Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Julie is walking with her friends and she seems sad and her friends asks if she didn’t get permission to change her phone and Julie says that she is happy with her current phone. Avinash calls Julie and teases her for looking sad and Julie says that she don’t know who is he and if he keeps calling and disturbing her, she will complain to the police and leaves while Avinash says that she can get angry and leave but he will not let her go. Julie and Sona is talking about the Fair and Lovely contest where Julie says that she is sure she would win and both Sona and Julie promote the Fair and Lovely product. Sona says that the Fair & Lovely is the best treatment. Neelam is sad and crying while Sona consoles her. Neelam says that she can’t see

Udham being sad like this without any money and asks if can Sona help her so that Neelam can work and help Udham. Sona says didi.. how can i and Sona gets an idea. Sona says but for that, Neelam needs to follow Sona and Neelam asks where are they going to be going. Sona brings Neelam to Radha’s shop and Radha greets Sona and Neelam. Sona introduces Radha and Neelam to each another. Sona says that Neelam needs a work and Radha needs money to run her shop. Neelam asks how can Radha help her and Sona says that both of you will help each another. Sona says about her idea of cooking meals and sending it to houses and offices and by doing this, both their problems will be solved. Sona says that they can start it on a small scale as both of them are good in cooking. By seeing this, more housewives will join this and they will get a big team. Radha says that she is ready for it and Neelam says that she is also ready for it but how about Suhnaina? Sona says that they shall get Suhnaina’s approval. Udham is sad at home and Suhnaina is consoling him that he will surely get back his job soon. Sona, Radha and Neelam walks in together and Suhnaina looks. Sona says that she needs Suhnaina’s permission as she thought of the business plan and starts explaining to Suhnaina. Suhnaina says what is the need to do this and if Neelam starts doing all this, who will look after the house? Sona says that she will do all this and Bindiya asks how will Neelam be able to manage this? Sona says not to underestimate Neelam and if Neelam starts the work, they can also get all the things from there and help in their budjet. Udham smiles and Suhnaina agrees and Sona is happy. Suhnaina says Neelam can do this but Sona needs to take full responsibilities in the houseworks. Writen Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums.Radha’s phone rings where she answers and someone says that her kids is with her and if she wants her kids, she will need to bring money and save them. Radha starts crying who is that and the person says that he is the same one who have been stealing in the colony and if she wants her kids safely, she need to bring the money. Radha says thief and Radha looks at Sona while everyone is shocked. Radha cries that she don’t have 5 laks to save her childrens and the person cuts the call and Radha cries to Sona what will she do. Suhnaina says what sort of person is the thief to kidnap kids.

Part 2

Sona says but the person have asked for money and how will you save your kids? Radha says that she don’t have the money but she still need to try saving her kids and is about to leave and Udham stops Radha saying he will also follow her. Sona says that she will also follow and Radha says but the person said that i should come alone and if he knows both of you followed me, i wonder what will he do and leaves crying. Sona is thinking who is this kidnapper and why is he saying that he is the one who stole all the things while the thief is Radha. Radha reaches a dark place and calls out for her son and daughter and someone is shown coming with his face covered. Radha can’t see his face and pleads to release her kids as she don’t have any money to give. The guy shouts asking Radha to keep quiet and give the 5 laks as he knows that she has that money. Radha cries saying she don’t have any money and who said that she has so much of money. Radha also says she wonders who said she has so much of money and why did the guy said he stole all the things. The guy says how can you say that i am not the thief and Radha says that you are lying. The guy says that i am the thief and i know that you have the money. Radha cries that she has no money and she stole all the things as she had no choice. The guy opens his face and its revealed that its Kanhaiya. Radha is shocked to see Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya says that the kids are safe and he made this plan to make the truth come out. Kanhaiya calls out his constables who are all hiding and asks to follow to the police station. Radha asks to leave her as she has small kids and Kanhaiya asks her not to speak. At the police station, Kanhaiya’s superior praises him and asks him to accept back his job. Suhnaina and Sona enters the police station and Suhnaina says that she can’t believe that Radha is the thief and Radha cries and looks at Sona. Suhnaina says she can’t understand what is happening as she thought Radha’s kids got kidnapped and now she is a thief and Kanhaiya says that he made up all the plan. Suhnaina asks but how did Kanhaiya suspected Radha and Kanhaiya says that the theft had stopped for sometime. Kanhaiya says when he went to Radha’s shop to show the sketch, he saw Radha with a sack in her hands. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. She looked worried and panicked looking at him. When Kanhaiya said he wanted to help in carrying, Radha denies and Kanhaiya followed Radha and he saw Radha throwing all the items far away. Kanhaiya opened the sack and found all the stolen items and he was sure that the thief was none other than Radha. The superior says this means your wife had also caught Radha that night and Suhnaina looks at Sona.

Precap : Kanhaiya says that this victory is not only his but also Sona’s and Kanhaiya asks Sona to be in his victory. Sona says but she had stopped stealing and Kanhaiya says that does’t makes her good. She stole and she needs to get punished.

Update Credit to: Visha Dhami

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