Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Renu pulls Chicku’s ears and Durgesh comes to rescue saying he is Just a small kid and gives signal to Chicku, while Renu says he have been skipping his classes. Chicku says that Suhnaina had given him permission saying that his father had also missed many classes and yet he is an engineer now. Renu says I don’t want you to be a mechanic like your father and tries to bring him away while Durgesh asks to leave Chicku and Neelam’s husband says that Renu is right and he needs some disiplie. Renu asks Durgesh not to support him and she says that is working wife and she doesn’t have much time. And this house is going to get divided because of Sona and Neelam. Neelam’s husband starts thinking and Durgesh says to Neelam’s husband that

because of Neelam, they are not arguing among themselves. Renu brings Chicku inside the room and locks saying she is going to teach him. Neelam is sad saying to Sona that Renu is now upset with us. I had got Chicku ready and yet he didn’t go. Sona asks why is Neelam taking the blame when its not her mistake? You didn’t even know that he skipped schoool. Neelam says but I was not even able to explain to Renu and Sona says that if Renu is angry with Chicku, its good as she would send him back to school. Renu in the room is trying to teach Chicku saying that he is a son of a teacher while Chicku tries giving reasons to escape from studying. Renu asks Chicku to stop giving reasons and do his homework. Chicku takes out his books and Renu starts going through the books and asks Chicku to complete the questions and he must not move anywhere till he completes it. Chicku says I will go back to school and Renu is not willing to listen and starts asking Chicku some historical questions. Chicku is giving reasons and Renu hits him for not listening to her. Suhaina hears Renu hitting and scolding Chicku and calls everyone to come out. Chicku complains to Suhaina that Renu was hitting him and Suhnaina says how dare she do this? Renu, come here! Have you become a very big teacher? Renu says that Chicku doesn’t want to go to school and that’s why I hit him. Suhnaina says so only you are worried about studies? Darshana says when I was younger, mummy ji sent to mamaji’s house and Suhnaina says you don’t need to bring up this issue all the time. Now you are living here and yet doing nothing right? Now the issue is how Renu dare to hit Chicku? Chacha ji asks Suhnaina not to get so angry now and Suhnaina says that Chicku is still a small boy. Chacha ji asks to forgive Renu and Suhnaina gives warning to Renu. Neelam’s husband praises Suhnaina and Sona says that Chicky have not gone to school. Suhnaina says now you are speaking Sona bahu! I thought you were a superhuman? Everyone listen, she is our Sona bahu who talked so big. She helped the maid’s but did not do anything for our Chicku. And our Neelam bahu, she only knows how to speak sweetly and Suhnaina imitates Neelam saying ‘Yes, mummy ji’ and Neelam tries speaking while Sona holds Neelam n ot to speak. Suhnaina asks everyone to leave and asks Neelam to follow her to her room as she is having headache. Suhnaina’s neighbour comes over asking for a glass of milk.

Part 2

The neighbor asks Suhnaina if the maid didn’t come or she had left her job. Suhnaina asks how did you know this? Suhnaina thinks to herself that she must have came to make up some stories. Neelam brings the milk and the neighbor says that this maid was saying some stories around. Suhnaina asks what did she say? The neighbor says that there is a lot of work in this house and there was no mistake in the maid as she had so much of pressure. She was talking so many things about your family. Suhnaina says how dare they talk about my family? And if you dare speak about my family again, just wait and watch what happens and suhnaina asks the neighbor to leave and she leaves in anger. Julie is flirting with the guy opposite her house and the guy throws a love not and it falls down. Julie is about to go down and kanhainyya comes home and sees the paper on the ground and pushes it away and enters his house. Suhanaina is thinking of everything sona has done in the house.
Suhnaina looks at her locker and thinks to herself that Sona has been winning all this time but Suhnaina will also get her turn and you will then understand about me. Kanhaiya walks in looking for Sona and Nellam comes there while Kanhaiya asks where is Sona to Neelam. Neelam says you are so worried for Sona and Kanhaiya says that he cant think of anything other than his Sona. Neelam says that she is in the room and Kanhaiyya is happy and says that he is a big fan of Neelam as she understands him. Kanhaiyya enters his room and looks for sona and sees that she is not around. Kanhaiya calls to sona’s phone and sona comes out from the washroom and scares kanhaiya from the back. Sona says that you came back early today? Kahnaiya says i came back to eat you cooking, sona says is it a reason for you to come back? Kanhaiya says that is also true but today i hit a guy who is trying to disturb a girl. Sona says you hit the person? Sona thinks to herself that if kanhaiya finds out about Julie, it would be a big bissue. Kanhaiya asks sona what happened and says that sona should patch up with suhnaina and kanhaiya pulls sona into his arms and both look into each another. Sona says you are hungry right? You came back to eat? Kanhaiya says yes and sona says i will go prepare the food and kanhaiya looks. Suhanaina carries her locker and drops it in the living hall and everyone is shocked. Suhnaina calls a person asking if he wants to buy the locker from her? Suhnaina says please take this away from here and the guy carries the locker while sona thinks.

Precap: Sona says just to make things better, i had hurt you. Suhnaina says what have you done? Sona says i feel guilty for what happened and please forgive me for all my mistakes.

Update Credit to: Visha

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