love you so much one day that your life would change. Bindiya is putting on make up and her husband teases her not to apply too much and Bindiya stares at him. Renu also wears a nice saree while her husband is still selecting the right shirt. Sona is making Neelam wearing an expensive saree and wear some jewelleries and Neelam says im only used like to be simple and Sona says you need to wear like this.

Part 2

Sona says not always you get to dress like this, do make use of today and Sona lets go of Neelam’s hair saying even a housewife’s life needs to change. Renu is scolding her husband that in the name of searching for a shirt, he is ruining all her saree and Renu asks him not to wear any ugly shirt and come next to her. You wear that and stand with your brother. Neelam says but this change is too much and Udham comes in and is shocked to see Neelam from down to up and Neelam looks at Udham. Udham says you look like i had not seen you before. Just like a new missile’s entry. Sona laughs saying Udham bhaiya, Neelam didi’s entry in your life is a new change. Suhnaina comes to the hall and thinks why is everyone getting excited today? Perhaps Sona bahu has decided to go back to office without telling me? Suhnaina goes to the kitchen and and wonder where is Neelam? Even Renu and Bindiya is not seen anywhere? Julie comes to Bindiya’s room saying that there is an important thing and Julie says do you remember you wanted to bring me to your beauty parlor right? Bindiya says yes but so what with that? Julie says there is an viewers awards show on Zee TV and many starts are coming on it. Bindiya asks who is coming on it and Julie says Abhishek Bachan, SRK and many more. Bindiya says but we are in Ahmebad, how would we see them? Julie says we can watch them on TV and i want to look like a star too. I had also voted for my favorite start and i hope they would win in and Bindiya says even i want to watch the Zee Cine Awards. Suhnaina comes in saying no one can hide anything from me. On 19th January, the remote control for the house will be with me. Not only you both but all of us will also watch Zee TV awards. Bindiya asks everyone to watch Zee TV awards too. Suhnaina goes up and hears Darshana and her husband talking about the gas cylinder and Darshana says everyone here are worried and her husband asks where will be look for one? I can try looking for one and get extra money for this. Suhnaina breaks her silence saying to Darshana, i want to speak to my son in law personally, you may leave to your room. Suhnaina says i am willing to give you money but you must do a help. He asks do you want me to find for good cylinder? Suhnaina says make sure no gas cylinder enters this house and gives the money to him while he says he can’t understand and Suhnaina says he would soon. Kanhaiya comes him into his room and sees Sona dressing him and says i feel like today is my suhaag raat and you look like a beautiful flower and Kanhaiya holds Sona’s hands and says the name of the beauty is Sona. Sona says but do not forget your duty. Kanhaiya says my duty is only for you and you look great today. If you go out today, the whole town will be looking at you and Kanhaiya holds Sona’s hands while Sona looks at Kanhaiya.

Precap : Chacha ji says for the first time you are give everyone a surprise. Suhnaina says i am going to give a surprise but i myself don’t know what surprise is it? Sona says you are going to treat everyone because i came into the family right? Suhnaina says lets everyone go out.

Update Credit to: Visha

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