Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Kanhaiya says to Sona so what if people talk? If people talk it’ll go very far away. The dada ji figure says Sona bahu, no matter what always listen to your heart. This talk will end today. Sunaiya says look Sona Bahu, right now I have taken the 1 month’s salary in advance. So I will tolerate it for now, but I will not tolerate it in the future. Come on the right path and stat going to the office. Because if I start having to explain to you, then it will be a big mess. So get yourself ready. Sona says mummy ji I’ll get breakfast ready.

Sona steps into the kitchen. It seems like she is trying to figure out how to work the electronic stove. Sona says such a small heater. And so much food. I don’t know how I will make it.

Neelam thinks to herself how can I help Sona? I can’t stand not doing any work and mummy ji has forbidden everyone from going into the kitchen. Neelam’s hubby says Neelam, now you’re not a housewife, so fulfill the duties of a wife. Serve your husband. My head feels like I’ve just been shot. COme here and massage my head. Start.

Sona is trying to prepare the food.

Sunhaiya tells the household you all will be left starving today. Sona will keep you all starving. Bindiya says mummy ji I can’t stand the sun, staying starving, and sadness. If I wait for the food then I’ll be late to the parlor. The youngest kid says aunt you go ahead. You’ll get a lot of tips. And then how will you convince dadi? Sunhaiya says Bindiya bahu, you go to the parlor. Today I won’t take any tips from you. And have some kachori and jalebi on the way. Bindiya says okay mummy ji. At least this way I’ll get good food. Bindya gets up and leaves. Kanhaiya comes to the dining table. Kanhaiya says what’s the matter? So quiet at the dining table? Sunahiya says have patience Kanhaiya beta. Your wife is cooking something.

SOna is shown continuing to cook stuff in the kitchen. Sona says not everything is even cooked yet.

The dada ji figure says bhabhi, if breakfast is being cooked on an electronic heater, then it will take some time. Sunahiya says devar ji, that’s why I don’t want our little Chiku to keep saying breakfast and not getting anything. Kanhiaya give him some money. Kanhaiya gives the little boy some money. Sunhaiya says go beta and eat some food. The boy says no dadi. I don’t want to go. I will eat Sona chachi’s breakfast. Sona continues cooking. Julie says dadi give me some money too, I will also eat outside with Chiku. Bindiya walks back in. Dimple says mummy you’re going to the parlor right? Give me and Chiku a lift. We will eat some jalebis and kachoris. Bindiya says okay, come. They leave. Sunhaiya says Kanhiaya, let’s go into the kitchen. And we will explain to Sona to not make a huge mess in the kitchen. But instead go to work and make a mess.

Part 2:
Neelam says to her husband, won’t you have breakfast? He asks why? Neelam says no just because you didn’t go to the dining table for breakfast so I thought…He says no I will first have this massage done and then I will think whether to eat or not eat. Neelam thinks to herself if he stops having this massage, even then how will I help Sona? If mummy ji finds out then she’ll kill me.

Sunhaiya and Kanhaiya walk into the kitchen. Sunahiya says Sona bahu you have failed in breakfast. Leave all of this and go head off to work. Sona says mummy ji, I am your daughter in law. I got strength and trust from you. I will become a perfect housewife. Sunhaiya says are you done with your research on being a housewife? Leave all of this work. Neelam will do it. Neelam…Neelam comes into the kitchen. Neelam says yes mummy ji. Sunhaiya says SOna bahu has failed in trying to become a housewife. Take her out of the kitchen and you take over the kitchen. She says to Kanhiya why are you standing and looking at my face Kanhiya? The decision has been made that Sona bahu will be a working wife, not a housewife. Go and drop her to the office. Kanhiya says mummy I’m ready to understand your words, but just let your daughter in law get ready and then I’ll happily drop her off. Sona says I haven’t accepted defeat yet mummy ji. Sunhaiya says in your childhood did you never play a cooking game that now all of a sudden you have the shock to do all of this? Making food is a lot more than just a hobby for a housewife. It is necessary to know how to cook to win over everyone’s hearts. Sunhiaya says how long will you continue playing this cooking game? Tell me. Sona says this is not a game for me. It is the duty of the housewife of such a big family. I want to be a housewife just like you. Sunhaiya says Sona bahu you can’t even be trusted to get a gas, then understand going forward there is going to be no open path for you. As far as you becoming a housewife, then I will take that thought out of your mind. She leaves the kitchen. Neelam says I forgot to get something. She leaves. Kanhiaya says are you coming with me or shall I go? Sona says if you want to do anything for me then just get me a gas. And if you can’t then its okay, then just tell me and I’ll try by best. Kanhiaya says arey with me you don’t have to worry about anything. You’re talking about just the gas? I’m ready to do anything for you! I’m going now and will get it done. He leaves.

Kanika [sorry forgot her name] says chacha ji the preparations have been amazing. The gas finished and its a good thing. This food is amazing. Such yummy food. The hubby says leave all of that and say jai to chacha ji. Because of him we got all this food. I didn’t know he was such great. Kanika says how can you say for sure? Chacha says damad ji, you are like a son to me. Doing all of this doesn’t suit you. The hubby says no I was giving him money but he wasn’t taking it. Suynaina walks in and he shuts up. He says mummy ji my stomach is full of gas so …I’ll go get rid of it. He leaves. Suyhanaia says Darshana what have you done? Darshana says mummy I haven’t done anything. You’re the one who found him for me. And I’m having to suffer. So now what? Suynaina says okay now listen to me. if this goes overboard then I won’t get a chance to tell you both that amma what have you done? We have to fix you both up and you’ll also be packing away. Darshana says what are you talking about? First this whole gas problem is such a headache and now you’re saying its because of me. Mummy my brain is so empty right now, so empty. Suynaina says with Sona both your brains need fixing too.

Sona walks in and says chacha ji, your breakfast. Chacha says god bless you beta. Thanks. Sona says and mummy ji this is your breakfast. Suynaina says breakfast? Did you see the time? The clock reads a little past 12. If you look at the watch then you’ll learn how to see. If this continues to be the state of the house then everyone will get their breakfast so late. I’m still telling you Sona bhau, all this is not for you. If you say do you want me to write this outside of the house? Sona says no mummy ji. I can’t say that. What have I done so far in my life that outside you would honor me? Suynaina says if you haven’t done anything yet, then do something. It’ll only suit you to work at a nice paying job. You’re a press person so only that suits you. Not in the kitchen. Sona says mummy ji, how is the breakfast? Suynaina says when you’re very hungry then everything tastes good. Everyone smiles. Sunhaiya starts criticizing the food a bit.

Kanhiaya is searching for gas. A random person tells a random guy I told you already we don’t have any gasses. Go. The guy leaves and Kanhiaya arrives at the same place. He walks up to the guy who stands up seeing his arrival. Kanhiaya says you were being so mean on the phone. What have you decided? The guy says the decision is in your hands. Whatever you punish me, I’ll tolerate it. But I don’t have a gas. You won’t get any gas nearby. Kanhiya says how can you say for sure? He hits the guy. The guy says leave me. Kanhiya says some things to threaten him. The guy gives Kanhaiya some money. Kanhiaya lets him go. Kanhiaya says you’ve gotten your senses after I choked you. In front of your eyes you found money. He leaves happy with the fact he got money.

Suynaina is on the phone and says when you said you’ll come, you will have to come. Yes get ready. She hangs up. Suynaina calls another number and says namaste. Get ready. Tomorrow is bahu-boj (where everyone comes to eat food cooked by the daughter in law). So bring your entire family. Our new daugther in law has come and you’ll eat her food. What should I tell you? She keeps calling other people and inviting them. She makes all of these calls in front of Sona. Devar ji says bhabhi forgive me but what was the hurry. We haven’t even gotten the gas yet. Suynaina says arey why are you worrying? Our new daughter in law will fulfill the duties of being a housewife well. She makes another call.

Part 3:
Neelam comes and says did you call me mummy ji? Suyniana says what is wrong with you? When I call you, you’ll know clearly that I called you. Go and rest. We have a housewife. Neelam leaves. Devar ji says bhabhi, we don’t have a gas in the house, so all of this…? Suynaina says arey devar ji, this is the time to see Sona’s capability. Sona you only have today to prepare. Tomorrow evening only about 7-17 people will be coming to have food cooked by you. And during this period no household chore should be put on hold. Devar ji says I’m sure you thought about this, but think about it one more time. Suyaina says devar ji she is a housewife and knows everything. She will find a way. So Sona bahu will you make all of that food or do you want to quit? Sona says I’ll make it mummy ji. I will make all the food and make sure all the relatives love it. And you said the right thing…I am a housewife and a housewife knows everything. So I will solve all the problems of the gas. Suyiana says you won’t be able to do it Sona Bahu. There is still time to quit. I will call the ‘Halwayi’. Sona says there is no need for that. If I have your blessings with me, then with your blessing no work will be left incomplete.

Precap: The eldest Chacha ji says we have a gas problem and you have to prepare food tomorrow for so many people? Sona says tomorrow’s preparations will be made. The problem is for today. But I will find a way for that somehow.
Sona calls the entire household and says today’s hot flashing news. Mummy ji is going to give everyone a surprise!

Update Credit to: Rani

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