Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona is in the bedroom setting the bedsheet and Sona realize that Kanhaiya is looking sad. Sona goes to Kanhaiya and asks what is he thinking about and Kanhaiya says that he feels that something weird is happening since there have been no theft in the past two days. Kanhaiya says that perhaps the thief got scared and he wants to catch the thief. Sona says that Kanhaiya is perhaps right and the thief must have got scared and its a good thing that the stealing in the colony have stopped. Sona asks when will Kanhaiya be re-joining his work and Kanhaiya gets angry saying if Sona wants Kanhaiya to lose? The theif must get punished and he will not be in peace till that happens. Only then he will re-join his work and Sona tries explaining and Kanhaiya says

but what? Why are you arguing about this? Do you want me to catch the thief? Sona says yes and Sona turns and Kanhaiya asks why did Sona lied to him and Sona is shocked. Sona says lie? Kanhaiya says you had promised to me that you will come to meet me every now and then but you seem to have forget it. Sona is relieved and Kanhaiya says this is not a small thing but is there anything else that you are hiding from me? Sona says nothing and leaves that Suhnaina will get angry with her. Sona enters Suhnaina’s room and sees Suhnaina with a gita and Suhnaina calls her to come in. Suhnaina asks if has Sona read Gita before? Sona says that Dadi had read it to her and also explained the meaning. Suhnaina says that Sona also needs to read the Gita and starts reading out a few lines from the Gita and asks if Sona knows the meaning? Sona says that she don’t know Sanskrit and Suhnaina explains the meaning and keeps back the Gita. Sona goes to sleep and Suhnaina asks how can Sona be sure that the thief don’t steal money? A theif can steal anything and Sona says that she feels that this theif don’t steal anything else and Suhnaina says that what you think is great. Suhnaina thinks to herself if Sona thinks she is a fool. She is Sona’s saas and she can know that Sona is hiding something from her and it could be related to the theif. The next day, Sona is cooking and her phone rings where Radha says that she needs a help from Sona and asks if Sona can come to her shop. Sona says that she can’t come and they should not meet since Suhnaina is already suspecting her. Radha says that she would not force her but it would be good if Sona could come and hangs the call. Sona keeps thinking of Radha calling her and Suhnaina suspecting her and is wondering what to do. Sona recalls Kanhaiya asking Sona to put close her eyes when she has trouble and Sona decides to meet Radha. Sona leaves the house and Neelam asks if is Sona going anywhere? Written update by Visha_Dhami. Sona says that she is going to the police station to see the sketch of the thief and leaves. At Radha’s shop, Radha asks to look at how many customers are there and she is not able to have enough stock and the money that Sona had given is finish and she can also not steal since she promised Sona. Sona says so what are you trying to say? You don’t plan to steal again right? Radha says that i had promised upon my kids that i would not repeat the same but i need to do something. Kanhaiya is at the police station where the constable gives Kanhaiya the sketch which was drawn based on Radha’s description.

Part 2

Kanhaiya looks at the sketch and decides to meet Radha at tha dhabba. At Radha’s dhabe, a guy who had lend money to Radha asks Radha when will she pay him and everyone starts looking. Sona asks if is this a way to speak to a lady and the guy asks who is Sona to speak in between of them. Sona says that she is Radha’s friend and she won’t keep quiet to see someone speaking rudely to a lady. The guy raises his voice saying how dare she teach him and Radha says sorry to the guyand that she will return his money soon. The landlord says make sure you return my money soon or else i will need to take action. Sona asks Radha to take care as she will surely have a way out of this, and starts leaving while wondering that she needs to do something so that Radha will have a permenant income. Neelam brings food for Suhnaina and Suhnaina asks why is Neelam doing this and what is Sona doing? Neelam informs that Kanhaiya called Sona to come to the police station to see the sketch of the thief and Suhnaina asks what work do Sona has there? Suhnaina calls to Kanhaiya and asks if is Sona with Kanhaiya at the police station? Kanhaiya asks why she should be with me in the police station and asks if is there anything important and Suhnaina says nothing and cuts the call while Sona walks pass Kanhaiya and they don’t see each another. In Radha’s shop, Radha decides to get rid of all the things she had stolen and Radha turns and is shocked to see Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya shows Radha the sketch and asks if the thief looks like this sketch? Radha says yes, he looked like this and Kanhaiya says that thanks to this, he will surely catch thief. Radha carries the things and Kanhaiya asks what is in this sack? Radha says this are the house old things and she wants to throw it and Kanhaiya says that he can help her and Radha says its alright while Kanhaiya looks at her. Sona enters the house and Suhnaina asks where did Sona went and Sona says that she went to the police station to see the sketch and Suhnaina says that when she called Kanhaiya, Kanhaiya informed that she didn’t go to the police station? Sona says he was right as by the time she reached the station, Kanhaiya had already left. Written Update by Visha_Dhami. Suhnaina praises Neelam on how she had bought all the things and to learn as she will need to do this. Suhnaina says on how they used to save money by doing everything on their ownself and Sona says this means they work from the house right? Udham walks in looking depressed and Suhnaina asks what happened and Udham says that everytime they keep calling him for inquiry and they decision keeps getting delayed. Udham is sad asking on what will he do as he is not earning and Neelam is in tears. Suhnaina says so what if you can’t give me money? Don’t be sad and i looked after you when you were small and i will take care of you now too. Udham says that he is no longer a small kid and he is supposed to look after the family and looks at Neelam.

Precap :

Sona introduces Neelam to Radha saying there is a solution to both your problems. Both of you can do work from home and Sona explains to Radha.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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